150+ Cool and Amazing Stomach Tattoo Designs for Men and Women

cool Stomach tattoo design for men and women

Stomach tattoos are popular from ancient time. Nowadays it has become a trend among people. Both men and women love to get a stomach tattoo. But if we talk about the past only gangsters use to have a tattoo on their stomach and this is the reason that stomach tattoo was considered as a criminal tattoo in the past. At that time there were very fewer people who had a tattoo on their stomach and the society doesn’t treat them very well.

But now the time has changed and now everybody love tattoos. Now there is no discrimination on the basis of tattoos. Everyone is accepting the people who have a tattoo. A very few people have still conservative thinking while most of the people don’t have any problem with tattoos and the wearers.

The people who have conservative thinking don’t want a tattoo that is big and easily seen. They want a tattoo that is very small in size so that nobody can know that they have a tattoo on their body. But there are so many people who don’t care what people say and who they judge them on the basis of a tattoo. Because the tattoo is self-expression, everyone want’s a tattoo that can easily grab the attention of the people. This tattoo shows the motive and goal of their life. These tattoos have a deep meaning and relation with them.

Stomach tattoo is getting popular now because a tattoo on the stomach can be drawn in the maximum size with full details. The man who have six packs abs also want a tattoo on their stomach to make their abs look more cool and attractive.

A tattoo on the stomach is also the best design for those who do not want to expose their tattoo to anyone without any intention. Stomach tattoo is only visible to others when you take off your shirt.

A stomach tattoo is also an eye-catcher when you take off your clothes in public such as while having fun on the beach or pool. Women also love the men having a tattoo on their stomach.

Here are 100 Cool and Amazing Stomach Tattoo Designs for Men and Women you can easily choose one for you.

Types of Stomach Tattoo.

There are no limit of stomach tattoo designs. People generally made skull,lion,flower,rose eagle tattoo on stomach. so when it come to stomach tattoo types and designs there is not limit, sky is the limit. Here we are mentioning some stomach tattoos.

Butterfly Stomach Tattoo

This tattoo is a beautiful piece of art, especially women love to get this tattoo on their stomach. This tattoo is inked with ornate floral to decorate the butterfly. You can also use colors to make this tattoo more beautiful.

Gothic Rose Stomach Tattoo

This tattoo design is a unique art which is also a masterpiece. This tattoo design is best for flower lovers. In this design, a black rose is decorated with some ornate roses around it. If you go to a professional artist then he will make it more adorable with is own imagination.

Eagle Belly Tattoo

Men love to get this tattoo design more because an eagle is a symbol of strength, courage and wisdom. Having this tattoo also inspire the person and make him more positive and strong. This tattoo also shows the positive attitude of a person. If you want to make yourself positive and strong than you should definitely go for it.

Best stomach tattoo designs ideas for men and women in 2019.

Here below we have selected 150 cool and amazing stomach tattoo designs for you. you can select or get any stomach tattoo designs idea from below before going to tattooing

stomach tattoos

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