Best Tattoo Foot Pedals & Switches in 2021

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best tattoo foot pedal

Tattoo foot pedal is the necessary part of tattooing and it is counting on consideration during tattooing. The tool is best known for its professional qualities when it used to do some creativity.

It controls the vertical development of the needle and such important work needs the best tattoo Footswitches or foot pedals.

So in this article, we will provide you with the checklist of top tattoo foot pedal or foot-switches with their necessary details summed up in the following reviews.

Image Product Rating Price
Monster Point 360 Gem Pro
Tattoo Supplies Foot Pedal
Red Skull Tattoo Foot Switch Pedal
Getbetterlife Pro Iron Tattoo Foot Pedal
Tattoo Power Supply Foot Pedal
Dragon-hawk F1
DGT Pro Heavy Duty

Best Tattoo Foot Pedals Reviews (Our Pick)

1. Monster Point 360 Gem Pro Tattoo Foot Pedal or Footswitches

Monster Point 360

The Monster point 360 gem tattoo foot pedal is a round-shaped tool that stands out by its unique design and it would add a compliment to the table as it swings around it with 360 degrees access of this footswitch.

Although it is not that much lightweight, you will probably find it heavy and its chrome finish is the finest thing you should consider. It is a bit different from other customary foot pedals.

It needs more time to get perfect on this due to its non-ordinary shape and with a stainless steel work of it, you find it much durable while using. The foot pedal is easy to operate and it is solid too.

2. Tattoo Supplies Foot Pedal

Tattoo Supplies foot-switch is a very common tool that you may find at many places around the world. This square-shaped foot pedal has no frills and doesn’t confuse with its basic design, it works perfectly and what else you want from a foot pedal.

This foot pedal is worked by the ankle and it is one of the cheapest tools you find in the market. It is more worth than its price and you can also use it as a spare if your regular equipment is not working and moreover we like to recommend you use a portable chair to use this equipment it will make it easier to work with this foot-switch.

3. Red Skull Tattoo Foot Switch Pedal

Red Skull

The Red Skull Tattoo Foot Switches is one of the attractive and finest tattoo foot pedals. The unique skull design makes it stand out and its red colour adds more into it. It is used easy on the ankle and comes up with excellent control on to the system.

It has a non-skid and anti-marring base and these features of this footswitch is a deal-breaker. It is one of the best tattoo foot pedals that come with 5.5-ft lengths and a 1/4” stainless steel phono plug.

4. Getbetterlife Pro Iron Tattoo Foot Pedal


The Getbetterlife Pro Iron Tattoo Foot Pedal is one of the most expensive foot pedals you may consider and it is the only footswitches that come up with a lifetime warranty that we have reviewed. This tattoo foot pedal is manufactured with the best material that is well-grounded for good conductivity.

Besides these features, you may find the design and shape of this footswitch are good as well as its copper color that helps to look the foot pedal best.

Such professionals tools are most durable and a perfect choice to buy this tattoo foot pedal.

5. Tattoo Power Supply Foot Pedal

Tattoo Power Supply Foot Pedal is the same as the red skull tattoo foot switch because of its skull design and the only difference is its colour. The color of this tattoo foot pedal is of silver shade.

It also has a non skid and anti-marring base and along with the 5.5-ft cord it shows the balance and strike between too long and too short.

After using it, the chrome finish of this tattoo foot pedal gets scratched. It is worth its value and you should consider it.

6. Dragon-hawk F1 Tattoo Foot Pedal Switch

The Dragon Hawk F1 tattoo foot pedal is a professional tattoo switch that is used for tattoo power supply, tattoo kits, tattoo machine guns, and tattoo supplies.

This tattoo pedal switch is compatible with all kind of tattoo art and permanent makeup. Along with it is suitable for all high-quality tattoo power supply. It is lightweight and in this review, we again like to recommend a portable chair for using it.

It is easy to carry this tattoo foot pedal and this foot pedal has a nonskid and anti-marring base. You should consider this one for purchasing the best tattoo foot pedal switch.

7. DGT Pro Heavy Duty Tattoo Foot Pedal

DGT Pro Tattoo Foot Pedal

This DGT Tattoo foot pedal is a heavy footswitch with a long 6 ft. Cord. It is greatly suitable for all kinds of permanent makeup including tattoo and too much compatible with standard power supply. The ankle is used to operate this tattoo foot pedal switch.

In this tattoo foot pedal, chrome finish gets scratched after operating it and worth of its price. It is also used for professional work. With a non-skid base pad, it is easy to use this tattoo foot pedal.  

Final Words

A tattoo foot pedal is one of the important considerations while tattooing as it helps to generate the exact control you need for using the tattoo making machine including power supplies and tattoo machine guns.

In this article, we have reviewed the 7 best tattoo foot pedal/switches with all the required information you need to know.

We have recommended the best tattoo foot pedal by analyzing with a lot of research and hopefully it meets all your requirements.

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