How to design your own tattoo: Step by step guide

design your tattoo

Designing your own tattoo will be creative work. But don’t hurry in this task because this is what you are choosing that will remain with you through your life. So designing a tattoo need careful planning and thinking Process.

There are several things you have to consider before and during designing your own tattoo. Like first select the place and size of the tattoo you want. After getting some idea like what kind of tattoo you want and many more thing.

In this article, we will step by step to help you to How to design your tattoo. Stay with us for a few minutes.

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Location and size of the tattoo.

Before to design your tattoo, the first thing you have to consider is on which body part you want your tattoo. Do you want to a tattoo on a body part that everyone can see like a face, hands, and legs or want on the hidden body part that few people can see like chest, stomach and lower back?

After deciding the location of the tattoo. Know to determine the size of a tattoo. Whether you want a full-size tattoo or small, do you looking for a tattoo that covers your whole chest? So consider the size before tattooing. So you get an idea of size while designing your own tattoo.

Select the theme and idea of a tattoo.

This is the most crucial aspect of designing a tattoo. It is the most creative part where most of your creativity is required.

After selecting tattoo size and location, you have to explore or brainstorm a theme of a tattoo. Like what kind of tattoo you are looking and what meaning you want to convey through your tattoo to this world.

So here you have to do lots of research, you can check lots of tattoo design ideas on tattoo magazine, internet and tattoo booklets. Don’t go for trendy tattoo ideas until you don’t have a personal connection with them because as the trend goes, your tattoo becomes trendy.

Collect a list of tattoo ideas and as there are many tattoos where you want some changes. So you want to customize them according to your personality and addon some meaning and something to them or if that looks perfect to you then don’t make any changes in them.

Select color of your tattoo.

As now, you have decided the location, size and somehow decided them and explored many ideas. Now to decide what color you want to fill in your tattoo. There are many two types of tattoo made in the context of color. One is a black tattoo, and the other is a colorful tattoo.

Basically, most of the people prefer black tattoo design and they are longlasting and not fade. Where colorful tattoo Require more than one color ink, they are soon attractive but disappear soon, so you need some touch up to keep them brighter.

Get ready your final tattoo.

After considering above all thing, this is a time when you have to make your final design of your tattoo which you are looking for. So after getting designs and looking for lots of ideas. Select some tattoo design and make some customization according to your needs or Design your tattoo some scratches.

If you have a right hand on drawing, then you can make a sketch of your tattoo or make them with help on computer software or explain your idea to drawing artist and fill color in them.

Now when your tattoo design is fully prepared on paper. Now to think twice this is what exactly you are looking for. If yes and you love it very much then go for it and if you don’ t like it for any reason then re-design your tattoo again by following above step.

Find a tattoo artist and get it inked.

Now you have a tattoo design on your mind and paper. Now find a professional, experienced and skilled tattoo artist that can make your designed tattoo on your skin exactly as you want. So you need an artist that can turn your imagination into reality.

So you can have a visit to tattoo artist’s shop and see his work and experience and collect some reviews about him from online and from your friends if they know that artist.

Before getting inked, you first show your tattoo design and idea and consult to him that is he can make exactly on my skin and ask him for surety and also consult what money if will charge to make your designed tattoo.

if, he is confident enough and give you surety that he can make exactly your designed tattoo on your skin then schedule a date with a tattoo artist for getting inked.

This is how you can design and make your own tattoo.

I have poured my heart into it to make you clear everything. Know it’s your turn if you like this article, then please share it among your friends.

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