107+ Adorable Semicolon Tattoo Designs 2020

Semicolon Tattoo

Symbol tattoos are gaining their popularity. Semicolon tattoo is one of the famous symbolic tattoos. It is very small and meaning full tattoo. As it is very small in size it can place anywhere on your body.

Although there are many reasons behind having a semicolon tattoo. The foremost reason is to avoid wrong decisions (suicide) that will end your life or it is used to remind you to not harm yourself.

Semicolon was not popular in the ancient time it gets popular after 2013 when project semicolon was started and after this project, it gets popular on social media. In symbolic tattoo “&” is also used with semicolon tattoo that also gives the same meaning.

Project semicolon

This project was started by Amy Bleuel, giving tribute to her father after suicide. Amy uses this punctuation mark to share love and support for all the people who need help. According to Amy Semicolon is used when an author could’ve chosen to end their sentence but chose not to. Here the author is you and sentence is your life.

Meaning of semicolon tattoo

There are many reasons behind having a semicolon tattoo on your body. It may differ from person to person.

For some people, it symbolizes awareness and right decisions regarding your life and some use it to give tribute to project semicolon. Although there are very much uses of semicolon but having it on your body have almost one reason and that is to show membership and community strength.

Some people use it with heart and birds with different colors that mean they relate a message of hope for something personal and that may be anything.

People having semicolon tattoo on their body doesn’t mean that they attempted or think of suicide in past but some people also have it on their body for their friends or loved ones who are experiencing depression or stress.

Preferred place for semicolon tattoo

While selecting a place for this semicolon tattoo you must consider its meaning of spreading awareness and giving hope to make sure that place should be visible for all people that anyone who meets you for just some moments can see your tattoo So preferred places are wrist, neck, fingers, and arms. Most of the people have it on their wrist. As it is very small in size so you can have it on any place of your body.

Types of semicolon tattoo

As this is very small in size so people usually draw it with different style and pattern. So here are some of semicolon tattoo types.

Butterfly semicolon

In this specific design, butterfly wings are added with a semicolon that gives attractive looks. Colour may depend upon personal choice. This is the most preferred pattern by women.

Semicolon heart

When the semicolon is placed with the heart it gives a very great look. In this semicolon is usually placed inside the heart and it indicates that you love your life.

Quote semicolon tattoo

In this, few words or any quotation is placed with this tattoo. It looks impressive as it is generally used between sentences. This style is mostly preferred by men.

Minimalistic semicolon

This pattern is also getting popular. In this style instead of a single semicolon, it is placed with a minimalistic pattern. This is used to make semicolon tattoo attractive and large.

Arrow semicolon

This pattern is used to indicate that you have the courage and willingness to move on. This is mainly placed by women. It is mostly placed on the wrist.

Here are some more semicolon tattoo design that will help you to choose the best design.

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