95 Latest Rosary tattoo designs for your body

Rosary Tattoo

Tattoos are used as a means of self-expression. They help to express our feelings and emotions. Some people also use a tattoo to show their commitment to a particular religion.

Rosary tattoo is also used to show the Catholic faith. There is not any particular sex group who likes to have rosary tattoo on their body. Both man and woman love to have this tattoo. However, some people get this tattoo to look unique and attractive.

It is not necessary that the person who has rosary tattoo on his/her hand is because of Catholic/ religious region. There are many reasons for drawing this particular tattoo. So here we will discuss some reasons and meaning behind making rosary tattoo and also provide 93 different rosary tattoo designs that suit on your body.

What is rosary?

A rosary is a necklace that is used in the Roman Catholic Church for prayer. It is a religious symbol for catholic people. Rosary contains 5 sets made up of 10 beads each. Strings of beads on rosary are called couplet. Set of 10 beads is called a decade. At the end of the bead, there is a holy cross sign.
It is believed that the holy cross sign is used to keep negative, evils, bed energy away from a person.

Relevance of rosary and rose

Yes, Rosary is basically interconnected with roses by both its appearance and its meaning. “Rosarium” is the Latin word of the rosary that means “garland of roses”. It also has historical relevance that rose is used to symbolize Virgin Mary and rosary is the tool dedicated to Virgin Mary.

Rosary tattoo meaning

Generally, Person who has a rosary tattoo is showing his/her Catholic faith but this is not the only reason behind having this tattoo on your body. There are some more meanings associated with rosary tattoos.

It is used to say the “Hail Mary” prayer and it also reflects the life of Jesus and Mary. It is also called a mystery. It is also believed that by having a rosary tattoo Jesus will forgive our mistakes.

It is used as a protector as some people believes that rosary tattoo will protect your body and soul from all bad evils, thoughts and also keeps you safe from wrong people. It has great relevance with Catholicism. Rosary is the very famous Catholic symbol that used while praying.

Placement and meaning

While placing this tattoo on your body you must consider that on which part of your body it has more significance.


Rosary tattoo on the outer part of your hand has a great significance. People believe that Holy mother holds your hand and guides you through your hardest time.


Drawing tattoo near neck looks like a real one as real rosary worn in the neck. It is believed that this rosary stays connected with the heart.


Having a rosary tattoo on wrist is symbolism to keep a person aware of the fact that God is present around him. This place is easy to be spotted and most people preferred this place for rosary tattoo.


If a person wants to draw the whole rosary tattoo contains other symbol and names of loved ones then arms must be the preferred choice. Here wearer can elaborate his/her tattoo.


Some people believe that having a tattoo on fingers makes a person more selective and leads towards a direction. It also reminds you to follow the religious path.

Here are some more designs that you can try while having rosary tattoo.

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