Tattoo ink poisoning: symptoms, causes and prevention

tattoo ink poisoning guide

Tattooing is very trendy and popular art. People express them through tattoo and express their true identity with the help of tattoo. But do you know tattooing also have some health hazards like tattoo infection? Do you know that the ink injected under your skin by tattoo artist may be poisonous and harm you?

By the way, there is always heated debate among health specialist that does tattoo ink is safe. So We will talk about what is tattoo ink poisoning, is it truth or myth and will discuss on every aspect of tattoo ink position. Stay with us for the next few minutes. We will make you clear everything.

A recent study in Europe urges to Review the safety concern of tattoo ink. They raise a question about the toxicity of tattoo ink. Consumer FDA Report of 2017 also raised the issue on safety of tattoo ink and put research on the ingredient used in tattoo ink and try to know about their toxicity effects.

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So let understand what tattoo ink poisoning is?

Some people think that tattoo poisoning is a tattoo infection or allergy, but it different from tattoo infection. A tattoo infection will occur due to unsterilized use of needles and tattoo equipment. But tattoo positioning its happen due to some poisoning substance in the tattoo ink.

Some people not agree that tattoo ink substance is harmful because they claim that these substances never reach into your bloodstream. But according to the research of European Synchrotron Radiation Facility that toxic element in tattoo ink can leech, permanently, into your lymph nodes and will cause health side effects to your body. Research also shows that nanoparticles of ink will transfer in your body and cause damage inside the body.

There are various ink which contains the toxic metals like nickel, chromium, manganese, cobalt or lead. These toxins can cause inflammation, body infection and even cancer.

Symptoms of tattoo ink poisoning

Tattoo ink poisoning symptoms are similar to tattoo ink poisoning as there many people misunderstood tattoo ink allergy to tattoo ink poisoning. A tattoo artist can check the allergic reaction with swap test. It first tests little ink on your ink and with a few minutes, it shows its reaction if it’s not suitable to your skin. That means your skin reaction positive to it.

Symptoms of ink poisoning depend upon the type of ink. Like the printer or ball pen ink lead to vomiting and nausea. As it is more toxic and you can have headache or stomach pain.

But in case of tattoo ink, poisoning symptoms are hard to identify because it is often mistaken as an infection like swelling and rashes and red spot.

An ingredient like lead and titanium oxide used in many inks to lighten up them. Especially white ink itself contains titanium oxide, which can cause inflammation, itchiness and slow town healing process. You may feel skin flaking and dryness. These may be symptoms of tattoo ink poisoning. May suffer from skin hardening and blister.

What to do when you have tattoo poisoning or tattoo infection ?

If you think tattoo ink poisoning your body and you may match above given symptoms, then you should immediately consult to your doctor and try to identify your problems. However, you should also call your tattoo artist. So he will also help you to identify the problem as he has years of experience identifying tattoo infection and allergic problem.

Take a note on ink brand, color and code of particular bottle so it will help you to identify the root cause of the problem and if it happens due to ink, then tattoo artist must be informed about it so it will not use it in future.

Some time ink poisoning so minor and can be solved by taking rest and applying ice to the inflammatory area. You can also use anti-inflammatory to reduce the inflammation of your new tattoo. If you have an allergic reaction or redspot and tattoo rashes, it also helps to overcome them.

Generally suspected Tattooing ink poisoning is actually found tattoo ink allergy or tattoo infection instead of tattoo poisoning. But in case if you suffer by ink positioning then consult to your doctor and generally, it is cured by antibiotics so no need to worry.

Precaution and how to avoid tattoo poisoning

Don’t get it cheap, yes never go to a road site tattoo artist or nor do it with cheap. Always go to the professional tattoo artist. You care about your health safety, and properly sterilized their tattoo equipment and use high quality, natural, safe ink.

Another thing to avoid all the poisoning ingredient that tattoo ink may have. But for this, you need to do a little bit of homework. Some artist makes there on pigments so they can tell you what exactly the ingredients and metals they have. So avoid pigment or ink that have toxic element.

Also, lay more stress to identification whether you have ink poisoning or common tattoo infection. Because generally, people misunderstood tattoo infection and tattoo ink poisoning.

By the way, tattoo poisoning is rare due to better safety control and new invention in the tattoo industry. Many companies make 100% safe ink that are supernatural and test many times before packaging and appropriately sterilized.

However don,t stop yourself getting a tattoo for fear of ink poisoning. By the way, it rears nowadays because of better safety control by company and tattoo artist. If you may get tattoo ink poisoning, you may cure it by normal antibiotics.

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