Best Tattoo Transfer & Stencil Paper in 2021

Last updated on February 22nd, 2021

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best tattoo stencil and transfer paper

Best tattoo transfer paper in the market

Have you ever think what makes a tattoo more detailed and clear that is nothing a stencil paper.

With the help of a tattoo transfer paper a tattoo artist can make a client’s tattoo idea on a kind of special paper before to make it on skin. Now with the help of tattoo transfer paper he can print the tattoo idea on his skin without making any error.

Freehand tattoo is more time consuming and chances of error are more and it can lead to frustrating client.

Today in this post, we will talk about what is transfer or stencil paper is, how that is used to make tattoo, what are the things you should consider while buying a tattoo transfer paper and also reviewed the best transfer paper in the market.

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Best Tattoo Transfer Paper Reviews

1.NYKKOLA Stencil Transfer Paper

This paper is perfect for tattoo lovers. It is most affordable to buy.
It includes 4 layers. Master Sheet, Protective sheet, Carbon paper, Yellow backing sheet

Today there are many players or experts using many other tattoo transfer paper but this cover all your need to give you a neat and clean tattoo.

2. Spirit Thermofax Thermal Transfer and Stencil Paper

This can be right deal for you. The best part of these papers is that it is Super dark stencils which will remains at same place where you out them.

The middle sheet is very easy and also you can put these with any stencil machine it. They always come out with deep purple and dark every time.

This product have almost positive review on amazon. You will never have an issue with spirit.

3. Tattoo Transfer Paper,New Star Tattoo Stencil Paper 20 Sheets Stencil Paper for Tattooing

Use this to transfer your flash to skin. It is very much easy to use. It can also be use as a thermal copier machine.

There is no issue regarding color no change in initial color ever time perfectly transfer tattoo on client’s skin and gives you a bright purple or blue ink color and have a strong ink for bright copy.

4.PFT Transfer Stencil Paper 15 Sheets by Pirate Face Tattoo

This product is mostly used by artist and tattooist. This product is best seller and recommended by amazon. It transfer a bold image that is easily transferable.

You can also use distilled water and soap for transferring tattoo.It comes with 15 sheets that can further cut into smaller sheets.

5.Dragon Hawk Tattoo Thermal Stencil Transfer Paper

In this four layered transfer paper work very effectively that artist ,tattoo lover like to use this product.

This paper is of high transferring effects. It can be used with thermal copier and also with free hands

It is very easy and convenient to use this transfer paper.

Tattoo transfer paper (stencil paper) in a nut shell

When tattoo is applied on your skin then it become very difficult to remove tattoo from our skin. So tattoo transfer paper helps to draw our imagination to reality or we can say that with the help of tattoo transfer paper we can draw desired tattoo on our body.

Tattoo transfer paper helps to make tattoo in trashing and some time with the help of it we can copy pre-made tattoos.

So tattoo transfer paper is used to trashing and making new tattoo or to avoid mistakes while making permanent tattoo.

Types of Transfer Paper

There are two types of transfer paper both are same in nature and perform same functions as well but they have some differences.

Hectograph or Freehand Tattoo Transfer Paper

It is also known as free hand tattoo transfer paper. As name suggested it is used when making stencils by hand or using dot matrix printer.

To use this paper it is easier to draw tattoo on white sheet paper.

This paper contains three thinner layer. On top sheet we manually draw tattoo. Second sheet will be removed while making tattoo and third layer where tattoo design is transferred. It has many color choices.

Thermal transfer paper

Thermal tattoo transfer paper contain four sheet. The first sheet is the main sheet that going to applied on your skin. The second layer is protective layer that protect the purple ink of third page and let it going to no where. This layer thrown out before to use and its garbage you don’t need to use it anywhere. Third layer is purple or blue color ink or you can say carbon copy that ink is going to apply on your skin. The last sheet is thick yellow sheet that put all the sheet together.

This contains all in one system.which helps to do many tasks. Contains four layers.

Things to use consider while buying transfer paper

There are somethings that we must have in mind while buying this paper because this will result a very great loss as a single mistake will rewards you a bad and horrible tattoo.

  • Durability of paper.
  • Printing capabilities.
  • Reviews of trusted tattoo designer.
  • Price.
  • Offer colorfast ink for transferring bold tattoos.
  • Well recognized brand.

How to use tattoo transfer paper?

Here are the proper steps comes to know how we can actually use transfer paper while making tattoo.

There are some steps to use tattoo transfer paper.

Make your tattoo Design with help of pencil: It is the first step we have to make exactly desired tattoo on a printer paper .

Slide original design under carbon paper:Now Place paper with your selected design under carbon paper and under top of sheet.

Trace your tattoo: You must trace the tattoo first and before that double check while it matches your expectations or not. It will traced by medium pointed pen with free hands and a using enough press.

Shave and wash properly:It is very necessary that you must wash or clean skin before making tattoo because sometime it may cause irritation or it will interrupt while making tattoo on it.

Position of transfer paper: It is very necessary to check position of paper before making tattoo because even a little mistake cause a very big difference. It is permanent so you have to be very gentle while in process.

Remove Transfer paper softly: while removing transfer paper we must be very carefully. Tattoo ink can be spread while removing paper.

Final words

So here we comes to an end here we looks like many aspects of best tattoo transfer paper. We hope our reviewed products and all related information will help you to choose which stencil and transfer paper is suitable for your tattoo ink.

So make sure that you must be very aware about all information and selective while choosing. Our reviewed picks are chosen under a special team now its your turn to select.

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