100 Most Amazing Crow Tattoo Designs for Man

Crow Tattoo

Bird’s tattoos are getting popular these days and crow tattoo is one of the bird tattoo followed by a majority of people. They capture the attention of everyone.

Some people love to have it due to its design or shape of crow but some believe that having crow tattoo on your body means that a person is friendly in nature.

People find this tattoo unique and attractive. So if you also want to have a crow tattoo on your body then you must have to know about meaning, type, and placement of this tattoo. Here we will suggest you 100 unique designs for your body.

Meaning of crow tattoo

Like other tattoos, Crow tattoo also has some unique significance that sometimes becomes the reason behind having this tattoo on your body.
Crow symbolize death, darkness, and myths.

Some people design a crow tattoo to show depressing moments of life. While other thinks this idea cool. It is also proved that forebrain of a crow is matured. This makes crow similar to human beings.

Some believe that crow leads the path toward consciousness in the mystery of life. A crow tattoo also symbolizes the power of insight and higher perspective and also this bird shows strategy and wisdom.

Ideas of crow/ Raven tattoo

Other birds tattoo like peacock, pigeon, and parrot, have more popularity then crow tattoo. So there are very few people who dare to have a crow tattoo on the body. So it is very important to have a pre-imagined idea before placing a tattoo on your body. So here are few crow tattoo ideas.

Flying crows

It is generally placed on the inner side or side of forearms where crows are flying away or towards the hand. Some have this with some different design like home or tree. These tattoos are generally black and grey in color.

Heart Crow

This tattoo is placed on your heart, little under the shoulder. This shows the heart connection of crow and usually preferred for those who want to have a tattoo but don’t want to show. It will look quite good but there may be any reason why do you want to hide it.

The crow leaving the cage

This tattoo design is not much popular as some people have this design to show the reality of this world that whatever we are now one day we have to leave this world just like a crow. Although cage may signify a lot, what crow signifies is more important to consider.

The crow on the back

This gives an attractive look as there is sufficient space to place it. Here crow can extend his wings on both arms. Although it is also a hidden place it gives a muscular look in front of your partner.

Trail of crows

Mostly woman has this tattoo on their hip bone. It can be shown by wearing a crop top that makes this tattoo visible and attractive.

Placement of crow tattoo

Generally, crow tattoo suits on every place of your body but there are some places that are more common for crow tattoos and that is wrist, neck, shoulder, and chest. Most people prefer back and inner wrist for crow tattoo but it depends upon a person’s body structure.

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