5 best tattoo ink (latest reviewed)

best tattoo ink

Best tattoo ink that can make you a better artist.

Today we will help you to choose best tattoo ink. If you are wondering what is the best tattoo ink in the market lately and what makes a tattoo ink best. Then just stick with us for a couple of minute and let us answer it to you with our in-depth guide.

Tattooing needs many equipment. No equipment remain forever with you except one things that is tattoo ink. It will remain with you forever perfectly under your skin and will become identity of you. So make sure that tattoo ink must be best that applied on your skin.

Before to choose best tattoo ink make sure that you know what makes the best tattoo ink before buying one. This list of products can surely set you on the right track.

Best tattoo machine in the market.

Image Prodcut Rating Prize
Intenze Tattoo Ink
Intenze zuper black tattoo ink
Kurosumi  Tattoo Ink
Millennium Moms
Bloodline Tattoo Ink
Bloodline all purpose black Tattoo Ink
Starbrite Tattoo Ink

What are the things we should consider while choosing best tattoo ink.

Before to buy best tattoo ink you should consider these three things given below.

Always buy tattoo ink from branded and reputed manufacturer.

Reputed manufactures always produce high quality product and they have high standards in producing their products. These organization spend lots time of research and money  to produce best in class inks. There products goes through numerous and rigorous test before supplied to the market.

Tip:Never choose tattoo ink for sale just to save few bucks.

Check the main ingredient of tattoo ink.

There are many types of ink that are made from different kind of ingredient. Some are made from organic compound and some are made from chemical compound. These may be toxic and harmful for your skin. So always check the ingredient of tattoo ink and it must be made from organic compound that is safe for your skin. The best example of toxic ingredients are lead and arsenic. One should also check whether they require water based or alcohol based ink for their tattooing needs.

Choose safe,durable,high quality ink.

Basically pigmentation and bases are responsible for the the durability and permeability of the ink. If you want more durable tattoo ink then go for alcohol based ink.

In this type of ink the pigmentation is more effectively absorbed by the skin. Due to some chemical consisted in it. It may cause more irritation to your skin then water based tattoo ink. The reason of that is, it is made from natural and organic pigmentation and vegetable dyes.

To identify the best tattoo ink the amateur and professional should conduct a extensive research on  tattoo ink. Check all the available tattoo ink review. This is the only way to find out the best tattoo ink for your tattoo art

Our top pick for best tattoo ink brands.

Intenze Tattoo Ink(safest tattoo ink)

Intenze is tattoo ink maker company that has been established in 1978 by mario barth. Today they have produce more than 250 shades of color of tattoo ink. The motive of intenze is just not to produce highest quality ink but also to work with artist and push their limits. The world’s best tattoo artist like mark mahoney and bob tyrell appreciate the stand out quality of the product.

Health Safety and higher quality are the foremost concern of the intenze. They sterilize, mix and bottled tattoo ink in most cleaned and hygienic rooms. They have third party biochemist lab that sterlize and test the quality of every bottle of ink before to send them to the market.

The intenze ink is 100% vegan and they do not add nay animal product in there ink and never test ink on animal. There tattoo ink are comply with American safety standard and are EU-quality certified. They ensure quality and safety of there ink and meet global health standard and continuously innovate their product.

Best feature of Intenze tattoo ink (zuper black): Best black tattoo ink.

best black tattoo ink (zuper black, intenze)

This ink is the darker than dark and have very bright dark look never fade away, easily flow in the skin and dry up quickly. It will also heel the skin quickly. This will amaze you by its results

Its the most bright,safest,durable and easily absorb by the skin.

Branded tattoo ink manufactured by oldest tattoo ink making company. They ensure quality and safety of there ink and meet global health standard.

Kurosumi  Tattoo Ink (Most supernatural ink)

best kurosumi tattoo ink

Kurosumi is a Japanese tattoo ink making company. The name of this company is named after a great Japanese elite warrior Kuro Sumi Tangnuni. Who wore markings on their bodies and immediately see distinguished from other. Kuro sumi is the most commonly used high quality ink made by a secret formula with Japanese artist generations.

This ink is 100% organic and vegan and have safest ink that are generally preferred by vegan and  those skin is sensitive with chemical. It is made from the stuff on the earth. It will amaze the customer with its extra ordinary results.

Kuro sumi ink are unique and super natural. It is the no. one choice of tattoo artist around the world due to is superior consistency, color schema  and brightness of the color.

Initially formulated in Japan comes with the formula and ingredients for a truly safe and amazing tattoo ink. Give your tattoos the ink they deserve. Now made in the USA! These formulas incorporate organic elements, and are vegan friendly! Kuro Sumi ink is made from the best stuff on Earth and will truly dazzle your customers with extraordinary results.

Millennium Moms

Millennium Moms top rated tattoo ink brand

Don’t thing that this is your mama’s brand. This brand existing from last 25 years. The consistency and brightness of mom’s ink is extra ordinary. Its rich color scheme and innovation is appreciated and liked by the great artist all around the globe. In term of flow,color consistency and pigmentation  life millennuim is a top rated brand. Starbrite innovated 84 types of color shades including the Mom’s Nuclear Colors (the worlds best, safest, and brightest black light sensitive ink. Ink color beautifully and effectively implemented on skin and allow artist to make an eye popping bright tattoo.

Consistency is one of the main factors when using tattoo ink product. The consistency among the Mom’s brand is extraordinary. Moms ink has come a long way. From just a few colors back in the early 90’s to over 84 shades). Research into the very secretive world of ink pigment manufactures reveals that Mom’s ink is checked, double checked, and triple checked for color consistency, flow rate, and pigment life.

Mom’s Ink exceeds its reputation and continues to grow among the tattoo industry. We look forward to seeing what Mom’s brings to the table in the years to come.

Bloodline Tattoo Ink (best premium tattoo ink )

best tattoo ink brand bloodline

Bloodline is a USA based tattoo ink manufacture established by Mark August Worchell in 1995. Bloodline has been providing premium tattoo ink to the tattoo industry all around the world since it was established.

This tattoo ink is famous for its longevity and durability. It never fade away. Company also test quality of every bottle of ink it produce before they will send it to market.

It continuously innovate and improving making ink vegan friendly, improve color saturation, opacity and over all  brightness over the period off last 20 years.

Best feature about Bloodline Tattoo Ink all purpose black (best black tattoo ink for outlining)

best black tattoo ink for all purpose bloodline.

This is the best darkest tattoo and thin ink you ever need, you can use it on any type of skin even on black skin because it very dark and can be seen on even black skin clearly. It will be a best choice for African people. You can make best tribal tattoos with it. This is basically used for outlining and shading.

It have great brightness. Once it applied on the skin, it remain with you forever and it never losses its color or fade-down. Due to its consistency flow it will not cause any issue to the artist while making tattoo. It is very smooth and saturated easily in the skin and also reduce the time of healing. It will feel you great.

The another best thing about is that it will not dry up easily. Will not steal still 30 months if you tattooing less then you don,t need to worry that your ink can dry.

Starbrite Tattoo Ink

top rated starbrite tattoo ink

Starbrite tattoo ink is the best tattoo ink since 1990 and starbrite produced 160 shades of color. If you are looking for bright, consistent flow and safe tattoo ink then starbrite may be best choice for you. It is sterile,tested and bottled under the FDA speculation and it meet all the FDA guidelines after that it is shipped in the market.

This tattoo ink is preferred by artist that require constancy flow and smoothness. Starbrite also heal the skin and color absorb by skin easily. It ever fade away and remain last forever. This a proud product of USA.


While doing tattooing there lots of tattoo equipment and accessories is used like machine, needle,ink and many other small things but ink is the one thing that is last going to remain with you under you skin. so make sure it must be high in quality and superior quality. poor quality ink may damage your skin and harm you.

So here we have Reviewed best tattoo ink for you so you will get sure highest quality ink is applied into your skin. These above ink are world safest,supernatural and high quality ink. So you can choose any according to your requirement.

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