5 Best Lamp For Tattooing in 2021

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Best Lamp for tattooing

Tattooing is the work of deepness. You have spent your day and night with ink and machine and you can’t take the risk with someone’s skin at any cost.

Proper lighting during the tattoo session is the most essential requirement for a tattoo artist. People spend hundreds of dollar on other equipment but they forget to consider the most important thing that is tattoo lamp.

So in this article, we have reviewed the best lamp for tattooing that will help you to maintain your deep focus on the tattoo even at the time of night.

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Best Lamp for Tattooing

1. Bright LED Floor Lamp for Crafts & Reading

Bright LED Floor Lamp

Bright LED Floor lamp provides high brightness light that will help you to see the mini particle even in the darkroom.      

This lamp will not only helpful for tattooing but also for other essential tasks such as reading a book or playing indoor games.

The best thing about this lamp is that it consumes only 12V electricity so you don’t need to bear a heavy bill even after using for a long period of time.

Another best thing about this lamp is that you will see the colour naturally as some lamp have their own light shades that change the entire colour of the room and in case of tattooing you have to deal with colours so this the best option to go with.

The company claims 3-year manufacturer warranty that will surely initiate your buying decision.

Special feature
3 Year warranty
Natural Daylight
No installation

2. Miroco LED Floor Lamp

Miroco lamp

If you are looking for a lamp that consumes less electricity and provides actual daylight experience then Miroco LED floor light is the best option to recommend.

Other than tattooing you can use this lamp on various other places like the living room, drawing room and kitchen.

The best part is that you will not face any problem in the installation of this lamp. The company claims that these lamps have a life span of 50, 000+ hours and it can save 70% of your electricity bill.

Another best thing about this lamp is that it comes with a 60-minute timer that will automatically turn off the light after setting the alarm. So at the time of night, you will not get up due to lamplight.

The lamp comes with an adjustable colour option so that you can change the colour of lamp i.e. white, natural white and cool white. So you can change according to your mood and preference but it is recommended that you should set on natural white option during the tattoo session.

Special feature
Adjustable colour option
Energy-saving and long-lasting
60-minute timer
Easy mobility

3. Lavish Home Sunlight Lamp

Lavish sunlight lamp

Lavish home sunlight lamp is another best recommendation in our bucket list. The lamp provides superior and natural lighting even in the darkroom.

Most of the people prefer this lamp for doing deep work like reading and tattooing.

The intensity of light is quite high that it can light up the area of 350 sq. that is enough for a normal size room. Although the lamp consumes more electricity as compare to above lamps but the lamp runs on a 27W bulb that is equally effective as 150W.

The lamp comes is made up of plastic that comes in black colour that will look classic in your living room.

Accessibility of this lamp is very easy as compared to other lamps as the lamp have an on and off switch that is just in front of the lamp so even if you are slipping then also you can easily operate.

So if you are a deep artist and need little extra lighting at the time of tattooing then this lamp will be a game-changer option for you.

Special feature
Best Lamp Base
Easily accessible
Superior and natural lighting
Affordable price

4.  LITOM Standing Lamp

LITOM Standing Lamp

This lamp provides eye-friendly light that will surely help you in focusing on your work. You can use this lamp at any place like a living room, drawing room and anywhere else.

It is the most commonly used lamp used in various tattoo studios. The lamp comes in various lighting modes that will help you to create a suitable lighting atmosphere so you can choose any of them as per your need and choice.

The lamp comes in five brightness level that you can change according to your use and the demand for your work that will definitely reduce your electricity expense.

The best thing about this lamp is that you can easily bend and twist this lamp so that if you are doing any deep work craft then you can bend that tattoo lamp and focus on that particular part of the body.

The light of the lamp is eye caring so that you will not face any vision issue after working under this lamp.

The assembling and dissembling of the lamp is very much easy so that you will not face any issue while shifting the lamp from one place to another.

Special feature
Easy assembling
Eye caring light
Lighting and brightness mode option

5. Esthology Facial Magnifying Lamp 

Esthology Facial Magnifying Lamp

Esthology is the most professional lamp in this list so if you are a deep worker and want to invest on the lamp than it is the best option to consider.

This is an all in one lamp that is used for serious professions like surgery and tattooing.

The best thing about this lamp it is flexible and the focus of the light can be adjusted and that’s the reason it is the most common in the various profession.

The 360-degree swivelling head option will allow you to properly adjust your lamp according to your need.

Another best thing is that it comes with Five spoke base that will provide additional stability to this lamp and with the help of these spoke base you can take this lamp to anywhere you want.

The light is very natural so that you will feel the daylight even in the deep dark room and assembling the lamp is very easy you just need 15 minutes in order to properly assemble this lamp.

So if you are a onetime investor and want to focus on the deepness of your work then you must go with this lamp.

Special feature
Proper adjust option
The best option for deep work
360-degree swivelling head option
Five-spoke base maintain the stability


So these are our best recommendation for tattoo lamp. Now it’s your turn you have to choose the best option that best fits you.

Make sure you need to ensure many things while buying a lamp for crafting a tattoo like brightness, Voltage and natural white light. So make your decision on behalf of these factors so that you will get the best option in the market.

Wish You a Happy Shopping.

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