100 Best Aztec Tattoo Designs That Suits Your Personality

Aztec Tattoo

The Aztec tattoo is most common in the tattoo world. People usually like to have it on their body. It gives an attractive look and also has historical relevance with the tribe’s ritual, Tradition, and god. Some people believe that the Aztec tattoo gives positive energy and also protect us.

Some people also think that if a person has an Aztec tattoo on his body that means he has a great experience of life and also great personality as well. Although there is always a hidden meaning behind this tattoo as Aztec was used as a means of communication.

While having an Aztec tattoo on your body make sure about hidden meaning that you want to convey by this tattoo. So here you will get to know about history, meaning, types and also 100 most popular designs of Aztec tattoo.

Aztec Tattoo History

The Aztec tattoo has relevance with the 12th century where the capital city of Aztec was rising upon a small island in Texcoco Lake. In this culture, people place a tattoo on their body before religious ceremony and war. Aztec people generally place a tattoo on the chest and stomach. They believe that by tattooing we can show our respect for god and Aztec warriors.

Aztec tattoo meaning

There are many different hidden meanings behind Aztec tattoo depending upon the pattern and style of your tattoo. Mostly these tattoos reflect culture and tradition. These tattoos come with different designs that symbolizes energy and great power.

It is also believed that having an Aztec tattoo on your body helps to win favors from God. Some people show their love and tribute to god by placing the Aztec tattoo.

Although these are some common meaning behind this tattoo the meaning can be different for you depending upon your experience and personality.

Placement of Aztec Tattoo on your body

This tattoo can be placed on any place of your body depending upon size and your choice. If you like to have a large tattoo then chest or back must be the preferred place. Here you can make a detailed and elaborated tattoo that will help you to highlight feature and symbol that you want to use.

On the other hand, if you want to have a small one then there are many places like hands, nape, feet, leg and your arm. If you want to hide this tattoo and want to show only to your closed ones then chest is the most preferred place.

Types of Aztec Tattoo

These tattoos give a unique and attractive look but when it comes to design and style it comes with a variety of choices that make it more unique. So here you will get to know about types of Aztec tattoo.

Aztec Eagle Tattoo

This is the most preferred design for men because this tattoo symbolizes responsibility, courage, and strength. People, who are responsible or have courage in their life generally like to have this tattoo.

Aztec Sun Tattoo

This tattoo design is preferred for those who want to have a large tattoo. The Aztec calendar is the most common design of Aztec sun tattoo that represent each month and sun god of Aztec.

Aztec crocodile Tattoo

This tattoo is preferred for those who are curious and want to create something new. Aztec people believe that this monster like structure is responsible for creating earth and god.

Aztec tattoo designs for man and woman in 2019

Here are some more designs of Aztec tattoo that will suit both man and woman. So it is suggested to consider these designs before tattoing.

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