Day of the Dead Tattoo: 151 Amazing Designs

day of the dead tattoo

Day of the Dead is a 3 day Mexican celebration which is celebrated from October 31 – November 2 every year. In this celebration, many people gathered from different parts of the world where they remember their friends or family members who are died. This day is also considered as Halloween.

Like all, another art form of the tattoos day of the dead tattoo is also self-expression which shows the faith and tradition. These tattoos are also something which binds the wearer to be attached with is roots.

Never get a tattoo just to mimic someone else. Many people just get a tattoo because they think that it is a fashion symbol when they see it on someone else body. But don’t get a tattoo until you don’t know it’s meaning. Once you decided to get a tattoo then must do a research about it and find a deep meaning of the tattoo with your life.

So, here we have the 151 Amazing Day of the Dead Tattoo Designs for you to have a look before getting your body inked-

Meaning of Day of the Dead Tattoo

Halloween and Day of the dead were celebrated on different days but due to the same meaning of both the celebration these are now celebrated on October 31 every year. This day is a very intensive and ritual day for the Mexican people.

This day is celebrated to remember the loved ones who are not more in this world. There are dance, food, and songs on this day to show the importance of the dead.

The first day is the Halloween eve so it is called the “All Hallows Eve” and the second day is “All Saints Day” which is for the saints who are passed away. The last day is “All Souls Day” which is celebrated for the adults who are died and left the communities.

Types of Day of the Dead Tattoo


You may hear of the Babushka dolls? These dolls are stacked in each other and made of neat and wood. These colorful and beautiful dolls are loved by the woman from all over the world. These dolls also have a significant meaning. Meaning of Babushka is grandmother. Day of the dead tattoo also has a sugar skull and which is devoted to the grandmother of the wearer.

This is an awesome idea for Day of the Dead tattoo. You can have a great design of these dolls from your imagination which may be for your family members. But keep in mind that if you want an amazing tattoo than you avoid using more than three or four colors.


Mostly the Mexicans decorate their loved ones skull with candles and fruits. They think that in this way they can lure their loved ones back to earth. Many times they write the name of the dead person on the skull. Every design contains a different meaning of the tattoo. For example, having flowers with a skull indicates life. The sugar skulls with lit candles is a reminder of the person who is dead.


These type of tattoos are mostly done when you want to get a tattoo for two dead people and if you fall in love with these tattoos then you will get a matching sugar skull tattoo.


The basic meaning of these tattoos is celebrating life. But the tattoo you want to get should contain a message with it and if you want to show the mysterious side of you to the people than you must get a tattoo with a mysterious lady and the purple color.

Below are the most popular and selected 151 Day of the Dead Tattoo Designs for you

day of the dead tattoo

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