Will Tattoos Ever Go Out of Fashion?

will tattoos go out of fashion

There is one common question in the mind of people who have the courage to have a tattoo on the body that will tattoo ever go out of trend or does anything new will come that will destroy the trend of tattoos.

Don’t worry, The trend of tattoos will never go out of trend instead it will increase timely. There are several reasons behind this specific statement including long history, cultural relevance and addiction for tattoos among youth.

So in this article, we will provide you with detailed information that will make you clear about the future of tattoos.

History of Tattoo

The most important reason that justifies the statement in the history of the tattoo.

The tattoo was discovered by Otzi the icemen before 5000 years ago. As thousands of year ago, men become addictive of the body art and want to show the personality and inner thoughts among the people so at that time tattoo was the mean of self-expression.

The rich history of tattoo shows that even wars and disaster were not able to change the trend.

Experience of People about Tattoos

Talking about today scenario, there are huge numbers of people who have tattoos and also there are many people who want to have tattoos but can’t fulfil the desire due to many reasons like parental pressure or job recruitments.

There are many things that motivate the young generation to have a tattoo on their body.

  1. They want to express themselves by different design and colours.
  2. People want to indicate a message to society
  3. Tattoo becomes the means of self-expression and shows the struggle and journey of life.
  4. In a relationship, a tattoo is the most common sign to show respect and love for each other.

On the other hand, there are many things that bound people from making tattoos.

  1. Some religious people think that tattoo is the only thing to show the modern culture.
  2. There is some family or friends who don’t permit to make tattoo because of their mental makeup.
  3. In some places, tattoos are against their cultural or family values.
  4. There are some people who have a fear of pain that doesn’t allow them to take initiative.

So there are two sides of having a tattoo as it looks trendy, attractive and eye-catching and on the other hand, few people attach it with their ethics and cultural values.

So it totally varies from person to person and the surrounding.

Future of Tattoos

So it is quite clear that tattoo is a never-ending trend but there is some more sign that shows the uptrend of tattooing.

This point clearly indicates the growing future of tattoos in the modern world.

  • If we talk about a few years back, the tattoo was not that accessible as there were very few tattoo studios available but in these days, tattoo studios are quite common.  Even there are rarely any cities where you will not found tattoo studio and the easy accessibility shows the uplift future of tattoos.
  • On the other hand, there are many tattoo professionals who are creating wonderful designs and charge a high amount of money but still they get more customers that show the interest of people.
  • There are many college and schools that are offering the course in which they study the basic fundamentals of tattooing and help you to become a tattoo artist.
  • You can see a clear change in the technology of equipment like tattoo machine, power supply, thermal machine.

Technology Transformation in Tattooing

The innovation and transformations show the growing trend of tattooing as there is a new technology introduced by Anthony Antonellis made an electronic chip that will transmit one kilobyte of information.

There is one new invention of LED tattoos introduced in which tattoos are made with the help of silicon and silk.

One another research says, that QR code will be made through the tattoo machine that will help in various purpose.

Not only these, but There are also many innovations and experiments that are proceeded in the field of tattooing and make it a huge industry in the future.


We hope that you will get value from the information above and got to know about the trend and future of tattooing.

Although, it depends upon the personal opinion of the people that whether they want to have a tattoo or not but one thing is quite sure that the trend will continuously rise globally.

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