101+ Skull Tattoo Designs and meaning

Skull Tattoo

What do you think when you saw a skull tattoo on someone’s body? Do you also think same just like most of the person in this world that skull tattoo is associated with fear, horror, and death but what if I say that your perceptions are wrong?

In ancient time some conservative people believe that the skull is the symbol of death but today’s scenario is totally changed. Skull is symbolized to show morality and temporary existence in this world.

It shows that no one in this world can avoid the truth of death. In Mexico, sugar skull statues stapled during the day of death and people remember all loved ones who passed away.

So selecting a design that suits your personality is always a difficult task so here we will provide you more than 111 best skull tattoos for men and women.

Meaning of skull tattoo

Skull tattoo has a deep meaning as it is exactly the opposite of the traditional one. It denotes the dead end of a person. Some people have it with a rose that shows the combination of good and evil.
Some believe that it conveys a message and shows internal devil of a person that means no matter if a person behaves well from outside but there must be a devil inside him.

Skull tattoo also shows the reality of this world that no matter what you are now but one day you get turned into a skull.

The ideal placement for a skull tattoo on your body

When selecting a place for a tattoo we should consider what kind of tattoo we are placing on our body and where it suits most. Although skull tattoo can be placed on part of your body. There are some places where it suits most that are your sleeves, thigh, neck, chest, and back. Most people prefer to have a skull tattoo on their shoulder.

Type of skull tattoo

People prefer different pattern and design when tattooing to look cool and impressive. So here we will see that what various types of tattoo are.

Sugar skull tattoo

Mexican people celebrate the day of death. On that day skull are the center of attraction. Skulls are made of sugar and distributed in children. Women also have a skull tattoo on their hand and remember their loved ones.

Skull tattoo for men and women

Skull tattoo is designed for a purpose to show that we have to go one day. Some believe that if a person has a skull tattoo on his body it means he has no fear of his death. Not only men but women also love to have a skull tattoo and they modify it with girlish color.

Skull sleeve tattoo

Skull tattoo is the most preferred choice for your sleeves. It looks very unique and cool on the sleeve. You can either have it on your arms or your side chest in both conditions it looks quite genuine and impressive. When it comes to the color of tattoo it totally depends upon you that what color you choose and what exactly match with your personality so it should be your personal choice.

Cross bone skull tattoo

Cross bone tattoo gives a pirate look to a person. It may look odd at the first time but it depends upon your creativity and imagination makes it best. Although it is not very common to have a cross bone tattoo at the same time it looks unique and attractive if properly designed.

Best skull tattoo designs for man and woman

So now its time to decide which tattoo you have to place on your body. So here are some more skull tattoo design so that you can choose as per your choice and appearance.

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