12 Best Tattoo Aftercare Products Reviews of 2021 (Latest updated)

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best tattoo aftercare products

Keeping your tattoos as fresh as you it was when you took the plunge needs total commitment – that’s tattoo aftercare. Color fade and smudged lines may not have the same look as before. Even if your tattoo artist is taking care of it, it’s meaningful to take part in the healing process. That way, your tattoos will be attractive, charming and awe-inspiring

“Generally a tattoo takes four to six week to completely heal“. During this period, you should keep your tattooed skin out of the sun. One instruction for the artists is to keep it moisturized. Nowadays, the collection of soaps, lotions, ink slaves, balms and ointments can help the skin heal quickly.

Everybody’s inspiration is to keep the tattooed skin vibrant and fresh. The adoption of best tattoo aftercare products that are aimed to work in tandem has come with goodies. Your ink will remain in peak condition.

After more than 30+ hours of research, we’ve narrowed down the top seven best tattoo aftercare products that will help in the tattoo healing process. We’ve also included a buyer guide to aid in choosing criteria and FAQ section to boost the knowledge.

Let’s carry on!

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Image Prodcut Rating Prize
XL Tattoo Goo Aftercare Kit
Hustle Butter Deluxe
H2Ocean Blue Green Foam Soap
Ora's Herbal Tattoo Slave
Viking Revolution Tattoo Balm
Redemption Tattoo Lubricant
Saniderm Tattoo Bandage
Barker Goods Organic Tattoo Balm
Tattoo Goo Aftercare Salve
Fisticuffs Tattoo Balm

The 12 Best tattoo aftercare products

Here is the list of the best tattoo aftercare products which are always rated high by customers. The products we have listed below are the all-time favourite products. With their quality, they will speed up the healing process.

1. XL Tattoo Goo Aftercare Kit

Tattoo Go Aftercare kit

Tattoo Goo Aftercare Kit is used to enhance complete aftercare and perpetual care of your tattoos. It includes 4 products, which will help to keep your tattoo polished, preserved and rejuvenated and beyond.

The kit contains 1 pack of Tattoo Goo Salve, 1 pack of Tattoo Goo Lotion, 1 pack of Tattoo Goo Deep Cleansing Soap and 1 pack of Tattoo Goo Renew SPF 30+. The Tattoo Goo Aftercare Kit is for the complete aftercare and perpetual care of your tattoos.

This stuff is amazing. It comes with everything you need. So far I have used the cleansing soap and the salve. The smell is very light but pleasant. The slave is light, not goopy and not greasy. I just rubbed the little bit left on my finger into my hand and it was gone. The kit is small, but it is perfect for single person use.

By far my favourite items in this were the small salve tin and the tattoo wash. It worked for all my basic care and the lotion is good. It also has a distinct but not unpleasant smell that will forever remind me of tattoos. Definitely buying this product will be a good deal for you.

Special feature
It includes 4 Products
Smell is very light but pleasant
Salve is light, not goopy and not greasy
Worth price

2. Hustle Butter Deluxe

Hustle Butter Deluxe

Getting your skin tattooed now becomes a relaxed and pain-free experience with Hustle Butter. This tattoo cream moisturizes and lubricates the skin for faster healing.

Hustle tattoo butter makes the whole tattoo process absolutely comfortable. It helps in moisturizing your skin before; during and after you get your tattoo. Moreover, it also heals all kinds of irritation.

This tattoo butter is a clinically tested certified skin care product. This lovely tattoo cream is made of natural ingredients like Shea, mango, aloe butter, sunflower and rice bran oils along with the traces of papaya and coconut.

This tattoo butter is easy to use and can be applied to any body part without any worries. Leave anxiety behind and get yourself tattooed anywhere you like. This tattoo butter will heal your skin quickly and efficiently.

They have produced the Hustle Butter with love and care under the guidance of skincare experts. It is made with vegan ingredients which are paraben and petroleum-free.

Special feature
Moisturizes and lubricates the skin for faster healing
Made of natural ingredients
Made with vegan ingredients
Clinically tested certified skin care product

3. H2Ocean Blue Green Foam Soap

H2 Ocean Blue Green Foam Soap

This foam soap is specifically created to gently wash and disinfect your new tattoo while keeping your colors safe and vibrant from day one.

This is an easy to use natural water based product. It does not sting, burn and is very gentle to sensitive tissue.

The antibacterial soap cleanse the tattoo very well. This will not let the area dry and keep it moisturizing and will also keep the tattoo clean. This thing can be a lifesaver for you after getting your tattoo. Also, it meets TSA requirements. This is a highly recommended product.

Special feature
Foam soap is specifically created to gently wash
It does not sting, burn and very gentle
Antibacterial Properties
Meets TSA requirements

4. Ora’s Amazing herbal tattoo Slave

Ora tattoo slave

Ora tattoo salves are purely natural and herbal products to care for your tattoo. It does not contain lanolin, mineral oil, and synthetic dyes. It’s purely made from a blend of natural herbs which soothes and heal your skin in a natural way. 

Again, this product is made from coconut oil, rosemary oil, grape seed oil and tea tree oil. It will provide a protective layer that will prevent tattoo ink to fade and keep your skin hydrated and moisturized.

To use it, Just apply a thin layer of Ora salve on your skin and gently massage and remain undisturbed. It will not clog-up the pores of your skin and let your skin breathe properly which help to heal your skin faster. Also make your tattoo long last and maintain brightness of your tattoo.

This herbal slave is designed for the people that have extra sensitive skin. It will not cause any kind of inflammation and any kind of sensation.

Special feature
Purely natural and herbal product
Made from blend of natural herbs
Does not contain lanolin, mineral oil, synthetic dyes
Not cause any kind of inflammation and sensation

5. Viking Revolution Tattoo Care Balm

Viking Revolution tattoo balm

If your skin sore and red after getting a new tattoo then viking tattoo lotion will be a great option for you. It will soothe and heal your skin faster and keep it moisturized. It will not only soothe and heal skin but also make your tattoo more bright and look like new.

However, wherever you have a tattoo on your skin you can just apply this tattoo balm’s thin layer to look after it. You can also use this balm on your old tattoo to keep them brighter and maintain their shine and glow.

It is natural, chemical free and vegan and also gives you good smell when you apply it on your skin. Heal, soothe your skin and make your tattoo brighter and more eye catchy.

Special feature
Soothe and heal your skin faster
It is natural, chemical free
100% Vegan product
Give you good smell

6. Redemption Tattoo Lubricant

Redemption Tattoo Lubricant

It is another best-recommended option in our bucket list.

If you are a nature-friendly person then you will definitely love this product as this product is made up with 100% natural ingredients and never tested on animals.

The natural ingredients include coconut oil, calendula oil, rosemary extract and beeswax that definitely helps to boost up the tattoo healing process.

The company claims that is the best petroleum replacement that is USDA certified. It acts as a guard that will prevent your tattoo space from drying and other bacterial infection.

Special feature
Made up with 100% natural ingredients
Not tested on animals
USDA certified product
Prevent your tattoo from infection

7. Saniderm Tattoo Bandage

Saniderm Tattoo Bandage

It is very necessary to cover your tattoo in the initial days of tattooing. Remember that the chances of bacterial infection are quite high for a brand new tattoo. So in that case, this tattoo bandage will absolutely perform its task.

The bandage will cover up your fresh ink and prevent it from dust particles. The bandage contains antibacterial properties so that it will keep the bacterias away from your tattoo.

It is a waterproof bandage so that you can easily take a shower while having it on the tattoo space.

Special feature
Waterproof bandage
It has anti bacterial properties
Protection from dust particles

8. Barker Goods Organic Tattoo Balm

Barker Tattoo Balm

Do you want something effective? The barker balm is another recommendation for fast tattoo healing. The best thing is that it is made from natural ingredients including coconut oil, jojoba wax, carnauba wax that helps to prevent your skin from harsh and toxic elements.

The balm is effective on all skin types so if you have sensitive skin then also you can use it without any issue.

It will start to function from day one and if you find any issue then the company is providing a 30 days money-back guarantee.

Special feature
Provides instant tattoo healing
Includes natural ingredients
Effective on all skin type
30 Days money back guarantee

9.Tattoo Goo Aftercare Salve

Tattoo Go Salve

Tattoo Goo manufacturing company is mostly known for the quality of their product and that’s the reason it is leading in the tattoo aftercare industry.

It includes the vitamins and ingredients that will effectively work on your tattooed skin. The ingredients include vitamin and herbs having non-sticky properties so that you can work the whole day without any issue.

The product comes with natural and organic ingredients like olive oil, beeswax and sunflower oil so you don’t need to worry about the side effects. Even the best thing is that you can use it without any prescription from a dermatologist.

Special feature
Leading company in tattoo aftercare
Non sticky
Prescribed by dermatologist
Safe for everyone use

10. Fisticuffs Tattoo Balm

Fisticuffs Tattoo Balm

Fisticuffs Balm is the most affordable tattoo aftercare solution. The balm is made with high-quality natural ingredients that are basically formulated for the healing and recovery of your tattoo skin without affecting ink.

Utterly important, this multipurpose balm will help in several issues like a bacterial infection, swelling, cracking and damaged skin. The balm is also for the people who have highly sensitive skin. It extracts the fragrance of peppermint that doesn’t affect your nose.

The balm also acts as a sunscreen protector to save your tattoo from harmful UV rays.

Special feature
Contains Organic ingredients
Helps in fast Recovery of tattoo
Best for daily use
UV protection

11. Billy Jealousy Tattoo Wash

Billy Jealousy Tattoo Wash

It is another great recommendation to invest in. This tattoo wash is made up of 100% organic ingredients like papaya extract and glycolic acid that will help to boost the recovery process of your tattooed skin.

Not only for new tattoos – if you use this tattoo wash on your old tattoo then also it will show its full effect. The antibacterial properties will help to protect your tattooed skin from bacterial infection.

The smell is quite decent in order to make you comfortable throughout the day. So if you are looking for protective care of your tattoo then it is a great recommendation to go with.

Special feature
Include 100% organic ingredients
Include glycolic acid
Best for old and new tattoos
Decent fragrance


Urban ReLeaf

Most tattoo lovers are looking for an effective solution to heal their new tattoo. Believe it or not, this is something you must have. The moisturizer contains natural moisture that makes your old tattoo like a new one.

It contains raw Shea butter and essential oils and in antimicrobial, it includes tea tree oil and rosemary that will definitely protect your tattoo.

The best thing about the skin silk is that it will not clog pores or damage your new tattoo ink. So you can use this without any issue.

Special feature
Moisturize your new tattoo
Refine your old tattoo
Antibacterial properties included
Don’t clog your pores

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Types of Tattoo Aftercare Products


The lotion provides proper miniaturization to the tattooed skin. There are several tattoo lotions available but make sure that you choose the one that doesn’t include artificial fragrance and have healing elements included in it.

According to experts, you should avoid using lotion for five days after getting inked.


The soap contains antibacterial properties that will help keep your new tattoo away from infection. The most essential thing is that you must choose the best antibacterial soap that contains natural and organic ingredients that will keep your new tattoo fresh.


The sunscreen contains SPF (Sun Protection Factor) that will protect your tattoo from the harmful effects of UV rays. The fresh tattoo ink mostly gets affected because of the sun so it will work as a protective guard to your tattoo.


Most tattoo artists recommend using a bandage on your tattoo as it will keep the dust particles away from your tattoo. It therefore plays an important role in keeping your tattoo off from infection and other drawbacks.


Tattoo ointments help to boost the healing process as well as protect your tattoo from infection.

The artist recommends using protective tattoo ointments on your new tattoo for the fast recovery. It includes moisturizing and antibacterial properties that protect your tattoo’s wound.

Method of Using Tattoo Aftercare Products

Applying aftercare product thin layer

Once the cleaning process is done by the tattoo artist. He will apply a layer of petroleum over it and then he will wrap the tattoo and tell you about the time you need to wait before getting it covered. 

Most of them will also give you advice on how to take care of your tattoo. Will also recommend some products to use for aftercare. Since they have first hand information from their customers you should listen to what they have to say before making the final decision.

After removing the cover you will have to wash your tattoo with cleansing soap and then make it dry and keep in mind that never rub it after washing. If you don’t have a cleansing soap then wash it with antibacterial soap. After drying your tattoo you will have to apply a thin layer of the ointment over it, twice or thrice a day.

Some of the other points to remember is that never rub your tattoo and do not go in sunlight without covering it. Don’t wear tight clothes over the tattoo and don’t scratch it. Before proper healing of the tattoo never let it in water for a long time while bathing.

It totally depends on the size of the tattoo and how much time it will take to recover. Be careful about the proper aftercare and if you feel any type of problem then immediately run for a doctor or to a tattoo artist.

If you want to make your tattoo look awesome then you must get the best tattoo aftercare products because it is the most important part of having a great tattoo and you can’t skip it.

Experts Opinion

After having 3 tattoos on my body, I have a lot of knowledge from the experts about the healing and aftercare procedure. I personally met many tattoo artists just to collect a lot of information about the aftercare process. Then I decided to share that knowledge with you guys who have recently gotten a new tattoo on their skin.

First of all kudos for getting a new tattoo. Now you have gone through the hard part but the actual part is still pending which is most necessary for maintaining the quality of your tattoo and your skin. 

Because we all know getting a tattoo on the skin is a medical procedure, the needles will pierce continuously which later feels like an injury on your skin inviting bacteria. These infections can cause disorders and many other skin issues in your body.

So it is must to heal a tattoo properly with the best tattoo aftercare products and prevent yourself from any other complications.

There are lots of tattoo aftercare products available in the market but most of the experts will recommend you to get Aquaphor healing ointment, unscented Lubriderm lotion, and Dial antibacterial liquid soap.

FAQ Session

Q1. What is the best thing to put on a new tattoo?

The new tattoo always needs special care – it’s highly recommended by tattoo artists that you must deploy a bandage and a thin layer of petroleum jelly on your tattooed skin. It will help to initiate the fast recovery of your tattoo.

Alongside that, after 24 hours, apply good quality ointment twice a day and remove the bandage from the tattoo.

Q2. Can I use Vaseline on my tattoo?

No, it is not recommended to put vaseline on your new tattoo as it will trap dust particles and germs, ruining your new tattoo.

Q3. How do I moisturize a new tattoo?

The best way to moisturize your new tattoo is to apply moisturizer or lotion on a new tattoo for 4-5 times in a day for 14 days after having a tattoo.

Make sure that your moisturizer must contain antibacterial properties.

What should you keep in mind while getting a aftercare product.


After having a tattoo done, your skin will need to heal the area. To heal fast, you can use a good ointment. Choosing the right products is not so easy since everyone you ask about the best aftercare products will suggest any other different products. Some of the advice may cause harm instead of faster healing because a good product must contain good ingredients and nutrition in it.

Therefore, getting a product that is specially made for tattoos will give you good results and will help in faster healing. You must check about the ingredients and nutrition which a lotion contains. The lotion must keep the skin hydrated all day. You should also look up for the reviews of the people who have used that product to find out how effective that lotion is.

You should never compromise with money because sometimes you may have to pay some extra bucks for the product but if the product is genuine and branded then you must go for it. A little compromise with the money may result in a faded and dull tattoo which will never look cool.

There are many products in the market which claim that their products result in faster healing and will make your tattoo look awesome. But be careful many of them contain harmful chemicals and ingredients in them which may cause you another problem.

I am sure that nobody wants these types of products which can ruin the beauty of their tattoo so be with me and I am going to show you some of the best tattoo aftercare products which are suggested by expert tattoo artists.


Now that you have a hint about the best tattoo aftercare products, you can’t go wrong. Let your tattooed skin stay fresh and have a good look. It’s obvious that tattoo is an aspiration to many people globally, all what is needed is proper maintenance.

Whether the artist is offering care or not, it’s important to dive in and help in the healing process. Set aside some bucks and invest in reliable aftercare products. No pain, no regrets!

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