121 Most Amazing Anchor Tattoo Designs

Anchor Tattoo

Many people have a passion for the sea and they want to get ink themselves with something related to that. So, for those people anchor tattoo is best to get.

People have been getting this tattoo from years. It was started from the sailors because first, they started getting inked themselves with an anchor tattoo. Other people like fisherman and drivers or anyone who have a passion for the sea, also use to get an anchor tattoo.

Some people also say that this tattoo shows the strong relationship between Christianity and anchor because at that time sailors used to hide the cross symbol within this tattoo.

There are many stories behind this tattoo, some people say that after crossing the Atlantic Ocean, the US navy’s many officers get the anchor tattoo on their body. Every person has some unique story related to their anchor tattoo and that’s why this tattoo is very popular from last many years.

Those who don’t know why and where the anchor is used in the ship, it is used for stopping the ship from going forward and hold it floating over the sea because it is very heavy and a very important part of the ship.

Don’t think that if you are not a sailor or a person who is not related to ship and sea, then you can’t have an anchor tattoo. Anybody in the world can get an this tattoo if you know the meaning of the anchor and you have some indirect relation with the meaning of the anchor tattoo.

Here are the 121 Most Amazing Anchor Tattoo Design for you. Where you can find the best tattoo design of the old school and modern ideas. So, have a look at these.

Anchor Tattoo Meaning

When we think of getting a tattoo then the Idea of the tattoo arrives from the things, memories, people, your life goal or something which is very close to you. So, if you are planning to get an anchor tattoo on your body then first you must know the meaning of the this tattoo.

Determination – An anchor is known as the symbol of determination because like a person who is very determined to his work no matter how tough the situation is, the anchor also stops the ship from moving forward and hold it over the sea no matter how strong the tide or how bad the weather is.

Dedication – If you are an achiever or you are dedicated to your work. If you are going through the tough phase of your life and still fighting against it then this tattoo is for you. Anchor tattoo shows the dedication of a person towards his goals.

Conviction – Because an anchor is convicted and it can hold any ship, so the anchor tattoo is also a symbol of conviction. If you are also convicted for doing anything then you can have an anchor tattoo on your body.

Christianism – Anchor is considered as the symbol of christianity because in the past many Christians used to have this tattoo on their body. They believe that it is a symbol of the holy cross.

Famous Anchor Tattoo Design

If you have set your mind to get an anchor tattoo on your body then you may be confused that what design you should get. You can discuss with your tattoo artist that what design will suit you more. Your tattoo should have a meaning in your life and should also suit your personality and body type, So be wise while selecting one for you. Here is some most amazing design you can get an idea from.

Anchor Tattoo
Anchor Tattoo
Anchor Tattoo
Anchor Tattoo

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