5 Best Tattoo Power Supply In 2021

Last updated on February 22nd, 2021

best tattoo power supply

5 Best tattoo power supply that can power up your tattoo machine perfectly.

Hi every-buddy, Without the right kind of power supply for our tattoo machine will not work effectively and if the power supply not give them efficient current flow then they also will damage our expensive tattoo machines.

Today, here we have reviewed 5 top tattoo power supply that will run your tattoo beast like a charm. Our reviewed power supply work with all kind of tattoo machines. They work with both liner and shader. Generally these power supply will work with 110-210 volt current.

The power supply will come with foot paddle and clip cord. Let stay with us for few minutes. We will help you to choose best tattoo power supply for your tattoo machine.

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Image Prodcut Rating Prize
TattooStar Digital Tattoo Power supply
Biomaster tp-5 Power supply
OTW-P008-3R Tattoo Power supply
Dragonhawk Tattoo Machine Power Supply
P028-II Dual Tattoo Power Supply

Our five best tattoo power supply (our pick and review)

1. TattooStar Digital Tattoo Power supply

The Tattoostar dual digital power supply work with all kinds of tattoo machine. You can connect it with both liner and shader and with simple flip of button that you can change power between them with single foot pedal.

You can remain both your tattoo machine power up and ready to go all the time. It have digital meter with that you can adjust voltage according to your requirement. With this power supply you will get stainless steel upgraded flat foot pedal and a 6 foot clip cord to connect your machine with power supply.

The tattoostar power supply can work on 60v-250v/50Hz-60Hz power input and will give the stable digitally controlled output-current from 1.5v-18v DC that can efficiently run all kind of tattoo machine. This machine is very flexible and can be run with any voltage and suitable to be used in any country.

This power supply provide you a quick and accurate voltage adjustment to your machine and will run both rotary and coil tattoo machine at its full-efficiency.

2. Biomaster tp-5 (Best touch screen digital power supply)

BIOMASERis a Professional tattoo equipment company and focus on provide high quality products. Biomaster tattoo power supply is portable slim touch screen digital power supply.

This power supply is light weight and easy to use and you can carry it anywhere. It is fully digitally controlled and can be regulated or adjusted with any voltage with touch button.

Its also have digital time where you can set the time flow current. You can change power between both connected machine with toggle button and run both machine with one single foot-pad. It is durable and efficient power supply and it will come with 18 months of warranty for tattoo supply and 3 months warranty for adapter. So there is no risk of purchase you can give it try.

With this single power supply you can attach dual tattoo machine at the same time. This Power supply you can run all types of tattoo machine in the market. It will come with one clip cord and 1 supply holder frame to hold the power supply in its place.

Power supply will work with 110v-250v/ac50-60Hz power input which can work with any country to to its adjustable power input. This can supply 3v-18v dc current which is compatible to run all types of tattoo machine efficiently.

It includes a universal mount to hold the supply which you don’t need to assemble yourself again. Also will comes with a user manual which will help you learn all the operational feature of power supply.

3. OTW-P008-3R Tattoo Power Supply

OTW-P008-3R Tattoo Power Supply

This is professional quality power supply Which provides you a strong and stable current to operate any kind of machine. It is compatible with both rotary and coil tattoo machine.

The another best feature about this is that dual tattoo machine can be attached at the same time that allow artist to connect both liner and shader together at the same time with a flip button on the the power supply to switch power between the liner and shader.

The ultra bright digital meter gives you accurate voltage read out to adjust the voltage according to your requirement. With this power supply you will get 1 power cord, 2 clip cord 8 feet long to connect dual tattoo machine together and 1 stainless steel flat foot pedal.

This machine can run on any amount of current input 120/220v and gives you 3volt  to 18v dc output current flow that can run all kind of tattoo machine efficiently.

This is a professional portable easy to use best tattoo power supply. This tattoo power supply is best for traveling. Can be used as a professional backup power supply due to its size, shape and efficiency. Its provides you a strong, stable current to operate any kind of tattoo supply. It compatible with all coil and rotary tattoo machine. This have anti-slip base and inbuilt magnet to easily fix on the any table or desk.

Another cool feature this best tattoo power supply

Here the another cool feature of the tattoo supply that It can run on any kind of input voltage and gives 1v-18v current to tattoo machine. Supply have single rotating button to switch on of power supply and with that you can adjust voltage of current. This portable tattoo supply have colorful light design and when you rotate voltage button then It changes the light color and each color represent different voltage. Simple rotary control with that you can on/off the current and change that voltage of the  power supply with this you don’t required any kind of foot pedal to run the machine.

4. Dragonhawk Tattoo Machine Power Supply

Dragonhawk Tattoo Machine Power Supply

Dragonhawk is leading industry in building tattoo equipment, This dragonhawk power supply also let to run your machine at stable and  operational current for long hours. This power supply came with beautiful deign and very handy to use.

It have dual plug, with that you can connect dual machine together and make your machine power on 24 hours and ready to go and on third plug you can connect foot pedal and with a rotating switch you can change the power between both liner and shader. Can run both the machine with single foot-pedal. The ultra bright angled led display gives you accurate power voltage readout. With rotating button you can adjust the required voltage easily.

It will work with 120v-210v ac current input and will gives you the 3v-18v dc current output which will run all kind of tattoo machine in the market efficient at its optimum level. Gives you one power-plug to attach it to ac current input.

5. P028-II Dual Tattoo Power Supply

P028-11 Dual Tattoo power supply is one of the most effective tattoo power supply in this list.

The power supply provides the feature of easy control button that helps to run every type of tattoo machine like rotary tattoo machine and coil tattoo machine. Other than that the power supply comes with a blue LCD display that helps to track the voltage of current that passes through your power supply.

P028-II dual power supply provides the function of dual input connection for your shader machine. The inbuilt feature of the power supply contains the output of 0-18v 2.3amp that includes overload protection of current that passes to your tattoo machine.

Although the machine is little expansive it also carries some useful accessories like mounts, magnet, suction cup and clip cord that helps in the installation process of your power supply.

Buying Guide

Things to consider while buying a tattoo power supply

Buying a tattoo power supply is not an easy task as you have to look at many things. So here are a few things that you need to consider while buying a tattoo power supply.


It is the most important thing to consider so you need to make sure that your power supply must provide proper supply to your tattoo machine.

Your power supply must provide 20 volts and 6 amps current as normal machine need 18 volts and 2 amps for efficient performance.


There are two types of meter available in the market i.e. digital and analog. Digital meter is easier to read and highly accurate on the other hand analogue meter provide a fair idea of reading.

So it is better to choose digital meter on your tattoo power supply.


It is another important factor to consider. So make sure that your connector must be compatible with your tattoo power supply.

RCA connectors as they are very common as they can connect with any power supply.


Mostly price defines the quality of the product so make sure that you must choose the power supply between 50$ to 100$.

FAQ Session

What should the tattoo power supply be set at?

Basically the measurement of current depends upon tattoo machine but still if you are starting out then it is better to run on 6.5-6.7 volts.

How does a tattoo power supply work?

The tattoo power supply helps to regulate the power of current that is passing to the tattoo machine. You just need to plug tattoo machine and foot pedal and when the machine gets turned on then you can adjust the voltage from the tattoo power supply as per your requirement.


It is very important to buy a power supply that suits the performance of your tattoo machine. So in this article you get to know about the best tattoo power supply that is performing well in the market. Now you can choose any one of them according to your need and preference.

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