How to tip your tattoo artist

how should tip tattoo artist

As there is no exact answer to this question because it all depends upon you and also there are lots of factors you have to consider to decide how much you should tip your tattoo artist.Like how much you are impressed with your artist. How much he is charging already.

As if you are expecting a fast answer then you should give anywhere between 20% to 30%.

Stay with us. We will help you how much you should tip your tattoo artist here below in this article.

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Do people tip tattoo artist?

However, there is no exact data on how much people give a tip to a tattoo artist. But yes it common practice in the united state to give a tip to a tattoo artist.

when someone provides us personalized service, then it makes sense to give a tip to that person as an appreciation to him for his service.

As we buy groceries from the store. We never pay a tip to store because we are paying the total amount of product and taxes and its not personalized service. We pay a tip to a waiter or to the delivery boy if he came hurry at our doorstep for their hospitality and to appreciate them.

As tattooing is not any product. It’s a very personalized service. Tattoo artist directly injecting skin on your skin and this tattoo going to remain with you through life and became the identity of you. So it is sensible to give a tip to the tattoo artist.

Should you tip your tattoo artist?

So here another question many people have in mind that we should tip our tattoo artist and not. Well, it all depends on you. But here below something you should consider before giving a tip to the tattoo artist.

If your tattoo artist makes a tattoo that is exactly you want or make a tattoo is is more than your expectation, then you should give application to your artist for this great work.

If you are tattoo artist charged more than what you are expecting and asking over price or made not good tattoo as you are expecting, then you should not give a tip in this case.

however, if the tattoo artist tries to put extra effort and doing great work with affordable price then, in this case, you should tip him to show your gratitude toward his work.

Before tip, you should consider how well they behave and what kind of special hospitality and privileges they give to provide a more personalized experience to you. What kind of extra facility they provide you than another tattoo artist. So have a glance at these things before giving a tip to the tattoo artist.

How much you should tip tattoo artist ?

As in standard 15% tip is acceptable for appreciation. However, 20%-30% is more appreciative and but if you are spending thousands of dollars on an expensive tattoo, then you should give a 10% tip. However, below 10% tip is not acceptable and feel them insulted.

How a waiter will feel if you give them a 2-3% tip. So that is insulted. If you are getting your tattoo at an affordable price or get it done then more then 20%, you should give because artist already charging under price from you.

However, it all depends upon you how much you are willing to tip. But 50-70% tip is not acceptable. They can not take that much money from you, so you should not give that much. It’s against customary.


Tattooing is personalized service, so it makes sense to tip your tattoo artist, and the tip is acceptable in tattooing. If you get your desired work done or you get grateful hospitality and extra prevailed service, then you should pay tattoo tip for their gratitude and appreciation.

However, generally 15% to 30% tip is acceptable as appreciation and if you are getting things as expensive and spends thousands dollar, then you even can pay 105 tips. However, below 10% tip is insulted. Suppose you get your tattoo inked on 250$. So Tip anywhere between 30$ to 50$ is appreciated.

However, you can set up a baseline that you should give a 15% tip to your tattoo artist. However, you can adjust up-down according to how well you get service.

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