Best Tattoo Cover up Makeup 2021: Concealers & Foundations for Hiding Tattoos

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Best Tattoo Cover up Makeup

Ever wondering how to cover up or hide your tattoos? Probably your wedding day or a job interview is just around the corner. Or you’ve a meet-up with highly regarded people who disapprove tattoos.

If you don’t want to permanently get rid of the ink, then concealing it is the best option. Try out the best cover up makeup to hide your tattoo. It offers the perfect ‘camouflage’ yet leaves your skin as healthy as before.

The hardest part is to find the best tattoo concealer. And that’s what our post aims at – to help you identify the one that will hide your tattoo and bring back your natural skin. A good deal that can even conceal scars and skin blemishes.

Still with your tight budget, you shouldn’t pull away from getting the best solution. Here we suggest the most dependable cover up makeup currently available in the market for tattoo coverage. 

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Image Product Review Price
Mehron Makeup Tattoo Cover
Dermablend Leg and Body Makeup
Dermacol Make-up Cover Full Coverage Foundation
SegMiniSmart Tattoo Concealer
Tatjacket Tattoo Cover Up Concealer
Cherioll Concealer Cream
Buoceans Beauty Tattoo Concealer
Dermablend Cover Full Coverage Cream
Xtreme Lashes Skin Renewing Concealer
Dermablend Color Corrector Powder

How to Use Tattoo Cover up Makeup?

First off, wash your face with normal water. After that you’ve to apply the concealer that is lighter than your actual skin tone.

Going forward, put the makeup on the tattooed skin with a lighter hand or sponge that comes with your concealer. Remember to cover the entire inked part.

If you’ve a coloured tattoo, then a colour correcting concealer will do the necessary on your skin. After applying properly relax and wait for drying and then apply foundation on the third layer that matches your skin tone.

Should your tattoo be still visible even after applying the foundation, apply another layer on it and keep applying until your tattoo is invisible.

Note: If you apply the makeup before the occasion day then it will perform batter.

20 Best Tattoo Cover up Makeups and Concealers (Our Picks)

1. Mehron Makeup Tattoo Cover

Mehron Makeup

Mehron is a popular name in the cosmetic industry. Well- known for the quality of their products, the brand has all it takes to score high and top the list. 

It comes in 5 creamy shades that will not only cover up your tattoo but also help in hiding your birthmark and other visible injuries. It comes with a sponge so you will not face any issue while applying this cream. 

To use this cream, you’ve to choose the shade that is close to your skin tone and apply with the help of a sponge and after the event, you can remove it using makeup remover or normal soap.

The cream comes in a 25-gram packaging that is enough for a month’s use assuming that you’ll use it on a daily basis.

2. Dermablend Leg and Body Makeup


Another famous tattoo cover up brand to check out is Dermablend Leg. There are many viral videos where artists concealed their full body using this cream and that’s the full proof for it’s quality.

If you use this concealer then you’ll get full body scar-free coverage. There are many natural ingredients used including SPF 25 that will provide a full natural skin tone. Leg and body makeup is a non-sticky solution that works effectively on every type of skin.

Better than said, it’s the best option to consider if you want a complete solution to hide your body imperfections like cover up scars, spider veins, varicose veins, stretch marks, bruises or tattoos.

3. Dermacol Make-up Cover Full Coverage Foundation

The vast majority love tattoos, but there are some situations that force us to cover them up. Dermacol will offer a full coverage at a pocket-friendly price. It will hide your permanent tattoo with the original shade of your skin tone. The company claims a 100% refund if you’re not satisfied with it after the application.

Its waterproof solution comes with SPF 30 that will provide a natural effect to your skin. The foundation contains 50% pigments that work as a weapon against your skin imperfection.  It is not only effective for tattoos but you can use it on other unpleasant spots like dark under-eye and skin blemishes.

It is the most effective treatment to hide your unwanted tattoos for some time.

The cream ensures the lightning balance of your skin so you can use it without any issue. It is a professional foundation that is mostly used in film shoots and festival makeup.

4. SegMiniSmart Tattoo Concealer

To get foolproof coverage, you need to lay down a makeup that cancels out any dark ink. SegMiniSmart helps in covering acne, post-surgical bruising, Tattoos and many more.

Significantly, this cover up makeup will make a balance in darkening and lightening your skin tone and properly balance them to perfections. You can use this cream on the entire face or body as it has no serious side effects.

Another thing about this concealer set is that it is made up of 100% natural ingredients that mean no alcohol or poisonous chemical use during the manufacturing process.

Unlike other products, this makeup is very light and waterproof, allowing your skin to breathe easily even during summertime. So if you want a perfect corrector for unwanted scars or tattoos then SegMiniSmart Concealer is the best option to go with.

5. Tatjacket Tattoo Cover Up Concealer

Tatjacket Tattoo Cover Up

Tatjack concealer is a temporary concealment that will hide your tattoo art for a long period of time. Unlike other concealers in the list , it doesn’t work on other scars or injuries. It is only effective on tattoos because the ingredients work only on tattoo ink.

Uniquely, this concealer is that it works on outer skin so that you don’t need to worry about the beauty and shining of your tattoo.

The concealer is made up of natural ingredients so it will not damage your skin. You can only use this as tattoo aftercare and concealment.

According to experts, it is the most effective concealer that works on every part of your body.

So, if you are looking for an affordable option that will hide your tattoo for a special party or any occasion then Tatjacket is the most recommended option for you.

6. Cherioll Concealer Cream

Cherioll Concealer

Cherioll cream provides 100% tattoo coverage without harming your skin. The natural coverage formula is idle for the balanced skin and for the people who are dealing with major skin issues like pigmentation and acne.

This package includes two creams – that is light and dark that helps to adjust your skin tone according to your own choice. To get the best results, you’ve to mix both of them accordingly, in order to get perfect skin colour.

7. Buoceans Beauty Tattoo Concealer

Buoceans Beauty

Buoceans provide total coverage from the issues like tattooing, and pigmentation to acne. Along with this, it can also be used for color correction so that you can get a balanced skin tone.

It is a natural and non-sticky solution for concealing your tattoo. The best thing is that it feels very light to your skin so your skin can breathe easily under the makeup even without clogging your pores.

Even if you have an imperfection on your fingertips, it will show its full effects and help in getting your desired results.

8. Dermablend Cover Full Coverage Cream

Dermablend Cover

We love Dermablend because it does a generous job all over the inked area on your body. It’s a fragrance-free solution that comes with SPF 30 meant for protecting your skin from harmful UV rays.

The full-coverage cream will help provide a natural look of your skin. Even if you have sensitive skin then also you can use this cream without any issue.

Again, the cream provides a long-lasting coverage that will effectively match your skin tone. It is most effective to cover acne, pigmentation, birthmark and tattoos.

So if you want a tattoo coverage solution along with SPF, then this cream is a highly recommended option for you.

9. Xtreme Lashes Skin Renewing Concealer

Xtreme Lashes

A million thanks that we have this concealer in a day like this – when you need to cover up your aggressive tattoos. Xtreme concealer provides natural cover to your skin imperfection along with proper hydration. It also helps to cover the sign of early ageing and many skin-related issues like acne, pigmentation and dark spots.

Another advantage is that it comes in a stick form that is very easy to apply. You just need to apply the solution with your fingertips and then blend it carefully. Alongside that, the price of concealer is very much affordable so it will be a great deal to invest in.

10. Dermablend Quick-Fix Color Corrector Powder

Dermablend Quick-Fix Color Corrector

Another excellent makeup that could be a game change is here. The product from Dermablend has gained traction for its function in the makeup industry. It contains colour correcting powder pigments that help in achieving your desired skin tone.

The concealing powder will fade up the dark ink of your tattoo without any side effect. It comes in 4 shades including red, green, yellow and orange.

In order to get the full effect, you need to brush the powder that will minimize the colours and after that, you have to apply the foundation and concealer like a daily routine.

11. Tarte Smooth Operator Amazonian Clay Concealer

The color correcting clay concealer is effective for covering your tattoos. Upon application,  it feels very light and easy on your skin so that your skin pores can easily breathe.

The concealer is waterproof and shows its full effect within12 hours after applying. The stick foam concealer is very easy to apply and if you’ve a small hand tattoo then it is something you really need.

12. L’Oréal Paris Infallible Total Cover Foundation

If you want the affordable way of concealing tattoos temporarily, this L’Oréal Paris Infallible Total Cover Foundation can be your great choice. It is a heavy-duty full coverage foundation that lasts up to 24 hours.

Also, the foundation gives a natural finish with a lightweight feel that blends so smoothly instantly and covers blemishes, scars, dark spots and hyperpigmentation as well for a flawless complexion.

You get 12 different shades to choose from depending on your skin colour. The full-coverage formula of the foundation hides imperfection and blemishes and gives you the best result.

13. Kat Von D Lock-It Concealer Crème

Kat Von D

Kat Von D Lock-It Concealer Crème is the most effective base layer that provides the heavy-duty cover up. This is a full coverage concealer that locks down your tattoo ink with high pigmentation and its oil-free formula. Along with these, the product is a mix combination of other heavy-duty cover-ups.

It also includes a sponge applicator with it which gives a smooth and perfect blending and makes the application easier.

You will find 21 different shades to choose from and the product is ideal to cover temporarily tiny tattoos. You will definitely feel amazing with this heavy-duty cover up product.

14. TOULLGO Dark n Light Nude Tattoo Concealer


The special feature of the product is that you’ll get both dark and light nude concealers at a time which you can use separately or you can you by mixing the both. This is a lightweight, thin and fine texture concealer that makes your skin breathe freely. Moreover, it is a waterproof concealer that you don’t have to worry about during summer.

It provides amazing coverage with thin layers which is a perfect corrector for tattoo inks, tattoo scars, skin spots and blemishes as well as provide the undetectable finish. You will have an amazingly natural look by using this TOULLGO Dark Nude Tattoo Concealer and Light Nude Tattoo Concealer.

15. Ofanyia Professional Concealer Set Waterproof Cover Up Makeup

Ofanyia Professional Concealer

Ofanyia comes as a full set of total coverage concealer kit which is perfect for hiding tattoos, birthmarks, unpleasant dark spots and scars. It completely covers that spot with highly pigmentations.

Along with this, you can also use it for body color correction like darkening or lightening the skin tone.

The Ofanyia Professional Concealer Set Waterproof Cover up Makeup cream is smooth and very easy to apply.

We’ve got a mix combination of dark and light color that can freely mix this concealer with your skin color in different proportions. It’s a waterproof concealer and will give the perfect blending of thin layers during summer.

16. Tattoo Waterproof Concealer

Tattoo Waterproof Concealer

If you want a beauty brand that has your bucks, then look for this option. This product is an ideal product for balancing the skin tone with hiding the tattoos, acne, scars, loss of pigmentations and more. 

Additionally, you can also use it for body colour correction as well. You will get two different shades in the package which you can use by mixing them according to your skin tone.

The effective natural serum formula is perfect for smooth blending and is not harmful for your skin. Keep in mind that it’s alcohol-free and no toxic chemicals are included. The thin layer of the concealer provides your skin to breathe freely.

Your experience with this product will be awesome as it is irritation-free. Plus, it ensures the ideal balance of skin color.

17. Mehron Makeup Tattoo Cover

Mehron Makeup Tattoo Cover

This foundation is a leading product for professional makeup artists since the 90s. Mehron Makeup Tattoo Cover comes with a creamy formula which is very suitable to cover tattoos, birthmarks and skin discolourations as well.

It goes on very smoothly and evenly and along with these, it is available in various color options and 5 color palettes also.

You can choose the color according to your skin tone so that you can cover the tattoo or other marks so perfectly. Moreover, removing this foundation is not tough at all. You can remove it by any makeup remover or any soap and water.

18. Baby Boo-Boo Cover-Up makeup

Baby Boo-Boo Cover-Up makeup

If you love to use products with all natural ingredients then this is the product you should definitely give a try. The Baby Boo-Boo Cover-Up – Light Shade foundation is a mix combination of vitamin E, tree tea oil, camomile, aloe vera and green tea.

All elements of the product are too good for any skin type. Moreover, the foundation is so much effective to cover tattoos, black spots or any discolorations.

Along with this, the components of it have a natural healing power. The innovative formula gives you a great coverage of skin imperfections.

19. Maybelline New York Facestudio Master Conceal Makeup

Maybelline New York

It is a master concealer with an ultra-resistant full-coverage formula that camouflages flaws, tattoos, and dark spots with no telltale cover. The Maybelline New York master concealer is ultra-thin that gives full coverage with an undetectable finish.

With ultra concentrated formula and no build up, you can camouflage your dark circles as well and help you to combat wherever you want to cover. Also, you just need a small drop of foundation to apply onto your skin.

20. Joan Rivers Beauty-The Right to Bare Legs Corrective Cover Up

Joan Rivers Beauty

This Joan Rivers Beauty cover up provides an undetectable full coverage of your tattoos or any kind of dark spots and skin imperfections. It is waterproof so you don’t need to worry during winter. 

It comes in three skin tones of fair, medium and tan which you can choose according to your skin tone.

Worth the hype, the product is a better choice to buy as it gives coverage instantly and your skin will glow through as well. You can remove this simply by using soap and water only. Moreover, the product is smooth and light that you will enjoy while you blend it.

What is the effectiveness of waterproof cover up makeup?

The working processes of both makeups are the same as they both work in covering the skin impurities.

Waterproof properties are most essential for any makeup as there are certain occasions where the whole ink can get damaged by rainfall.

So, the main difference is that waterproof makeup will not allow any liquid to ruin your makeup and the. Choose the one that contains at least 25 SPF.


Having gone through our illustrative review regarding the best cover up makeups for tattoos, we believe now you can make an informed buying decision on your end. 

Everything will depend on the type of ink you previously applied on your skin. Together with quality and waterproof properties, these should be your divisive factors when shopping for one.

Although all products are super great to any skin, Mehron Makeup Tattoo Cover outperforms others as the best bet. It’s smooth, light, and has no side effects or whatsoever. 

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