How To Reduce Tattoo Swelling?

How To Reduce Tattoo Swelling

Have you recently made a new tattoo and it get swollen?

If yes, then you don’t need to worry it is the most common problem occurs after tattooing. Most people have the worst tattoo experience when they got inked for the first time. It is natural depending upon the several factors such as skin type and another skin allergy.

This detailed post is divided into two parts. The first half shows the reasons behind tattoo swelling and another half will provide the information regarding the treatment of swollen tattoo. It is advised to read this guide carefully so that can you can take actional steps to reduce swelling.

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Reasons for swelling

There are many reasons behind tattoo swelling. Some doctors proclaimed that tattoo get swollen due to skin type and some people states that the only reason behind tattoo swelling is the mistake of a tattoo artist. There are some other reasons behind tattoo swelling.

Blood Flow

The chances of swelling are higher where the blood flow is high or close to the skin and that’s the reason that underarm tattoo, the inner area of leg tattoo defiantly gets swollen. If other body parts get swollen after tattooing then it might be an external factor.

Blood Thinners

Blood thinners the most common reason behind tattoo swelling. Blood thinners such as alcohol, coffee, and aspirin make your blood thin and become the prior reason behind tattoo swelling.

Numbing cream

Although numbing cream helps in the healing process or make your tattoo session painless. At the same time if you choose the wrong product then it will defiantly show the adverse effect. So it advised choosing a numbing cream that have reputation or having a good response from the customer.

Long session

Sometimes tattoo session goes more than usual and you have to keep your body in a constant position for a very long time without taking any break. It can be the reason behind tattoo swelling. According to some doctors and tattoo experts if your tattoo session is taking more than 1 hour of time than you need a break after 45 minutes.

Multiple tattoos

It is observed that people having multiple tattoos in one tattoo have the worst tattoo experience and if you are the beginner and wants to draw more than one tattoo on your body than it is advised to avoid such things because the chances of tattoo swelling is higher for the very first time and then our body gets habitual than it will be normal.

Skin allergy

The people who are suffering from skin allergy are recommended to ask from a doctor before tattoo session because skin affected by allergy will not able to tolerate the needle pain and sometimes it gives the worst outcomes such as infection.

Tips to reduce swelling

I think now you know the reason behind your tattoo swelling. Its time for the treatment.

Below are the steps that will defiantly help to minimize the tattoo pain and reduce swelling.

Apply a cold compress on the swollen area

The process of cold compress is very easy. You just need to take a cotton piece and dig it into the cold water then apply it on the swollen area. It will decrease the burning effect caused by a tattoo. Leave the cloth on the swollen area for at least 30 minutes it will decrease the blood flow and provides an instant healing effect.

Avoid blood thinners

As we already discussed, the amount of alcohol or coffee increases the blood flow in your body. So it is recommended to not consume any liquid thinner in the time of 24 hours after tattooing.

Stay away from warm water

It is the most important thing that you need to keep in mind. Make sure that your tattoo should not get in touch with warm water for 48 hours after tattooing.  It will show the adverse effect and increase the flow of blood in veins.

After 48 hours warm water will work positively by increasing the flow of blood. It will help to make your tattoo more eye-catching and clear but make sure to calculate the exact time period after the tattoo session.

Doesn’t pressurize the tattoo area

Make sure the tattoo area must be kept free and should be in the direct touch of air. It should not be pressurized by any external pressure. If possible avoid the cloth on that particular area for at least 24 hours

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