100 Amazing Heartbeat Tattoo Designs For Man and Woman

Heartbeat tattoo

Every tattoo lover wishes to have a tattoo that looks unique and amazing on his body. Some people prefer tattoos to show their internal feelings. So they come up with different tattoo ideas and heartbeat tattoo is one of a unique idea that people are adopting day-by-day.

It is adopted by both man and woman. It is designed in a way that someone can easily understand his/ her feelings by looking at that tattoo and also shows a person’s creativity level. Color, Shape, Size, pattern make this tattoo more eye-catching.

The general concept behind having heartbeat tattoo is that he/ she is appreciating the preciousness of life. So here we will see some of unique meaning and types of heartbeat and also suggest you 100 most amazing heartbeat tattoos design.

Meaning of Heartbeat Tattoo

There are several hidden meanings behind heartbeat tattoo so instead of just showing if you want to convey a message then you should know about the meaning behind this tattoo.

It indicates that you have renewed your life from existing life that means you made some changes in your life. Some believe that it indicates that you are taking advantages of your life.

Some people want to convey a message that just like heartbeat life also have ups and downs and if it is a straight line it simply means that you are dead.
It also has some symbolic meaning that represents power, strength, love, life, and persistence. Some people convey a personal message that is hidden behind this tattoo.

Placement of Heartbeat Tattoo

Every tattoo has some specific place that increases the visibility of that tattoo so it is very important to choose place wisely although if you choose a perfect tattoo design and artist then it will suit on any part of your body. Some of the common places for heartbeat tattoos are wrist, fingers and upper arm.

Some people like to have it on the chest and heart area to make this tattoo more realistic. You can also apply these lines near the joint of a forearm and upper arm.

Cost of heartbeat tattoo

It is also a matter of concern that how much a heartbeat tattoo cost? It is not specified as it depends upon the location and experience of the artist.
Before having this tattoo ensure that price must be budget friendly. Depending upon studio, Professional tattooist charges between 100$-300$.

Heartbeat tattoo ideas

Heartbeat tattoo will suits if it is designed properly and the message behind this tattoo is unique. So for this purpose, you need some trending ideas that will help you have an idea of this tattoo.

Name with heartbeat tattoo

This is a very unique idea in this you can put the name of any person in between your design. The name can be of your choice that may be your partner, Sibling, mother, father or any person to whom you love most In your life.

Heartbeat with Blurred effect

Some people don’t like sharp tattoos so blurred tattoos come in existence with its design it also conveys a hidden meaning of blurring or forgetting old worst memories.

Heartbeat with date

This design is very popular in couples as the date is placed in between heartbeat. It is used to make that date more special. The date can be of your anniversary, birth date or any other date that is very important In your life.

Heartbeat with powerful words

This idea is more common in women. In this powerful and meaningful words are used with heartbeat design that conveys some massage. This depends upon you that what message do you want to convey by these words.

Here are some more designs of heartbeat tattoo design that you must consider before going to tattoo studio.

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