Tattoo Removal At Home( Best Home Tattoo Removal Guide )

Last updated on April 7th, 2020

Home tattoo removal guide

Best guide to tattoo removal at home (with natural home remedy

Do you want to learn how to remove a tattoo at home?

If you are seeking some effective home tattoo removal methods that work wonderful in fading and removing your tattoo then you came at right place. Stay with us for few minutes to answer the query appropriately.

Removing your tattoo at home is not that easy. So you need some detailed information that includes the research and experience. So here we are providing detailed tattoo removal guide that will helps in removing your tattoo without pain.

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As you know there are many different types of home tattoo removal methods, Some are effective and while some are just useless and time wastage.

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To be totally honest with you.

Before to discuss these home tattoo removal method. First understand that the effectiveness of tattoo removal also depend on the types of tattoo, color of tattoo, the place where tattoo is made and size of tattoo.

Smaller size tattoo is easy to removal in comparison of larger size tattoo. Like this there are various other factor of tattoo is considered to find out the effectiveness of tattoo removal at home.

You’ve tried everything to remove the tattoo at home but nothings works. Is that sound familiar to you.

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To remove tattoo at home effectively. You first need to understand what works and what doesn’t works. So that’s why we first discuss the tattoo removing methods that does not work.

Later we discuss the home remedy that works and what best for you and some alternative.

Let’s get started.

Some home tattoo removal methods that does not work(backed by science)

To be 100% true with you,

Why the most of home remedy or tattoo removal method doesn’t work because what ever you will apply on your top layer of skin(epidermis) will not remove your tattoo because the tattoo ink is sets in the second layer of your skin (dermis). Tattoo machine injects ink with the help of tattoo needle under second layer of the skin.

Here below you can understand it with the help of these skin layer diagram and see where actually the ink resides.

skin layer graph and tattoo ink

That’s why what ever you apply on epidermis, will not reach to the dermis where tattoo is located, that why they don,t work

Aloevera (Not a tattoo removing method )

This is totally a myth that aloe-Vera helps you to remove your tattoo . Due to its anti-fungal, anti-septic and natural healing properties aloevera  is effective in skin healing, cutting wound  and soothing skin. It would be a great home remedy to use after tattooing not for tattoo removal. There is no fact that aloe Vera will remove your tattoo.

What ever you apply on your top layer of skin(epidermis) it will not work because the tattoo ink is injected under the second layer of your skin.


Vaseline is not a tattoo removal  home remedy. Some people say that it will draw out your tattoo ink but that’s not true. The reason people suggest not to apply petroleum product after tattooing is that it blocks your skin breathing and that cause a serious infection.

Glycolic acid

Glycolic acid, people use it as a natural scrub or exflolitor but it will only exfoliate your above dead skin not your tattoo because tattoo is beneath your top layer of skin.

Some people after applying thing that it faded their tattoo but what happen actually is that due to its acidic and exfoliating properties they damages and faded the top layer of the skin(epidermis) but not actually the tattoo.

Home Tattoo removal methods that works in lightening your tattoo.


Salabrasion is the most common method to removing tattoo at home. This the simplest and oldest method to remove the tattoo effectively. Here you all need is little grainy tiny salt.

In this method you start exfoliating  your skin with tiny grainy salt and the main goal is to reach at the second layer of the skin, where the tattoo is located and rubbing it will completely remove it.

Process of this home tattoo removal method

  • Just take tiny grainy white salt and rub on your tattoo for few minutes.
  • You can add few drops of some essential oil or water drops to little bit wet it.
  • Further before to apply this method you need to consult a dermatologist. Just repeat this method several times a week to get the amazing results. It is better to give several day pause between them to let skin regenerate.

On the other side, This causes pain and, you need a painkiller before going to apply this method. Remind this method is painful and can causes a serious infection and raises in your skin because when you run the salt on your second layer of the skin which is soft and sensitive it will burn your skin and scarring and skin pigmentation occurs.

Hydrogen Peroxide and Exfoliator

Natural exfoliator and hydrogen peroxide work best as a home tattoo remover remedy. Any natural exfoliator will scrub your dead and excess skin. Where as naturally hydrogen peroxide will lighten and fade away your tattoo.

First use any natural exfoliator and scrub your skin with 5-10 minute, but don’t over scrub your skin it may start bleeding. So only scrub your skin till get pink. Your only motive to remove dead skin. Then with a cotton ball apply hydrogen peroxide on your affected area and remain it undisturbed for 10-15 minutes.

This remedy will take time to get desired resulted. You have to follow it for several weeks to fade away and lighten your tattoo.

Lemon, honey and salt

This is the most safe and painless home remedy for tattoo removal. This method  will  lighten and fade your tattoo but this will not remove your tattoo completely. You should have a try to it.

Lemon and salt are well known bleaching agent. They will lighten your tattoo and honey will sooth your skin.

To apply this home remedy, first you should take lemon in two halves and know put some salt  and few drops of honey on the one lemon half and start rubbing  the lemon 5-10 minutes on your skin. Know take another half lemon and just repeat the same process again 5-10 minutes. After that wash your skin with warm water. Do it several times a week to get the for 2-3 months.

Another safe, cheap alternative to get rid of your tattoo.

If you did not get the satisfactory result after applying the home removal tattoo methods then you can follow the below things to get rid of your tattoo.

Cover up your tattoo. This is also good alternative to get rid of your bad looking tattoo with cover up tattoo. Talk to a creative tattoo artist. He may have some creative ideas to conceal your embarrassing tattoo with new tattoo. However this depends on the kind of previous tattoo your have.

Makeup may be proved be another good idea to hide your tattoo. But it depends on the size of the tattoo and where tattoo is made. If you have smaller tattoo you may hide it with daily inexpensive make up.

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