How to Prevent Your Tattoo from Cracking and Drying

How to Prevent Your Tattoo from Cracking

Have you made a new tattoo and it starts getting dry?

If yes, then you don’t need to worry about that because this is natural. Tattoo fades and gets dry in the initial 10-15 days. However, it is the thing that you should definitely avoid by taking the right actions.

In this article, we will help to solve this problem of tattoo cracking or drying with actionable methods. It is advised to read this guide carefully if you are the one who is facing this problem.

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The reason behind Tattoo Cracking

The most important reason behind tattoo cracking is the dryness of the skin because in the initial days the skin gets dry near the tattooed area. Although some scab heavily and some scab lightly depending upon your skin. When the scab loses the amount of moisture within the tattoo area then your tattoo starts getting dry. There are some more reasons behind tattoo cracking that are listed below.

Thick Scabs

If your scabs are thick and dense then there are chances that your tattoo will get dry and crack. Make sure that big scabs should not get attached with your tattoo. If they are attached with your tattoo then your tattoo will get dry.

It is okay to have a few large scabs on your tattoo. It generally happened because your tattoo artist treated your skin too roughly while tattooing.

Your skin may be lacking Hydration

The skin plays a very important role in glowing your tattoo. It is the skin that affects the tattoo or helps the tattoo.

If your tattoo is getting cracked then it might be possible that your skin is dehydrated because your tattoo needs necessary vitamins and minerals to glow and if they are not present in your body then no doubt, your tattoo will get dry.

So in order to avoid this problem, it is advised to drink a good amount of water during the healing process. It will make your body tight and springy that will also help in the healing process.

Infected Tattoo

It might be possible that your tattoo is infected and that’s why it is cracked because if you apply a tattoo on the skin which is affected by any infection or infection occurs after tattooing then chances are that you will face several issues like fever and other body pain.

It is advised to take precaution from your doctor if you have any issue with your skin and don’t forget to check all the instrument at the time of tattooing because it is one the most important cause of infection.

How to Prevent Infected Tattoo?

If your tattoo is getting cracked or you want to avoid this problem in the near future then it’s the best time that you start applying these changes just after having a tattoo.

  1. Apply skin care cream or tattoo lotion 2-4 times a day after having a tattoo. It will also help in the time of the healing process.
  2. There are some oils in the market like mustard oil and coconut oil that will also help to re hydrate your skin.
  3. Don’t apply warm water to the tattoo area because it will make your skin dry.
  4. Make sure that you should always clean your tattoo area before applying any cream, lotion or oil.
  5. You should always rub the cream with your free hands. Make sure that your tattoo skin should not get suffocated during the process.
  6. It is important that you should live in a cooler area for 48 hours after having a tattoo so that your skin will not get dry.


You can see that our small mistakes will spoil the whole tattoo experience. So always keep the above points in your mind after getting inked. Try to avoid the problem of tattoo cracking because it will affect the appearance and clarity of your tattoo.

However, If you will follow the above steps then you will never face the issue like tattoo cracking or tattoo drying and if the problem occurs even after following these steps then it is advised to concern with your doctor.

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