100 Most Amazing Lion Tattoo Designs

Lion Tattoo

Tattoos are getting famous all over the world. Some people make tattoos as a body part but some conservative people still don’t like this trend and thought that it is totally wastage of money and harms the body but today’s society can understand this growing trend. So you can have a tattoo of your personal favorite design.

Most animal lovers like to have a lion tattoo on their body. Even it is a highly popular tattoo in the category of animal. It suits both boy and girl equally. There are many reasons behind having a lion tattoo but the majority of people have it because of his attitude. As we all know that lion is the king of the forest and everyone like that attitude of the king.

So here we will discuss meaning, type, the best place on your body and also suggest you 100 lion tattoo design.

Meaning of lion tattoo

There must be a unique meaning behind a tattoo and some time that meaning is the foremost reason behind having that tattoo on our body likewise behind lion tattoo also there is some hidden meaning that is very important to know before having it on your body.

The most important reason is related to his quality that a lion can turn any animal into prey. It shows strength, Power, attitude of this animal and it’s relatable because a human has the quality to become as powerful as a lion.
Lion have also some unique and different quality that it is very focused towards his aim. So people who are goal oriented also like to have a lion tattoo on their body.

Another quality of the lion represents its authority and accountability because a lion is king of the forest. So he is responsible for justice and peace in the entire animal kingdom. So people who are accountable for something generally like to have it.

Lion supervise whole animal kingdom alone and that shows the intelligence of this animal and this is one of the important reason that lion is compared with human. Some believe that having a lion tattoo makes your personality as an intelligent person in someone’s eye.

So it depends on you that which quality suits your personality and what message you want to convey by your tattoo.

Types of lion tattoo

There are many designs of lions that come with different color and pattern. Lion tattoo is categorized in various types like the head tattoo, Rasta lion tattoo, lioness tattoo. So here we will discuss these types in detail.

Lion head tattoo

This tattoo covers a large part of your body. As Lion is the king of the jungle. So having a lion head tattoo on your body shows that you have a never give up attitude and also have the potential to face all difficulties that will come in your way.

Rasta lion tattoo

This is the one of famous lion tattoo type. It is believed that this design has some spiritual and religious meaning. This tattoo is associated with Lions crown that shows respect. This tattoo promotes different culture and other people beliefs.

Lioness tattoo

Lioness is the queen of the jungle just like lion she also has the same power and authority. This tattoo symbolizes family and motherhood. Lionesses have all qualities of the mother since she takes cares of her family. Generally, the woman loves to have a lioness tattoo on their body.

Placement of lion tattoo on your body

Placement of tattoo totally depends upon size likewise if you want to make a big tattoo then chest and back must be the idle place. If you want to make small lion tattoo then you can place it below your ears or you can have it on your shoulder. Both are trending nowadays but lion tattoo behind your ears will give you a more attractive look. If you want to make it personal and only want to show the people who are very close to you, then thigh must be a recommendable place.

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