Best Tattoo Numbing Cream & Sprays: Detailed guide and review


Best numbing cream to use before tattooing to reduce pain.

If you have clicked on this article then obviously you are planning to have a tattoo on your body. The pain of tattoo hurts no matter whether you are thin or fatty, boy or girl it will always remain same for all. The Pain is just unbearable when needle drilled into your body and even some time it make you cry. Seems funny to cry at the age of 25 or 35 but yeah it is true so for this you need best tattoo numbing cream.

Tattoo numbing cream helps to reduce pain when making a tattoo. So it is very important to choose the best numbing creams as many wrong products are there in market which can cause a great damage to your skin

It may be beneficial for some of other pain just like pain of burning, pain of piercing etc.

So here we will discuss all things regarding tattoo numbing cream like what is tattoo numbing, how to choose best numbing cream and who it is used and also review some of best tattoo numbing creams in market.

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Lidocaine Blue Tattoo Numbing Gel
HUSH Anesthetic Numbing Gel
Numb 520
Hustle Butter Deluxe
Topicaine Numbing Cream

5 best Tattoo numbing creams and (Our recommendation)

Here we have reviewed some of the best numbing creams, gel and sprays that are highly recommended by the tattoo expert to use them before tattooing.They will extremely reduce your pain during tattooing. Here you can check them all.

1. Lidocaine Blue Tattoo Numbing Gel:

This numbing cream is most effective tattoo numbing gel and will reduce your pain while tattooing at large extend. It contains 4% lidocine which is a very good amount. In 2 to 5 minutes it starts working.It can last minimum 3 hours if you apply it properly.

This product doesn’t need any prescription from a doctor. It can be used In daily routine for normal scratches and rashes.

It is very cost effective cream. It shows very immediate results.

To apply firstly wash skin properly then dry it and then put gel. Make sure to cover whole surface. Make sure to cover skin with plastic paper so that effect of cream can last longer. As skin get dry when get in touch with air.

There are many positive reviews of this product on amazon. These all features are enough to make you selective while buying. If looking for numbing cream then it can be a good option.

2. HUSH anesthetic – Best Tattoo Numbing Gel Review

 This is a great FDA product. The number of people satisfied by this product are huge. It is a non removing gel works very effectively on all parts of our skin and gives pain relief painful needles of tattoo machine while tattooing.

It is tested that if you use this gel before 1 hour of your tattoo session then it will last longer up-to 4 hours.

It not only reduce the pain but also have several other benefits. Gel also help in whole tattoo process like designing tattoo and helps ink to glow tattoo on your skin.

Hush gel is safe for all parts of your body (including private parts) . Company claims that it is the only product which can be applied before and during your tattoo session. It includes aloevira (Remove redness), green tea and chamomile helps to cool your skin. As it is little costly but it is worth if we see user satisfaction alongside.

3.Numb 520

Numb 520 is another FDA approved product. Special thing of this product is that its agent works on broken skin it means you have to apply it when you get started your tattoo process.

It has 5% lidocine. which very good for numbing your skin to reduce pain during tattooing.

This product is invented and tested  by ebonal laboratories having more then 12 years of experience in this field. It is the most safest and extremely powerful painkilling numbing cream you ever seen.

You can also check users satisfactions as it tells all because this product has almost positive review from all across customers.

4. Hustle Butter Deluxe

This product is very effective when pain removal is concerned. It helps and make your skin in favorable before making tattoo. The product is made up with 100%  natural ingredient includes

 Shea butter,vitamin E, aloevira and green tea which make it best. This product is recommended by tattoo artist also.So this product is recommended.

this will help you to numbing your skin and gives you instant relief and give it try.

5. Topicaine Numbing Cream

This numbing has 5% active ingredient of lideocine which claims to minimize the pain in area where tattoo is applied. It takes almost 30 minutes to show its result up to 2 hours.

It is non oily cream so artist will not find any difficulty while making tattoo.There are many ingredient added in this cream which make tattoo experience more comfortable as possible.

So this product is recommended .

What is tattoo numbing cream all you need to know:

Here you will get to know brief about tattoo numbing cream. It is is a type of gel, spray or ointment that is applied before getting a tattoo. So it will reduce the pain caused by needle.

Many person who afraid of making tattoo because of the reason that it hurts then he/she can ask for tattoo numbing cream from artist.

Even some artist prefer this cream as complimentary treatment to avoid pain. Even as per my opinion it very necessary to apply cream and specially applied to bone areas(Where there are bones near skin).

Benefits of numbing cream:

Numbing cream helps in many ways and here are all benifits of using numbing cream.

  • It avoid pain while making tattoo.
  • It helps in other use just like piercing and sunburn and other type of injuries held in day to day life.
  • It is very beneficial to apply this cream on your private parts as it work very effectively on soft skin.

It make you comfortable and sit while artist makes tattoo.

We can also use this cream to remove our general injuries like injury while playing or accident It immediately gives you relief.

How tattoo numbing cream works?

It is depend upon number of active ingredient mixed in cream. There are different kinds of numbing creams that made from different kinds of ingredients and each on have their on way of working to reduce the pain.

These creams are grouped under three sub Categories

Nerve blocker:

It include tetra cene and benzo cene. It means Only nerves register or feels pain. They never send signals of pain to brain.

It means only nerves register pain not brain. So pain of tattoo doesn’t feel.

Nerve deadners:

It consist of lidocene. It makes nerves temporary dead so that nerves will not feel pain.However it is not much effective but with nerve blocker it work much effectively.


It is not only pain that matters much but also swelling and bleeding while making a tattoo. So it is very popular among all

As it reduce flow of blood to infected areas and also prevent from swelling and bleeding.

However it is little must costly to purchase best tattoo numbing cream but when it is matter of skin it is worthy to spend money.

How to apply tattoo numbing cream.

Some people are confused regarding procedure to apply this cream. They have several questions in mind regarding it.

When to apply this cream? Before or after tattooing?

What are precautions that I follow while using this cream ?

Isn’t it?

So these are the must follow guidelines while using tattoo numbing cream.

  • Selection of product: It is very important that you decide a very suitable and best product. You may check review of that product or you can google it.
  • Wash before applying: It is necessary to wash that area before applying so that dirt and dust can easily removed .
  • Put waterproof gloves:You must use waterproof gloves while tattooing so that it prevent from outside water and moisturizer
  • Apply cream softly:After these instruction its time to apply cream on that particular areas and if you are not aware about quantity then you must read guidelines of that particular products .All creams prefer quantity as per there ingredient so make sure while applying.
  • Cover area in plastic wrap/paper:You now can cover plastic paper with medical tape it will to increase the process of reaction.
  • Remove paper:Apply it for 45 minutes (not mandatory some time it varies)until you fell that numbing cream start its work.
  • Get tattoo on your skin:  Now its time to make an attractive tattoo on your skin.

Things to consider before buying Numbing cream:

Its good ,You make a choice to buy cream but few things which will help to make your decision more selective.

  • Lidocine is very helpful in skin protection .So make sure that your cream must contains lidocine
  • Always Read reviews on trusted medical website or popular e commerce website like amazon.
  • Make a product selection which guarantee that it will last long.
  • Buy a product having non-oily gel

Is it beneficial for everybody to apply cream:

It is most common question dwelling in everyone’s mind as all people have different skin. So It quite confusing that it works on all skin or there are some exceptions so we will look these things before purchasing cream.

Every person expect that this cream has some magical effects that if I apply this cream on my skin then there will be no effect of tattoo needle.

Seems funny

If you also expect this same then a big “SORRY” from my side because currently there is not any cream in market which will reduce all your tattoo pain

So think practically,It can only reduce the amount of pain.

And yes,It depends upon persons skin as there sensitivity,posture ,skin thickness all are different

So before buying you must check guidelines  or precautions .As we suggest some of best tattoo numbing cream that are tasted by thousands of tattoo artist after a great testing.

Top FAQS about numbing cream and tattooing pain.

Q.Can I Use numbing cream after getting tattoo?

No,It is not recommended to use any type of cream expect some aftercare creams .It will disturb recovery system of tattoo and sometime you can also see some adverse effects like itching ,Swelling etc so it is recommended to use cream at least 30 minutes before tattoo session.

Q.Why wearing gloves is recommended for an artist when using cream?

It is recommended because when artist apply that cream then numbing effect starts on finger as well and it wont feel very nice

Q.What if I take overdose of numbing cream?Does it work faster?

It is not Recommended at all you must use cream according to guidelines prescribed on cream.

Q. what are most sensitive palace to get tattoo?

Most sensitive place to get tattoo is Rib cage and below area.Some more specific areas that you can identify is where bones are much connected with skin or we can say where bones are visible.

Q.Does numbing cream help to relieve from tattoo pain?

Absolutely yes,It helps a lot to give you relief from pain.It works by Deactivate nerve signals who send data to brain for some time.

Q.Can I Follow advise of my tattoo artist?

Not recommended ,As many of tattoo artist have great commission on some products so they will prefer to use that product and it is not necessary that product will suits your skin. So make your decision very wise when it comes to skin care. You always prefer best tattoo numbing cream.

Q. Does it have side effects?

Generally no, there are no side effects in majority of cases. Less then 5% people are there have side effects after using cream.

Side effects can possible if a person have very sensitive skin or any skin allergy. So for them I will recommend you that you will consult a doctor

And must READ ALL GUIDELINES CAREFULLY  before applying However Side effects are no longer then 2 days.

You can experience following side effects like Swelling ,Irritation, Burning, itching

That’s all you can feel  while using numbing cream.In my opinion these all are bearable.

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