Daith Piercing: Everything You Wants to Know

Daith Piercing

Piercing is becoming a worldwide trend. Everyone is adopting this trend no matter whether man or woman. There are many types of piercing that generally people love to have but daith piercing and rook piercing are most trending among all.

Daith piercing is becoming the center of attraction among all people. It looks unique and attractive as well and also treated as the medicine of migraine.

Although it is not proved scientifically that how daith piercing helps in migraine but still some people claims that they see the positive results. So here you will get to know the necessary information regarding daith piercing.

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What is Daith Piercing?

In this piercing, perforation passes through the innermost cartage fold of the ear where outer ridge connects with your inner ear. The location of this piercing is very sensitive and a single mistake will harm you very much so this piercing is usually performed by experts.

The correct method of daith piercing was discovered by Erik Dakota. Earlier, it was not popular because the perfect technique was not there. But today experts have great technique and equipment to perform this piercing.

How does Daith Piercing help in Migraine?

This is the most asked question of the people who are suffering from migraine although it is not scientifically proved according to some experts this spot of the ear is connected with our digestion system and when you pierce that spot it constantly compresses to that particular point. It is also believed that it may vary from person to person. It doesn’t give relief to every person.

Some Other Benefit of Daith Piercing

There are some more benefits of daith piercing other than migraine problem. It is proved that the ear is directly connected to your whole body system so also helps as an acupuncture point to other organs.
People who pierce their ears confirm that they saw the magical effect in problems like headache, stomachache, and other body pain. In this modern world, it is very hard to believe this fact but you can’t underestimate it also.

What are the risks of daith piercing?

There are some risks that associate with daith piercing. It works with the principal of the placebo effect that means it works with psychological belief and relief is temporary.

Sometimes it can show adverse effects as well rather than relief it causes more pain. It is placed on a very sensitive place so it is very painful and sometimes piercing causes infection as well.

The procedure of Daith Piercing

Before piercing you have to know the exact process of daith piercing. So firstly you went to piercing studio, the piercer will put gloves on their hands then he will clean surface area with the antiseptic solution.

Then he will mark the exact area to avoid mistake while piercing. Then piercer allows you to set your head in such a way that piercer can easily see the piercing area. Then he will make hole using needle and with the help of clamp. After piercing he will clean blood with a cotton piece.

Is Daith Piercing Painful?

Daith piercing is one of the most painful piercing because it placed on a very sensitive part and piercer takes more time while piercing. It is considered more painful if you compare this with other piercing style but it is worth the pain as it is eye-catching and unique.

Daith piercing designs

Although it is one of the most painful piercing but still woman pierce their ears with different designs. So here are some designs that you can consider while piercing.

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