15 Best Tattoo Books Reviews in 2021

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Best Tattoo Books

Book is the primary and most important source of getting deeper knowledge and if you desperately want to know about tattoo then reading books will help you a lot.

Here we have reviewed the best tattoo books that contain amazing designs along with the important information regarding the history of the tattoo. No matter whether you are a tattoo artist or want to have a tattoo on your body these books will help you to increase your interest in the field of tattooing and also enhance your tattooing art.

Let’s start with reviews

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Image Product Rating Price
Tattoo Johnny
Basic Fundamentals of Modern Tattoo
Great Book of Tattoo
Tattoo Coloring Book
Tattoo Prodigies
Vintage Tattoos
Superior Tattoo Bible Three
Tattoo History
The World Atlas of Tattoo
The World Atlas of Tattoo

15 Best Tattoo Books Reviews (Our Top Picks)

1. Tattoo Johnny: 3,000 Tattoo Designs 

tattoo johnny book design

If you are a great tattoo lover then this book is for you.

The book comes with 3000 unique tattoo designs that suit both male and female. It will help to sure your tattoo selection and also helps to refine your interest and get to know the actual fact and reason behind making the tattoo along with historical relevance and on the base of the structure of your tattoo.

The book will also help to find the perfect place of having a particular tattoo.

2. Basic Fundamentals of Modern Tattoo

Basic Fundamentals of Modern Tattoo book

This book helps to clear the basic foundation of your tattoo apprenticeship and doesn’t make any such promise like making you a perfect tattoo artist because no single book can make you a perfect tattoo artist. 

The book deals with basic things like building a tattoo machine and maintaining the other equipment that is being used in the process of tattooing. Other than this, it also includes tattoo tips that will defiantly help you in the journey of making a perfect tattoo artist.

3. Great Book of Tattoo (Schiffer Book)

great book of tattoo

It is defiantly the most amazing book for those who are looking for the perfect tattoo design as the book contains an amazing collection of tattoo imagery that contains thousands of tattoos.

The book will help to identify your interest and have the various option to choose for love images, religious, parlour, tribal and circus performers. It also includes the images of women having a daring tattoo on their bodies.

4. Tattoo Coloring Book

Tattoo Coloring Book

This is the perfect gift for your tattoo lover friend. It contains much beautiful creative art imagination like roses, skull and angels that will help to make a perfect tattoo on your body.

The creative designs will not only help your body piece but also in decorating your walls. Most importantly, the book is one of the best sellers in the category of tattooing.

Try this book for once, Trust me! It will really help to make imaginary images into reality.

5. Tattoo Prodigies

Tattoo Prodigies

Want to inspire yourself with a book then it is a great option to go with.

The book contains many tattoo style images with amazing photos with excellent printing quality that will provide the live effect while reading the book.

If you are new in the field of tattoo or wants to motivate someone then it is worth buying an option with a decent price tag.

If you don’t find this useful then you can refund it back in 10 days of shipment.

6. Vintage Tattoos

Vintage Tattoos

If you are an old school guy or girl then you are defiantly going to love this book. The vintage tattoo designs are being rediscovered by a new generation and mostly liked by the people across the world.

This book also helps to restructure the traditional tattoo and provides you with a modern and cool look. The book is the recommended list of distinctive artist like Don ED hardy and Sailor Jerry Collins.

7. Superior Tattoo Bible Three

Superior Tattoo Bible Three

The way to achieve excellence always goes through the expert’s recommendation and same goes with this book as it contains the artwork of the most recognizable name in the tattoo industry so that you can see the deepness of the art and touch that level.

The book contains 350 images of both new and traditional tattoo work that gives the fair idea of tattooing.

8. Tattoo History

Tattoo History

If you want to know the history of tattooing and its equipment then this what you are looking for.

The book contains the collection of historical records of tattooing with the trend and popularity across the world. The book contains great information regarding the tattooing equipment and the evolution by time.

It also includes the first written record of Tattooing by Greek and has deeply touched Japanese tattooing that is most popular across every people.

9. The World Atlas of Tattoo

The World Atlas of Tattoo

This book contains a brief journey of tattoo and the changes according to time. The book deeply touched the changes that come with growing technology and innovation.

It also includes the growing trend of tattoo in Europe, America, Asia, Australia and Pacific Island. Along with this, 100 artists showcase their tattooing skill and show the journey from handmade tattoo to machine-made tattoo.

10. Forever More: The New Tattoo

Forever More The New Tattoo book

The book deals with the contemporary tattoo underground have brilliantly shown the changes that come with the growing time. It shows the changes in traditional dealing and tattoo session to the modern interaction on social media and their impacts and consequences.

11. The Tattoo History Source Book

The Tattoo History Source Book

If you are a tattoo artist and history lover then you will definitely love this book. The book provides the ancient history of tattoos and illustrated collections of historical records of tattooing. It collects historical texts from criminologists, doctors, anthropologists, and artists.

It will provide you with interesting facts and fascinating stories about ancient tattoo arts and artists. A tattoo fan will definitely love the book. It is going to be an excellent addition to your book collection.

12. New York City Tattoo: The Oral History of an Urban Art

New York City Tattoo

Tattooing is the trend of the new generation style but it wasn’t that easy in ancient times. The book is basically on the interviews of primary tattoo artists in New York City when the city banned tattooing in 1961 and the restriction lasted for about 36 years.

The book is so informative about the history of the tattoo profession and it is going to be so much fun to read. You will find interest in reading the book as there are also attached some photos of that time tattoo artist, their shops, and their works and so on.

13. High Voltage Tattoo

High Voltage Tattoo

This is the modern era and tattoo arts and culture become modern as well. This book will provide a graphic perspective of today’s tattoo culture from all around the world. The author of the book is Kat Von D and she was a famous celebrity from TV series La Ink.

The book is attached with some great photographs of excellent modern tattoo arts and the tools of the trade that will make you more interested to read it. The book is beautifully presented and wonderfully designed that will appeal as a must collection for tattoo fans.

14. Bang Bang: My Life in Ink

Bang Bang

The author of the book in Bang Bang who is a celebrity tattoo artist and has worked on Justin Beibar, ketty Perry, Rihanna and so on. The artist provides the reflection of his tattoo artist life, the story of how he started his journey of being a self taught tattoo artist and his success history combined with 100 color photos of hisc tattoo arts.

You will get to know properly this tattoo artist from the entertainment world that how he started his career from his mom’s kitchen and take inspiration if you want to become a tattoo artist as well.

15. Mitch O’Connell Tattoos Volume Two

Mitch O’Connell Tattoos Volume Two

The book provides the huge collection of tattoo designs with about 251 items. Artist Mitch released multiple books containing a good collection of tattoo designs which is very useful and helpful for a tattoo artist and his client also.

It is the best selling book of the market  with tons of tattoo designs and it will be the best collection for your tattoo art library. If you like Pin-Ups,Devils, Horror, Wolves,Really Sexy Pin-ups, Sexy Pin-Ups, Monsters, Clowns, Tiki, Rock-a-billy, Zombies, Retro, surely you will LOVE this  “Mitch O’Connell Tattoos Volume Two”


We hope you will find the best book that will enhance your tattooing skill and takes you to the very next level. The foremost thing on which you need to believe is that tattooing is the only art that will affect the overall personality of a person.

So take the right actions and refine you are art as much as possible and if you any other suggestion or want to review one of the books then feel free to mention in the comment section of the article.

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