Why you should not Drink Alcohol After and Before Having a Tattoo?

Why you should not Drink Alcohol After and Before Having a Tattoo

It is the most important and generally asked question asked from many people that why you should not drink alcohol before and after having a tattoo. There are several reasons behind this that we will discuss in detail. So for that, it is advised to read it completely so that you can go through each and every reason.

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Can you Drink Alcohol after having a tattoo?

Most of the doctors and tattoo care experts advise to not drink alcohol before 24 hours of having a tattoo and there are many reasons behind this statement that we will discuss in detail.

According to a recent survey, The people who are alcohol addicted feels higher pain then other person. The reason behind this is that alcohol consumption directly affects the tolerance power of a person.

Alcohol makes your blood thin

It is scientifically proven that consumption of alcohol make your blood thin and that will cause excess bleeding during tattooing and saturation of ink in the skin become difficult.

The amount of blood saturation depends upon the quantity of alcohol consumption but according to doctors a small amount of alcohol is enough to change the circulation flow of blood.

Visibility of tattoo

The thinner blood will minimize the visibility of your tattoo. Thin blood will easily leak out the blood and it becomes very difficult for the tattoo artist to maintain the accuracy of your tattoo. This problem is observed by many tattoo artist and that’s the reason they don’t prefer to drink alcohol before tattooing.

Ink dilution

As we previously mention the reason in the above point that alcohol will increase the blood flow so the chances of ink dilution are comparatively high that can cause infection sometimes.

Lifelong Decision

It is the lifetime decision in a person life. The tattoo ink is permanent and that will stay until the end of your life. So not having a drink is one of the most responsible decision is anyone’s life. It will also affect the size and shape of a tattoo so if you want to make it beautiful and eye-catching then you should avoid drinking alcohol.

Refusing by tattoo artist

Some tattoo artist will not make a tattoo on your body if they found that you are drunk. They will reject your proposal on the support and even some of the reputed tattoo studio has a pre-written paper includes this information. It will not only affect the person who wants to have a tattoo but also affects the reputation of the studio.

Another reason behind rejecting an intoxicated customer is that he/she will not sit quietly for a long period of time and it will distract the artist while making a tattoo. Even some tattoo artist face major fighting issues at the time of tattooing.

Desirable mood

It is very important that you should be energetic and active at the time of tattooing but at the same time when you are drunk then you will find your self sick or face similar problem like headache, tiredness that will affect the overall body posture.

So always keep in mind that you should be relaxed and having proper sleep of 8 hours before having a tattoo.

Will Drinking Alcohol before having a tattoo will make it less painful?

The experience will vary from person to person. Some people don’t feel the pain of the needle after getting drunk and some people don’t find any difference. Some people face high or unbearable pain after drinking alcohol. So you can’t directly say that it will make it less painful.

There are several numbing creams that will be applied before tattooing. In my point of view applying a numbing cream is a far better option than drinking alcohol. It will minimize the pain of the needle for sometimes.

Can you drink alcohol after getting a tattoo?

It is also very important to take care of your tattoo during the healing process. There are some reasons behind not having alcohol after tattooing.

Increase Healing time

Drinking alcohol within 24 hours of tattooing will increase the healing time taken by a tattoo. After drinking alcohol, the immunity system decreases and it will take longer than usual time in the healing process.

Excess   bleeding

There are chances of bleeding even after 24 hours of tattoo and if you consume alcohol within 24 hours then the chances of bleeding increases because alcohol will increase the blood circulation.


Having a tattoo is one of the most important decisions of your life and it is not intelligence that your single decision will ruin your skin beauty. So it is advised to not having alcohol 24hours after and before tattooing because a single mistake will make your regret until your entire life.

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