Best Tattoo Practice Skin in 2021 [UPDATED]

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best tattoo practice skin

Tattoo artist always need a lot of practice to perfect their craft specially beginner to polish their skill ever before.

To make a tattoo on human skin one need to have a certain level of expertise to reach their you need to practice a lot. We all know human skin are not made to practice or to perfect their art.

So what we need to practice tattoo design and learn to craft amazing god like tattoo. We need artificial tattoo practice skin to refine our art before to work.

So before to refine craft make sure the tattoo practice skin you use must be high quality and have give you the realist view that you are working on real human skin.

Today we will review some of the best tattoo practice skin for you to refine your work.

Before to review we also help you to understand types of tattoo practice skin and which are best for you. What make a tattoo skin best.

Stay with us, we will answer all your questions.

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Best Tattoo Practice Skins (Our Top Picks)

(Here are both recommendations including practice blank pieces and body parts so make your selection accordingly.)

1. Practice Tattoo Silicone Fake Torso

This fake silicone torso is 9.5 inches tall and 3 inches deep that will gives you realistic touch of chest so that you will not hesitate while working on the main body part.

This fake torso is especially made for the tattoo artist. It has great ink holding capacity so you can practice on it and refine your tattooing art.

  • Provide realistic touch of human body
  • High ink holding capacity
  • Highly recommended by tattoo artists
  • Little hard upper surface

2. Practice Tattoo Skin Fake Skin Skull

The skull skin is made up with silicone and rubber so you will get the real feel while inking. 

The skull skin contains bone structure that will defiantly help while tattooing on the facial portion of a person. It is 18 inch long that is somehow exact measurement of human face.

  • Made from silicone and rubber
  • Include bone structure
  • Perfect height
  • Harder skin

3. Mehron Professional Makeup Practice Head

The best thing about the Mehron profession practice head is that it exactly look like real human head. Along with this, you can also wash it after practice session.

The practice head is 18 inches tall that is standard size of a human face. The face is made up with vinyl that contains smooth texture and also it is very easy to ink.

  • Exact human head shape
  • Washable
  • Smooth texture
  • Less absorption capacity

4. Practice Tattoo Hand by Nikko Hurtado

The practice structure is made by famous artist Nikko Hurtado. The practice hand is made up with silicone and rubber that exactly look like real hand.

If you are a passionate tattoo artist then you are going to love this artificial hand. The lines and veins give a realistic touch while pursuing practice session.

  • Real hand texture
  • Veins provide real touch
  • Made by famous tattoo artist
  • While covering one side it become hard to hold color of second side

5. ITATOO Silicone Tattoo Practice Left Hand with arm

If you are looking for a comparatively less price product then this can be a great option to go with.

This silicon hand comes with forearm of adult size that is quite easy and interesting to ink. Even if you are the one who loves deep work then you should try this one.

  • Affordable price
  • Easy to insert ink
  • Can perform deep and refine your art
  • Ink doesn’t wash completely

6. Yuelong Blank Tattoo Skin Practice

This premium quality blank tattoo practice skin is made by yuelong. It made from synthetic and look very similar to real human skin.

Tattoo practice skin come with 10 sheets of size 8×6 inches which is good for tattooing medium and small size tattoo.

It is thick enough to use double site for tattooing and perfect for both outlining and shading.

No impurity, Quality material used and look like real human skin

Yuelong is a professional tattoo equipment making company and make all kind of tattoo supplies and a trusted brand

You can wrap around your body parts like legs and hands to get the idea of your design. I think which is great to have a feel of realistic tattoo design. Will look like realistic human skin.

  • Protected from dust and dirt
  • Standard size
  • Flexible skin
  • Hard to practice on both sides

7. PFT 20 X Sheets

The best part about ppt blank tattoo practice skin ability to use the different size. You will get 10 large size 8×12 inches tattoo practice skin and 10 standard size 6×8 inches tattoo practice skin which is sufficient to make any type of tattoo design from large to medium. All sheet is 2mm thick and can be used from double side.

These practice tattoo skin is made from traditional conventional synthetic silicone, Which is good to absorb ink and hold ink deeply.

We will recommended this brand for newbies for developing hand with it and its is prize friendly.

  • Comes in different sizes
  • Can easily practice on both sides
  • Made from traditional synthetic silicone
  • Best for new tattoo artist
  • Easily to adjust skin accordingly

8. Blank Tattoo Skin Practice – Yuelong 10pcs Double Sides

Here another premium quality best tattoo practice skin for both beginners and experienced artist by world class tattoo equipment company.

You will get 10 practice sheet of 8×6 inches size for medium size tattoo design.

Tattoo practice skins are plain and freestyle sheets can be used for both shading and lining and practice different types of tattoo making techniques.

Made from pure synthetic that look like real human skin and gives you realistic view.

Best for tattoo practice session and to develop artist hand in tattooing.

  • Recommended for both beginner and expert
  • 10 piece sheet
  • Nominal price range
  • Realistic touch of human skin
  • Thick skin as compare to other

9. 1TattooWorld 8 x SHEETS

You will get 10 tattoo world quality best tattoo practice skin sheet with both large and medium size with perfect thickness of 2mm to sustainably draw tattoo both side.

You will get half sheet of 8×12 inches and other half sheet with 6×8 inches. all sheet with 2mm thickness.

Can be used for all types of tattooing techniques like shading and lining.

Made from very good type of material and very flexible to wrap around your body parts to get idea how it looking. Good color and look like real skin.

  • Easy to make tattoo on both sides
  • Thickness is same as human skin
  • Made from high quality material
  • High percentage of rubber is used

what is tattoo practice skin?

Fake tattoo practice skin is a piece of silicone or synthetic leather that is used by artist to practice their tattooing skill.

Some people also use pig skin to improve their skill but know a day every one cannot use pig skin and it look unethical and disgusting to use pig skin.

Tattoo practice skin is generally made to practice tattooing before before to tattoo in human skin or to show there tattooing craft in showcases.

Types of tattoo practice skin

Before to choose a best tattoo practice skin first consider and now types of tattoo practice skin and which is best for you. Here we briefly describe all types of tattoo skin.

Practice blank pieces

These are the pieces of synthetic material either made form silicon or latex. There are best for beginner to practice their art and also less expensive.

They come in many size and shape. You can decide y according to your requirements or the size of tattoo you are going to make.

One benefit of these tattoo practice skin is that they do not smell or stink like pig skin.

They are very inexpensive and will buy less than 10$ and silicons are little cheaper than latex.

Human body part

These types of fake tattoo skin are specially design for professional. A body parts of human are made from silicon like hand, face, legs to practice tattooing and they give more realistic experience.

There are huge variety of body parts are available you can choose according to that. It will give you accurate ideas how the tattoo bend and curved over human skin.

These fake tattoo practice skin very expensive. If you beginner than it is advisable first practice on fake tattoo skin sheets and have a certain level of tattooing experience before try fake body tattoo skin

Benefits of using tattoo practice skin

If we count the benefits of using tattoo practice skin then there are hell lots of benefit of using it. Here are some of major benefits of using fake tattoo skin.

The reason of having fake tattoo skin so popular is that it give unlimited benefits to artist.

Benefit of using a tattoo practice skin that it let any beginner practice a lots to improve his tattooing skill before to tattoo on human skin.

Artist can show clients tattoo on tattoo practice skin before to make tattoo on client skin and it give a realistic view to client before having tattoo in his own skin.

Artist can test his new ink, tattoo machine, or needle and confirm that every thing is working fine before to use these equipment into client skin.

With his fake tattoo practice skin the artist can make his portfolio of his past tattoo work and showcase them to get more clients.

He can test his new ideas and new tattoo design invention on fake tattoo skin to get an idea how it look like.

Things to consider before buying best tattoo practice skin

Choose the material

Before to buy any tattoo practice skin first considered the type of material used in tattoo skin. Generally there are two types of material latex and synthetic. both are generally similar to use.

However latex is more softer and give more realistic look. Where as synthetic is harder and thicker. The skin is more softer and thinner than synthetic. In this case you can choose latex to practice

Where as latex is more expensive then synthetic and if you are beginner then you can choose synthetic which is cheaper and perfect for you to develop tattooing skill.

Size of sheet

However this depends upon you you can choose any size which ever you want. Always choose size which is little bit bigger than your tattoo design. Fortunately there all kind of size are available in the market that you can try according to your need and tattoo design.

Body parts or blank

Here the decision of selection of type of tattoo skin is difficult. The major block is the prize of the body part tattoos is much expensive then blank tattoo practice skin. So according to your budget and level of expertise you can have choice between them.

Realistic Skin

While choosing practice skin, you must make sure that your skin must be realistic and give exact feel of human body so that you will get idea of deepness of human skin and stability of machine on the body.

The more it gives realistic touch, the more you will achieve excellence.

FAQ Session

Can I reuse tattoo practice skin?

Yes, you can reuse your tattoo practice skin as it doesn’t make any difference to use it again. The only thing you need to do is to wash your practice skin with alcohol as it will wash the ink from the skin.

What’s the best thing to practice tattooing on?

There are many things in market that will helps to attempt good practice but human skin dummy and pig skin are highly recommended option to practice upon. The reason is that it will provide the exact human body feel and also provide the exact idea of control and depth of the skin.

How deep does tattoo needle goes?

The tattoo needle hit the dermis layer of the skin i.e. 1mm to 2mm. So make sure that you should adjust the machine so that it will hit that point.

How to Use Tattoo Practice Skin

Now that you know which tattoo practice skin to buy, the ultimate inquiry is learning how to use it. However, using practice skin isn’t any difficulty. Here are a few steps to follow:

1. Prep the skin like you would human skin.

Practice, they say, makes a habit. This is why it is important to clean the practice skin like you would clean real skin before inking. A medicated, oil-based vegetable soap is a perfect option for this. Also, make sure it is environmentally friendly.

2. Start with a thermal copier.

The only reason you are using a practice skin is that you are a beginner, and as a beginner, the thermal copier makes the process more accurate. Cut the image and press the stencil down on the skin for a few minutes before you start outlining.

3. Don’t go too deep

Remember, you are simulating working with real skin, even though fake skin won’t give you the right moisturized surface and easy penetration that real skin would. Regardless, 2 mm of depth into the dermis layer is the appropriate depth a needle should go when working ink on the skin.

Remember to clean off excess ink when shading the images fully and keep the surface clean.

Can we use pig skin to practice tattooing?

The nearest possible thing to human skin is the pig’s skin. So yes, the pigskin can be used in practicing how to draw tattoos. The pig’s skin is structured similarly with the epidermis, dermis, and inner layers. It also shares 98% DNA similarities to the human skin. 

Therefore, it provides the ideal consistency and feel of the human skin and helps beginners appreciate the extent of their practices better, as transitioning to a human skin afterward wouldn’t be difficult.

Pig skins are often readily available and very affordable. You can get them at your local butchery without waiting for any particular importation or delivery. However, pigskin is of two types. The natural pigskin is cut directly from a pig, and there is the fatback. The natural pig skin remains the best option as it is fairly thin and less fatty. 

This gives a correct imitation of human skin. Make sure to pat the skin down with lots of paper towels to absorb excess moisture, and rub the skin down with some alcohol before you start tattooing. If you are using a stencil, you may find that it takes longer for it to dry, unlike with fake skin. It should take between fifteen and thirty minutes on average to get dry.


Body parts will let you practice more realistic and you can learn how tattoo is made on human body without even making tattoo on real human.

As in our recommendation first learn and develop skill on blank tattoos practice skin. After acquiring all kind of tattooing skill then for further training you can use body tattoo skin.


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