100 Most Amazing Octopus Tattoo Designs in 2020

best octopus tattoo design

The meaning and detailed look of an octopus tattoo are loved by everyone and this is the reason that octopus tattoos are very popular today. So many people prefer to get this sea creature tattoo because it looks amazing on the skin. Even artists also love to ink an octopus tattoo because they have flexibility and independence to draw this tattoo with their imagination.

This tattoo have two meaning because it is shown as a beast in the movies and games and it is also shown as a friendly and cute character in cartoons. So because of the media this is a popular creature to get inked on the body.

This tattoo is also known as the squid tattoo and it the one of the unique and cute see animal. Octopus tattoo design is one of the popular tattoo design today which is worn by many people.

Meaning of octopus tattoo

Octopus is a brave and strong creature. It can easily escape any attack and can destroy any kind of predators.

Many people want that they should also have these qualities in them and for this reason they go for an octopus tattoo.

Octopus tattoo can be created in any size and color there is a huge possibilities to get a unique octopus tattoo design.

Octopus tattoo also shows the intelligence, mystery and strength of a person. This is the reason why people why people love this tattoo.

Placement Guide

The placement of a tattoo is totally depended on the size of the tattoo because if it is a big size tattoo then definitely is will require more space and can be only drawn on the big size body parts, but if it is a small tattoo than possibly it can be drawn on any part of the body.

If we talk about octopus than it have 8 limbs which requires a lot of space for full details and requires a big body area.

Therefor the best place for an this tattoo design will be your back, stomach, chest, shoulders and thigh. It can also be drawn on the shoulder and can extend across the chest. Large octopus tattoos are mostly preferred by men while women prefer to get a small octopus tattoo.

Popular Designs For Octopus Tattoo

Cartoon Octopus Design

If you are a cartoon lover and want something unique with your tattoo design then you must go with this cartoon octopus tattoo design. This is a human-like octopus cartoon which can have eyes and hat and anything which you love to put on your tattoo to make it look like a human. You should openly tell your thoughts and ideas about your tattoo to your artist. It will help him to design a unique colorful cartoon octopus tattoo for you.

Japanese Octopus Design

In japan, the octopus is considered as a very important symbol. This is the reason why many tattoo lovers want to get a Japanese octopus tattoo design. This tattoo can be decorated with many other things like lily flower which has also a relation to Japanese culture and it makes the tattoo more beautiful and meaningful.

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