What is a Henna Tattoo: Complete Guide in 2020


Not every tattoo does hurt and take place by needles. There is a exception henna tattoo that drawn painless and gives you a beautiful look.

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Henna tattoo art is a very traditional art and started from middle Arab and Asian countries and spread all over the world. Widely used as a body art. Its get world wild popularity due to its color and dark contrast.

In this henna tattoo guide. We will cover all the aspect of henna art like what henna tattoo is, how they are made, how these design look, also have some look about history of this ancient art.

Stay with you in this ultimate guide we will cover every things about henna tattoo. let get start.

What is henna?

Henna is small flowering plant found in Arab and African and east Asian countries. Henna leaves are dried and crushed to make fine powder. That fine powder is mixed with water or some other liquid like lemon juice used to make henna tattoo.

Traditional ladies first dry and crush the henna plant leaves and make a fine powder of it and add some water into it and mix it well and leave it for 24 hour. Next day they used henna paste for different kind of body tattoo.

Henna plant is a natural medical plant and it is considered most safe and natural dye for your henna tattoo and hair dye.

What is a henna tattoo.

heena tattoo

Henna tattoo are temporary tattoo because they fade away after some time. Henna tattoo are made by a dye paste that prepared from henna plant. The Henna paste is applied on the skin to make henna tattoo with the help of traditional and innovative tools. Basically Jacquard bottle or a cone of plastic used for making henna tattoo. After making henna tattoo with henna dye. Leave it remain undisturbed for at least 30 minute to let dye darken the color. The longer it remain with your skin the better it get stain your skin.

Henna tattoo are orange when henna paste first removed with in the period of three days it become darker reddish due to oxidation. As henna tattoo are temporary tattoo and they will fade away naturally with 3-4 weeks period of time.

Henna tattoo are more popular in Arab and Asian countries. As a ancient body art they are also made on special Occasions. In India henna is called
Mehndi and the bridal and groom make henna tattoo on the their engagement and marriage and Muslim ladies also make henna tattoo on their religious festivals and ritual ceremonies like Eid al-Fitr.

How long do henna tattoos last?

Generally henna tattoo last up to 4 weeks but there are some other factor that will decide how much it going to stay. Like the quality of henna also decide how longer it will stay on your body. If you apply the paste longer then it will stain your skin more darker and remain longer with you. After applying you can remain it up to 24 hours to make the tattoo darker.

To make your henna tattoo remain longer you can add strong tea or lemon juice into it while making paste of it.

Henna tattoo remain with you 2-4 weeks on your skin.

Are henna tattoos painful. Does it hurt.

No, henna tattoo does not hurt. It is a painless process of tattooing. You will not feel any pain while henna tattooing. The reason is you will not hurt while henna tattooing is that the henna paste applied over your skin and in other tattooing the ink is injected under your skin with tattoo needles and you feel pain.

Black Henna

We have seen henna tattoo that are dark black. These dark black tattoo are made from black henna. It is advisable that never use black henna. According to FDA use of black henna can cause you several allergic reaction such as blistering, intense itching, permanent scarring or any other skin problem.

Black henna is generally made by mixing henna powder and coal tar dye or indigo dye. Black henna dye contain ppd that will cause skin problem and actually PPD is banned by FDA. So it highly recommended never use black henna for tattooing.

How much does a henna tattoo cost?

Henna tattoo are most affordable than other tattoo. The prize of henna tattoo is depend upon the size of tattoo. A generally small henna tattoo will cost you 5$-10$. If you want a bigger tattoo than it will cost 20-30$. You want to cover up your all selves with henna tattoo then it may cost up to 40$.

It also depend on the artist who make henna tattoo. If you are getting heena tattoo from a very experienced and highly skilled tattoo artist then it may cost up-to 60$.

If you make henna tattoo by your-self then all ingredient can be arranged under 20$.

Type of henna tattoo.

There many types of henna tattoo design and each design have there own uniqueness. Some types of henna tattoo design belongs to any specific location and they have there own beauty. Some are based on their structure while other design are made on special occasions like bridal henna tattoo design are made on bridal marriages. here below we have mentioned some types of tattoo design.

Arabic henna tattoo design.

Arabic henna tattoo design are made in middle Arab countries on the different occasion. In the Arabic design we will get mostly flowering and lines and some beautiful art are designed on hands and legs. The interesting fact about henna Arabic tattoo is that the hands is never filled fully with tattoo some space remain over hand in Arabic tattoo.

Here are some pics of Arabic henna tattoo design.

Arabic henna tattoo design

Indian henna tattoo design.

The henna tattoo (known as mehndhi) is very popular body art. There are different types of henna tattoo design like dulhan mehendi design. In Indian henna tattoo design the tattoo started with circle and curves and hand is fully filled with tattoo design and the picture of gods, animal, flower and peacock are found in these design.

Look at few pics of Indian henna tattoo design.

henna peacock design
Indian henna tattoo design for women
Indian henna tattoo design

African henna tattoo

African tattoo design

The most traditional henna tattoo design are African henna tattoo. In these tattoo generally made complex design and also geometric lines and triangle shape are made.

Lets have look on below pics.

African white henna tattoo design

Simple tattoo design.

Simple henna tattoo design are the most simplest design of henna tattoo. they are small in size and made simple and look beautiful. In these type of design people made small pictures and symbols or cute cartoon pics.

Sahasrara (Crown Chakra)

This is special kind of henna tattoo design and it generally made on hand, shoulder, belly and neck. It can be made by both men and women. In this complex round circle tattoo design is made also known as crown checkra. Which symbolize knowledge of truth. The person who get the truth of this universe in himself and it also symbolize that union of soul to greater soul.

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