How to heal your tattoo fast?


Getting excellent care of your new tattoo will let your tattoo heal faster and make it more vibrant. However, you don’t need to worry about taking care of your tattoo is not rocket science. Only you have to take care a few things and your tattoo will heal sooner.

Here below we have mentioned a few points which will let your new tattoo heal faster and prevent it from infection and scarring.

But before to heal your tattoo. First, we have to learn how much an average tattoo takes time to heal. So you will get to know that your tattoo is healing normal.

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How much a tattoo takes time to heal.

However, on average, a tattoo will take 3-4 weeks to heal , and you can have swimming and pour into hot bathtubs. The healing time also depends upon how well your care your tattoo and the surrounding skin near the tattoo.

For a larger tattoo, it will take more time, like back-tattoo, where people make a bigger tattoo that covers the whole back. So it will take upto two months to completely heal.

However, the inner skin healing takes more time like 2-3 months as internal tissues are more sensitive and take more time to heal. That’s why it will be more painful and take more time if you are getting the second tattoo on same skin without getting sufficient time between first tattoo and second tattoo.

Tips and precaution to heal your tattoo faster

Now you will be aware of how usually a tattoo takes times to heal. So if you follow below tips and precaution, you will able to recover your tattoo faster and beautifully and it also prevents any kind of tattoo infection.

Follow tattoo artist advice

After tattooing, ask your tattoo artist advice and precaution that heel it faster, you can also ask for aftercare product recommendation from your artist to use. However, most of the tattoo shop has an aftercare product that they sell to their customer.

Most of the tattoo artist also give you printed instruction that told you how to take care of your tattoo. You can seek that printed advice with home and follow it.

Don’t Re-bandage It

After removing the initial bandage from your tattoo. Don’t rebandage or cover your tattoo as your tattoo skin have to breath to heal. Rebandage will create too much moisture and that will slow down the healing process and even create an infection

Keep it dry and clean and moisturize

So wash your tattoo with regular warm water or use antibacterial soap to protect any kind of infection and keep it dry with a clean cotton towel and you can apply light moisturizer cream or any other recommended aftercare product.

However, only clean your tattoo once or some time twice a day don’t over care it. It will not be beneficial.

‘Always keep your tattoo dry and clean for 2-3 weeks, don’t go to swimming or pour in bathtubs. As it can create an infection.

Use tattoo aftercare

As to heal faster use of aftercare product is necessary. So always buy aftercare product from the market or you can take the suggestion to buy the best aftercare product from your tattoo artist. They will heal and soothes your skin faster.

Do not overdo it; only apply 1-2 times a day when you wash your tattoo as it will moisturize and nourish your skin. Some people apply a thick layer of aftercare lotion as it will not let your skin breathe, and it even slows down the healing process. Only apply very very little so it will keep skin moisturized and also keep it breath.

Don,t expose your tattoo to the sun or extreme heat

As last light and heat can cause damage to your tattoo skin. Expose direct to sun’s uv rays will be harmful for your tattoo and it can burn and cause irritation to your tattoo. So it is advisable not to expose into direct sunlight in the day time. Or always wear full sleeve cloth if you get outside from your home during the afternoon. Or at-least apply sun screen on the tattoo so it will protect your skin from being damaged by uv rays.

Don’t scratches and itchy tattoo

We, know it is hard to control to scratch your skin as itching is so much irritating. However, the itching is a good sign of healing your tattoo. You are on the way of healing. As scab is coming and your top layer of skin is healing. So don,t scratch it, if you stretched it then the newly formed layer will be damaged and know it takes more to time to heel.


However, there is not much to care; there are few things which you care about that are keep it clean, dry and moisturize. Don’t not directly expose your tattoo in direct skin and follow just above tips. Soon your tattoo will be heeled.

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