100 Most Popular Polynesian Tattoo Designs

Polynesian Tattoo

The Polynesian tattoo is a famous art that has historical and cultural relevance. This art was developed in a country like Samoa and Tonga. In these countries, shoulders decorate their body from knees and right up to their waist.

People prefer a different shape, color, and patterns like tribal and geometric pattern and vary in shape like triangular, rectangular. These tattoos are made up of black ink.

These tattoos look unique, different and attractive and perfectly matched with someone having a muscular body. So here we will see the meaning, type and also provide 100 unique Polynesian tattoo designs for your body.

History behind Polynesian Tattoo

These tattoos also have historical relevance. Captain James Cook discovered the Polynesian triangle. He was the only reason behind gaining popularity in Europe. Also, James Cook was the person who discovered tattoo.

Once he went to Polynesia and while returning back to Europe he told the story related with tattoos to his fellow countrymen. He told about shape, design, Color and all aspects related to tattoos and later on it was termed as a Polynesian tattoo.

Meaning of Polynesian Tattoo

Turtle Shell is the most common design of Polynesian tattoos. Polynesian people love the turtle and it gives some hidden meaning of peace, fertility, wellness, longevity. While sea shells symbolize protection and shield.

Shark teeth are also popular that indicates power, shelter, guidance, and courage. Another famous element is spearhead that shows willpower, Courage, and dominance. So these are some of the basic elements that you must keep in mind while having the Polynesian tattoo on your body.

Ideal place for Polynesian tattoo

It is very important to select the place while tattooing. Because it is the place that attached to several other factors like size, shape, color, and design. If a proper place is not selected then all factors are useless.

In Polynesia, it is believed that each place on your symbolizes a particular message. If you are planning to have a tattoo on your wrist then the Polynesian tattoo is not a good choice but if you plan to have the same tattoo on your back then it must be a good choice and you may go for it. A good Polynesian tattoo needs a good space so a person’s back is recommended.

Not only men, but the woman also loves to have Polynesian tattoos on their body. The ancient woman prefers these tattoo on their hands so that they can perform kava rituals on their ceremony.

Types of Polynesian tattoo

Polynesian tattoos can be placed with a different shape, Size, color, and various other factors. So there are many types of Polynesian tattoo that you can choose according to your choice.

Tiki tattoos

It is the most famous type of Polynesian tattoo. People In Polynesia believes that Tiki was the first person who discovered the Polynesian tattoo. So in honor, People build monuments and temples. These are categorized under tribal and geometric tattoos.

Traditional Samoan tattoos

This tattoo belongs to Polynesian culture so a lot of people like it. This tattoo is placed of the midriff, waist down to their knees. Its design contains various lines around a person body.

Hawaiian tattoos

These tattoos are just like notes that carry some special message that is very important to its owner. It is also believed that Hawaiian tattoos help to protect the owner in a dangerous situation. Some draw this tattoo to show their love for someone.

Samoan Turtle and shells tattoo

It is made when tattooist two enatas together. It is also believed that it is the method by which the soul reach their afterlife after death. Turtle symbolize family, good health and unity.

Here are some more Polynesian tattoo designs for man and woman that helps to look more attractive and stylish.

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