Tattoo Removal: The Ultimate Guide You Ever Need in 2020

ultimate tattoo removal guide

Having a tattoo on your body is very good idea to express your identity. But sometime due to various reason you want to remove your tattoo like may it keep stopping to be hired in job. It will be lacking your emotional feeling. Its child period mistake. What ever may the reason to remove your tattoo. If its embarrassing for then its good to get it removed.

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Here we will today discuss the all tattoo method in this ultimate tattoo removal guide and with their effectiveness and pros and cons using those tattoo removal methods. We also fully discuss about their prize and how they works including there side effects.

But before to discuss methods of tattoo removal, first below we will understand what things we have to consider before tattoo removal. Here we go.

Factor you should consider before selecting a tattoo removal method.

The effectiveness of any tattoo removal methods also depend on many other factors not all tattoo treatments equally effective to everyone. There are many factors that will decide the effectiveness of tattoo removal method. Like the color of skin, color and size of the tattoo, the ink used in the tattooing, place where it made, tattoo made on sensitive places like on the eye is difficult to remove and it may harm to your eyes also.

Types of method for tattoo removal.

Laser tattoo removal (most popular and best tattoo removal method)

leaser tattoo removal method

Whether you believe or not. Only laser tattoo removal is the best and most effective tattoo removal method in the market today. In a laser treatment highly concentrated light passed through your skin and focused on tattoo particles and that break tattoo ink into small particles and later they are removed by your immune system.

The leaser treatment is expensive tattoo removal method and it also painful process to remove the tattoo. If your skin is white then its will be a effective tattoo removal method for you. The people with black skin have to find alternative tattoo removal method because laser will not for effectively on black skin.

How laser removal treatment works?

The highly concentrated light passed through the skin. This light breaks ink into small particles. Later white blood cell transport the metallic and other braked particles to the liver. Where liver will digest all the particles. Why we need to brake the ink particles is that when they are connected white blood cell is not able to fight with them and ink’s connected particles are larger than white blood cell that’s why over time tattoo fade but not removed.

Laser tattoo removal cost and tattoo removal pain during leaser treatment.

The only cons about laser tattoo removal treatment is that it is the most expensive tattoo removal method. You will be cost 200$ to 800$ per session of laser treatment. It will be not removed in one or two treatment you will need anywhere between 6-10 session to completely remove your tattoo. The no. of session is decided by age, size, color and place of the tattoo located. So discuss the no. of session required to Dr. before to start treatment.

The laser tattoo removal is very painful method. Most people will during treatment pain like rubber band snapping. It also feel like some one dropping hot water drops on your skin. The hot laser light cause itching, blistering and swelling on your skin and make red marks above the skin so before to next session you need rest 6-8 weeks so your skin fully repaired for next tattoo session. However if you are skin is too sensitive and you cannot bear the pain. then you can ask your doctor for some pain killing drugs or Lidocaine/numbing cream.


Salabrasion for tattoo removing

This is the oldest and most traditional method of the tattoo removal. In this method we will take little bit grainy salt. with the help of salt we have to scrub the second layer of skin () where the tattoo ink is placed. we have to scrub of the tattoo ink. but before to reach there we have to scrub top layer of skin. this all painful process and can cause injuries to your skin cell.

It is highly recommended not to use this method because scrubbing the skin tissue with salt can lead to bleeding and have to damage to your skin and which further lead to skin infection. However, It is better to use antibacterial soap before applying this method.

Skin Excision.

Except laser treatment this another medical tattoo removal method. In this method the second layer of skin is removed by surgery where tattoo is made and this method is effective for small tattoo. So they can easy removed by surgery. For big tattoo is not recommended method to remove the tattoo. This may some time leave a scar where the doctor stitch your skin

Intense Pulsed Light Therapy

high intensity light therapy treatment to remove tattoo

In this method of tattoo removal the tattoo is removed by broad spectrum light. With light the upper layer of skin is removed and the tattoo ink is break down into smaller ink particles and later they where dissolved in main blood stream and the tattoo is removed. However this tattoo method is can lead your skin scars and change the color of your skin (hyper-pigmentation) forever. Basically this method is used for large tattoo removal as it emit large pluses. This method is less expensive then laser removal.


Cryosurgery treatment

This is method basically made to remove cancer cell. However it also used to tattoo removal. Your tattoo skin is exposed to extremely cold freezing agent such as liquid nitrogen. The freezed area is then dermabrasion or exfoliated with any kind of scrub till the tattoo is not removed. In this method anesthesia used as it is painful process. In this process it may leave a permanent scar to your body. It is not recommended for those people who have sensitive and soft skin. After all this method is cheaper than other treatment but it also not much effective.

Home remedies for tattoo removal.

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Further you can use or try some home remedies to remove or treat your tattoo. There are various home remedies that can remove if not then fade your tattoo further for laser treatment. People uses generally lemon and honey as a home remedy to remove or fade tattoos.

Lemon is bleaching agent and honey itself contain skin lightening properties. Some people user hydro-proxicide and natural exfoliator to remove tattoo.

Alternative to tattoo removal method.

However if you don’t want to bear the tattoo removal pain or not willingly to pay thousands of dollar to remove your tattoo then you try some of these best alternatives.

Tattoo Removal Creams

Tattoo removal cream is one of the best way to remove a tattoo. Although many person believe that it is not possible to remove a tattoo from a tattoo removal cream but according to a survey it is proved that success ratio of removing a tattoo with a tattoo removal cream is more then 50% and it is enough if we compare with expensive laser removal treatment but make sure you need to purchase best tattoo removal cream in the market.

Tattoo cover up

tattoo cover up after and before

If you are fed-up with your old tattoo then you can coverup your old tattoo with new tattoo. But this method would not work every time because tattoo cover alps depend on your size and color of your previous tattoo. It is advisable for tattoo cover always go to professional tattoo maker and consult whether a tattoo cover can take place or not.

Hide your tattoo with make up.

However this not a permanent solution but you can get a quick relief with this method. With makeup and cosmetic you can hide your tattoo under your makeup everyday. Buy some affordable tattoo makeup to hide your tattoo under it.

Wear full cloth.

If your cloth is on your arm or over your legs or chest you can hide them wearing full cloths. However it also not any permanent solution but your will get rid of your public embarrassment by hiding your tattoo under cloths.


There are several tattoo removal methods, some are effective and some are ineffective with there on pros and cons. But before to try any tattoo removal method let first check all its pros and cons and have a discussion or advise from professional dermatologist. Simply we can not decide which method is best for you it will be decided by many factors like the kind of tattoo you have, size, color, age and the place of the tattoo and last not the least the money you willing to spend on your tattoo removal.

As by our recommendation if you willing to spend thousands of dollar then it is said that laser tattoo removal is considered the best tattoo removal method and the most effective method. So you have a try to laser treatment and it is also the safe method for tattoo removal treatment.

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    It’s good to know that laser tattoo removal is the most effective way to remove your tattoos that is currently on the market. My sister got some permanent makeup tattoos a few years ago, and she wants to go for a different look now. I’ll pass this information along to her so that she can look into her options for getting them removed through laser tattoo removal.

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  3. Ah, it’s good to know that laser tattoo removal is the most effective way to remove a tattoo. My friend made the mistake of getting his (now ex) girlfriend’s name tattooed on his arm. He’s hoping to get it removed sooner than later.

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