How Much Do Tattoo Artist Can Earn?

How Much Do Tattoo Artist Can Earn

The trend of tattoo is growing very rapidly at the same time the requirement for a new tattoo artist also increases. A lot of people are curious to know how much a tattoo artist can make?

This article is enough to answer all your queries although becoming a tattoo artist is not an easy task. It requires an investment and starting fund to start this business.

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Honestly speaking, In the beginning (one or two years) of your career, you will not earn a single dollar because this profession requires skill and experience. Everyone wants to make a tattoo from a professional tattoo artist because it is the matter of skin (most sensitive part of the body) so no one can afford such risk.

Although professionals are making a good amount of money from this business firstly, they also went through the same apprenticeship in which you will not earn a single dollar instead you have to invest on some equipment like tattoo machine and other related equipment.

There are some questions asked from millions of people regarding this profession.

How much an experienced tattoo artist can make?

There are some other relevant factors like designing skill and shop location that affects the earning of a tattoo artist but mostly an experienced tattoo artist can earn somewhere between 30000-40000$ per annum.

How much does a highly experienced tattoo artist can make?

The tattoo artist who makes a tattoo on the body of artists or millionaires charge somewhere between 1000-1200$ per hour. Even professionals having good tattooing skills and prime location of their shop earns 100000$ per annum.

What are the major factors that determine the salary of a tattoo artist?

The tattoo artist can earn a huge amount of money depending on his skill. It is not like traditional jobs in which the promotion or increment in the salary is given on behalf of time. There are many factors that determine the salary of a tattoo artist.

Skill level

Tattooing is termed as the most sensitive business because it is concerned with skin so you need skill and experience before tattooing someone. Skill level is termed as the most important factor because in this business you earn money on behalf of your art skills.

The earning directly depends upon the clarity of the tattoo. More detailed tattoo you make, more amount of money you will get.

There is some artist in the market that charges more than the market price just because of their skill and experience.

Location of studio

Another great factor is the location of your studio. If your studio is in the reach of general people then people can easily approach you. This trend is most common in the urban area with having a modern culture. If your shop is in the location where people don’t like to have a tattoo or having traditional mentality then you cant earn a good amount of money from that particular area.

So you need to open the shop in such an area where the people have higher living standard and modern thinking so that they can understand the value of tattoo or tattoo artist.

Name and fame

This profession got viral through the world of mouth. The more people talk about you, the more popularity you will get and more amount of money you will earn. This thing can be only possible if you satisfy your customer with the best tattooing experience than he will suggest more people.

There are many ways of getting viral such as social media or newspaper advertisement.

Speed and accuracy of work

The speed and accuracy come with time and experience but these two things are very necessary if you want to earn more than your competitor but the matter of concern is that you need to make a proper balance in speed and accuracy. Speed without accuracy will affect your customer base on another hand accuracy without speed will also slow down your work performance.

Ownership vs employ

This is the point where you will find all the difference. If you are the owner of the studio and pay your employees then chances of earning are higher than working as an employee although as an owner you have to deal with certain risks like fluctuation in business or business loss at the same time, you get rewarded by your earning.

As an employee, you have to depend upon the owner and you don’t have to face any risk factor.

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