107 best rose tattoo design for man and woman

Rose Tattoo

Tattooing is incomplete without floral tattoos. The trend of floral tattoo is constant and when it comes to Rose tattoo then no floral tattoo can be compared with this design.

Rose is associated with love and romance and it is famous due to its color, shape, and design but with them, it also has a logical meaning that forces you to have a rose tattoo on your body and that meaning changes with time. If you see the meaning behind the rose tattoo for your grandpa is different than yours.

So here in this, we will discuss the meaning and also provide you 107 rose tattoo design. No matter whether you are a boy or girl but these designs will look awesome on your body.

History of Rose Tattoo

If you see the history of rose tattoo then you will find that in 12th-century people mark a rose tattoo to show love to their loved one. This love can be maternal love or brother and sister love.

Then in the 16th century, it was marked as a symbol of evil and criminals. Criminals draw a rose tattoo on their body to make their identity different from others.

After the 18th-century image of Rose tattoo changed. It shows beauty, Love, affection, Care, Relationship. Rose is the universal flower having same meaning worldwide that means whether you give rose to someone in Africa or France gesture will perceive as an act of love and care.

Meaning of rose tattoo

Rose tattoo can be drawn with different shape and colors that can be simple, Color, Shaded or just outlines each style has a different meaning.
Color: Color of rose is very important if you like to have a rose tattoo you must know the color meaning and decide whether you want to convey this message or not just like blue Rose symbolize mysteriously. It is not the natural color of rose but it looks different and unique.

  • Red symbolizes romance, affection, and love.
  • Yellow symbolizes betrayal and disloyalty
  • Purple symbolizes ethereal and enchanting
  • White symbolizes innocence, purity of love and calmness
  • Black symbolizes death end

These tattoos can become regret if they convey a wrong message to society. So you must keep the meaning of each color in mind while tattooing.

Preferred place for Rose tattoo

It is very important to consider the place where you have a tattoo. Rose tattoo looks quite amazing on every place of your body but it’s your choice to choose at which place It suits most and also consider that it must be visual to all person.

With your personal choice, you also consider some commonplace for the rose tattoo that is on the neck, wrist, stomach and behind your ears. More chubby areas can tolerate more tattoos however the pain by needle is also double the actual pain. It is not preferred to have a tattoo where bones directly beneath the surface of the outer skin. These places need special aftercare because the chances of infection are high.


It is recommended that along with different meaning and placement suggested by us. Final design and place should be decided by you. As the choice of all people is not the same. It will be a part of your personality so your decision and preference matter most. You can also conceder above color guideline to convey a good message.

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