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THANKS!!, for visiting about-us page, here in this page below we provide all the information what is besttattooguide blog and what kind of information we provide you here. who we are and what we do. check it out.

General info

https://besttattooguide.com is a special blog that is build around tattoo industry. We regularly post high quality informative guide and post for our tattoo lovers. it is blog that will continuously reviews high quality tattoo product and equipment for its user like best tattoo ink, best tattoo after care and many other tattoo accessories.

we also provide ultimate informative detail guide on various topic like many people are searching tattoo removal guide, we write on this topic a ultimate guide to help them get proper knowledge and other information those tattoo lover and industry specialist search day to day.

Further we talk about Tattoo news and day to day tattoo designs and trends. provide information overall about tattoos.

Who is behind best tattoo guide.

Micah Smith

Micah Smith is a author and regular contributor of besttattooguide.com. He is a tattoo expert and was in the tattoo industry for last 7 year and is a certified professional tattoo artist. One day he thought to just share his knowledge throw online. So he started this blog to share this journey online in 2019. Mr. smith born in a village Fort Myers, Florida, USA. and he is going to swift in new York and going to buy a new tattoo shop.

Throw this blow he shares this tattoo designs, and tattoo work. Also usually reviews many best tattoo product that he personally used and tested.

Author details:

ADDRESS: 4396 Village View Drive,Fort Myers, FL, USA 33901

NAME AND AGE: Micah Smith , 31 year

PROFESSION: TATTOO artist and Tattoo expert and running tattoo shop in Florida,USA.

CONTACT DETAILS: besttattooguide@gmail.com or visit to our contact us page

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Extra bonus:

Besttattooguide.com is soon going to lunch a online video and live tattoo training course. Where, This course is free for our first 100 subscriber to this blog. To subscribe this blog quickly subscribe our newsletter by filling newsletter that is on sidebar. rest of the people is charged 67$ for this course. Here we will let you train how to make processional tattoo, how to use tattoo machine and all type of training and information you need to make a professional tattoo.

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