5 Best Fake Tattoo Sleeves in 2020

Best Fake Tattoo Sleeve

Everyone is much sensitive about their arms in order to protect it from sunlight and that’s the reason we need fake tattoo sleeves that will not only protect your arms from the sun but also helps to provide you with a full tattoo arm that will attract the attention of everyone.

There are varieties of sleeves available in the market with different colours and pictures but you need to make sure it must be UV resistant and the size of that sleeve must feet on your arms.

Not only in women, but it is also getting much popularity among men too as they provide ultimate sun protection and catchy look at the same time. So here we will review best fake tattoo sleeves that will suit your personality.

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Best Fake Tattoo Sleeves Reviews in 2020

There are many tattoo sleeves in the market but not everyone fits in the criteria of selection that is based on style, durability and price. So here we will review 5 best fake tattoo sleeves and these reviews will defiantly help you in choosing the best alternative option.

1. 8PCS Tattoo Sleeves Cool Temporary Sunscreen Arm Sleeves

Temporary tattoo sleeve

This fake tattoo sleeve provides ultimate sun protection along with comfortable wearing. The best thing about this sleeve is that it is made up of durable nylon and soft material that will never trouble you even after wearing for a long period of time.

This package includes 8 different cool designed sleeves that will make you look different in a crowd. This ultimate sunscreen tattoo arm is stretchable and can easily fit on the arm of a person having a weight between 50 to 80 kg.

It will absorb the sweat and provides you with an easy and comfortable wearing experience. Apart from that it also protects your skin from other creepy things like mosquito biting and dust.

2. 12 PCS Sports Arm Sleeves

These tattoo sleeves will provide a real inking effect so if you are looking for a sleeve that will suits on various parties, dance performance and Halloween then it is the ultimate choice that you can go with.

It is made up of 92% of nylon and 8% of spandex that provides smooth and soft texture. Along with this, it comes with a super quality elastic that can fit the arm of any shape and size comfortably.

The sleeves can be washed in your washing machine that gives the ease of cleaning on a regular basis. The package includes 12 sleeve set that will provide sun protection along with cool and attractive design.

The company claims a 100% refund if you don’t satisfy from the purchase.

3. HOVEOX Temporary Tattoo Arm Sleeves

This is another great recommendation on our bucket list.

This includes 20 pieces of different tattoo styles including tiger, crown tiger and dragon figure. This sleeve provides a comfortable wearing and stretchable banding that allows you to wear even if you have heavy hand arms. This is unisex sleeves that look equally stylish on men also.

The different style helps you to change the outfit every time when you go out for a function or dance party. The sleeve is made of a high-grade fabric of nylon and spandex that will make you comfortable and allows long time wearing. This 15.4-inch sleeve will protect your arms from the harmful UV rays and absorb your sweat.

4. iToolai Fake Temporary Tattoo Sleeves

This tattoo sleeve is another top-performing listing in our buying list. The best thing about this sleeve is that it is easily breathable that means your skin will not feel uncomfortable while wearing it. The elastic is stretchable so that everyone can wear it easily.

It provides ultimate UV protection with 5 different picture variations that include skull, Buddha, eagle design, Maori and fashion that looks cool and attractive.

You can wear these sleeves while driving, camping or having some function at your place. Other than self wearing, you can also gift it to your near and dear once.

Trust me! You will never regret your decision.

5. Skeleteen Fake Temporary Tattoos Sleeves

These tattoo sleeves provide ultimate wearing experience for both adults and kids. These multipurpose sleeves can be used for party, sports or any casual outing and even if you are a rider than also it will give you an impressive and gentle look.

It is made up with 100% non-toxic elements that can be suitable for both man and women and the 14 inches size can be easily fitted to a normal arm. So if you are looking for a sleeve that gives cool gangster appearance then it is the option that you can choose.


So these are the best fake tattoo sleeves and it’s your turn now to choose any one of them that suits your personality and fits the size of your arm.

Make sure that it indicates your personality so the selection must be based on the print or design that you want to present in the public. We hope our selection list will help to choose the best available option in the market.

If you have any doubt regarding these tattoo sleeves then feel free to ask in the comment section of this article.

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