Best Temporary Tattoo Markers Reviews & Buying Guide in 2021

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Best temporary tattoo marker

Making a tattoo is fun and if you are a tattoo freak person you will love to make tattoos in different styles and designs to cope with the new trend.

The best way to change tattoo designs is to go for temporary tattoo designs which you can do with temporary markers. In this article, we will cover the best temporary tattoo markers to create unique and excellent designs.

What are the Tattoo Markers?

Tattoo markers are specially manufactured and designed to create fake tattoos on your skin which is not permanent and allow you to change your tattoo design whenever you want.

These markers are certified by Cosmetic Grade Bodymark by BIC and they contain temporary tattoo inks to draw. They are available in eight different colours- black, red, brown, purple, turquoise, blue, and green.

Best Temporary Tattoo Markers 2020

1. BIC BodyMark Temporary Tattoo Marker

BIC BodyMark Temporary Tattoo Marker

BIC BodyMark Temporary Tattoo Marker is one of the best tattoo marker in the list as the bright coloured inks of this marker creates attractive designs on your skin with wider coverage. It is totally skin safe and cosmetic quality tattoo marker and contains bright, long-lasting colours.

The ingredients of the marker are with high quality and this are-METHACRYLATE COPOLYMER, PROPYL alcohol, HYDROCHLORIC acid, water, ACRYLATES/ DIMETHYLAMINOETHYL, TBHQ. May contain:  Orange 4 (C. I. 15510, blue 1 (C. I. 42090), Red 28 (C. I. 45410). You will feel the fine quality of the marker while using it.

2. BIC BodyMark Temporary Tattoo Marker Brush Fine

BIC BodyMark Temporary Tattoo Marker

This cosmetic grade tattoo marker is so perfect to make designs on your skin with this old school kit of 6 body marks and r stencil sheets. The marker dries fast as it contains low odour ink and you can make body paintings with amazing designs for Halloween parties, sports events, fancy parties etc.

The 6 markers come with 6 colours-  black, red, brown, orange, blue, green. The line of the marker can cover 1 mm to 4mm and that makes so easy to draw thin lines and make the perfect shape.

3. BIC BodyMark Temporary Tattoo Marker with Brush Tip

BIC BodyMark

It is a great temporary tattoo marker with excellent cosmetic grade quality that allows you to create amazing tattoos on your skin without any skin irritations.

The marker is flexible to make both thin and briad l9ines that is the plus point of the marker. It comes with a package of 2 markers and the colour is blue and green.

Moreover, the colours are vivid that is great to make body paintings that match with Halloween costumes and other fancy dresses.

4. Professional GOTH Body Art Pens and Eyeliner

Professional GOTH Body Art Pens

Professional GOTH Body Art Pens and Eyeliner is a top-notch temporary tattoo marker that professional tattoo artist also use it and the quality of the marker is so great that you can even use it on your skin as well. Moreover, it is suitable for kids also.

The smudge-proof water-based ink of it provides a long-lasting design for you and the quick-dry formula helps to save your time. You will get the marker with a package of 3 vibrant, long-lasting and non-fading Black Goth Pens with 5 make up remover wipes as a complementary.

5. One Tattoo World Tattoo & Piercing Skin Marker

One Tattoo World Tattoo & Piercing Skin

The One Tattoo World Tattoo & Piercing Skin Marker comes with an extraordinary feature that it is a dual-sided marker and you can use both parts of it.

You can use it to create fake tattoos and on the other hand, you can make outlines of permanent tattoos as well. The skin-safe marker allows doing painting on both men, women and kids also.

The package comes with 10 washable markers and all are able to create regular and ultra-fine lines for sharp lines. You can also use it as a fine line eyeliner.

6. Knit Jagua Tattoo Kit Semi Permanent (Best temporary tattoo marker for kids)

Knit Jagua

This Knit Jagua Tattoo Kit Semi Permanent tattoo marker is the best temporary tattoo marker for kids.

Yes, really it is suitable for them because it does not contain harmful plastics and PPP and other harmful chemicals that can affect the soft skin of a kid.

It slowly disappears so it provides a long lasting design on kid’s skin. Just make sure, wear gloves when applying the marker.

7. Walmeck Temporary Tattoo Marker

Walmeck Temporary Tattoo Marker

If you are searching for an n0n toxic tattoo marker then this marker is for you. The marker contains non-lethal and harmless colour.

The drawings dry quickly on the skin that saves your time and line becomes waterproof that provides the long lasting result.

Adult and children both can use this tattoo marker. You can also use the marker to draw outlines before doing permanent tattoos also. Tattoo artists also use the  Walmeck- Temporary Tattoo Marker to make a strategic distance from the designs of the permanent tattoo.


Following the trends in the new excitement of modern kids and adults as well so making different types of designs on different occasions is a good way to express yourself.

Our article of best temporary tattoo markers will provide you with a major goal of making temporary tattoos of different designs with full of excitements.

You can choose the right one for you that can fill your demands. We hope this article will help you in choosing the best available option in the market.

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