15 Best Tattoo Numbing Creams 2021 [UPDATED]

Last updated on February 22nd, 2021

The Pain of tattoo needle is just unbearable and even sometimes it makes you cry. No matter, how old you are but the pain is quite similar in all age groups.

To avoid this pain and enjoying tattoo session we need the tattoo numbing cream that will not only help in facing the tattoo pain but also avoid the chances of infection after the tattoo session.

So here in this article, we have reviewed some of the best tattoo numbing cream in the market. Also we further included buying guide and FAQ section that further help you refine your purchasing decision.

So let’s first start with reviews!

Image Prodcut Rating Prize
UberNumb Lidocaine Pain Relief Cream
Numb 520
HUSH anesthetic Numbing Gel
Topicaine 5
Numb Master:Topical Numbing Cream
Numb Skin
DermaChange Organic Shingles Relief Cream
UltraNumb Topical Anesthetic Cream
Ebanel Numbing 5% Lidocaine

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Top Numbing Creams for Tattoos in 2020

We have reviewed these creams on the basis of personal testing, market popularity and after research of several hours. However, these are the best numbing cream for tattoos that helps both client and tattoo artist prospective.

1. UberNumb (Lidocaine Pain Relief Cream)

uber numb lidocaine

Uber numb contains 5% lidocaine (Largest dose allowed by the FDA) and also have Vitamine E (anti-inflammatory )that will help to reduce the inflammation and itching.

Another best thing about this cream is that it has maximum painkilling power that will help to keep you active during the tattoo session.

It is prescribed that you should use UberNumb before 20 minutes of tattoo session and it will last long for 1 hour. Some people claimed that the effect of Uber Numb last up to 5 hours and that is enough for a normal tattoo session.

It is non-oily that sticks with your skin easily and due to the enrichment of Vitamin E you will not face any issue like tattoo drying or damaging tattoo ink.

Important Ingredients: Lidocaine 5%, Disodium EDTA, Phenoxyethanol, Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E)

  • Affordable price
  • Full refund if you dont satisfy with results
  • Iast upto 2 hours
  • Apply before 40 minutes of tattoo session

2. Numb 520

numb 520

Numb 520 is another FDA approved product containing 5% lidocaine that helps to avoid the pain provides you smooth tattooing experience.

It is the best painkilling option and most popular among the tattoo artists because of its effective results.

Another best thing about it is that this cream is free from paraben, cruelty and oil. So you don’t face any issue of side effect or itching.

It works with liposomal that allows the cream to penetrate inside so that ingredients can work effectively and that’s the reason behind its long-lasting super numbing effect.

Fact: 520 numb is invented and tested by Ebonal laboratories having more than 12 years of experience in this field and according to them it is the safest and extremely powerful painkilling product.

Important ingredients: Hydrogenated Polydecene, Ehtoxydiglycol, Trideceth-10, Cholesterol, Benzyl Alcohol

  • non-oily and non-greasy numbing cream
  • Absorb under skin and provide effective results
  • Effective upto 2 hours
  • Effectiveness time is less as compare to other

3. HUSH anesthetic

hush gel

 It is another FDA approved tattoo numbing gel that helps to heal your tattoo by covering your second layer of skin.If you need proper results of this gel then you have to use as per the prescription on the bottle and you will really get a smooth tattoo experience.

There are a number of people who are satisfied by this product and provide positive feedback.

It is a non removing gel works very effectively on all parts of your skin and the best thing about this product is that if you use this before 1 hour of your tattoo session then it will last longer up-to 4 hours and that is sufficient for a normal tattoo session.

Hush gel not only reduce the pain but also have several other benefits like it prevent a tattoo from drying and cracking.

Fact: You can apply this it on your private parts. Company claims that it is the only product which can be applied before and during your tattoo session.

It includes aloevira (Remove redness), green tea and chamomile helps to cool your skin. As it is little costly but it is worth if we see user satisfaction alongside.

  • You can place it on sensitive parts of your body
  • work fast and effective
  • Effective upto 4 hours
  • The price of gel is little high

4. Topicaine 5

TopicTattoo numb

Topicaine 5 is another best recommended product in our bucket list.

This product has 5% active ingredient of lideocine which claims to minimize the pain in area where tattoo is applied. It takes almost 30 minutes to show its full result and last up to 2 hours.

The best thing about it is that it has zero side effects like itching or swelling so it can be used without prescription.

It is non oily cream so artist will find easy to use it without the fear of drying and cracking of tattoo.

There are many ingredient added in this cream which make tattoo experience more comfortable as possible like shea butter and alpha bisabolol that also helps in tattoo healing.

  • Zero side effects
  • Very fast and strong results
  • Added 5% active ingredients
  • Size of tube is small as compare to others


super numb

Super numb is another most popular numbing product that works in different sort of application that also includes tattooing.

This is a multi segment cream that you can choose for various other purposes like piercing and burning pain.

The package comes in a 30 gram packaging that covers 6” X 6” area of your skin. It is recommended to use a heavy dose of this cream for more effective results.

Other than this, it comes with detailed instruction guide page that will help you to take the best possible results.

All beneficial ingredients including  5% lidocaine that is highly effective on tattooing palace.

  • Most affordable numbing cream
  • Multi segment cream
  • Works on 2 layers of skin
  • It doesn’t longer as compare to other numbing creams

6. Numb Master

numb master

Numb master works very effectively in removing itching and reducing pain due to tattoo drilling.It is a non oily cream includes 5% Lidocaine that works on every part of skin including sensitive parts.

This is very safe to use and it is 100% chemical free so you can use without any prescription.

Numb master provides fast and long lasting numbing effect. You need to use 20 minutes before tattooing and it will be highly effective for 2 hour.

There are more then 70% positive reviews that give five stars to this product and also recommend to another people.

The cream include topical anesthetic that increase the durability of this product.

  • Effective OTC numbing cream
  • Fast and long lasting numbing effect
  • Non oily and non greasy
  • It doesn’t last long as compare to other numbing cream

7. Numb Skin


Numb skin is the famous name in the tattoo industry because of its super numbing effect.

If you are having the tattoo for the very first time and on the very sensitive skin then this cream will help to bear the pain of tattoo machine needle.

It takes some extra time to show its full numbing effect so start your tattoo session accordingly.

Numb skin works on all type of skin no matter whether you are skinny or fatty it will be beneficial for both.

The manufacturer claimed that no animals were used for testing and the cream is made up with organic ingredients including 5% lidocaine.

  • 100% return if you don’t get satisfied
  • Affordable price
  • Works on all types of skin
  • It takes longer time to show the best numbing effect

8. DermaChange Organic Shingles Relief Cream

derma shingles pain relief

Derma change is another top-performing numbing treatment in our bucket list. The cream is not effective for the tattoo but you can also use it in day to day harms like burning, wounds or itching.

The best thing about the cream is that it has zero side effects and helps to relieve itching on your tattoo surface. Other then this the cream is made up with 100% natural ingredients that will help to heal your tattooing surface without any bacterial infection.

The cream contains Manuka honey that will cool down the tattooed surface and show its full effect. So if you are looking for a cream that will maintain the ph balance and also protect your skin then Derma change is the great option to consider.

  • Relieve pain instantly
  • Contains Manuka honey
  • Zero Side effects
  • Made up with natural ingredients
  • Not recommended for high sensitive skin

9. UltraNumb Topical Anesthetic Cream


This is the best option for a small tattoo or medium size tattoo as this cream comes in a 10-gram jar. The cream is not only effective for the tattoo but also for other pain like the pain of laser treatment, piercing, laser hair treatment. So it works as an all in one solution for all your daily pains.

The best thing about this cream is that it is a non-oily treatment that will also help in boosting the healing process of your tattooed surface.

Other than this, the cream comes with a detailed instruction guide that will help to get the maximum benefit out of this small pack.

So if you are looking for a treatment that provides complete numbing effect with perfect healing then this is a good deal to go with.

  • Provide complete numbing effect
  • Benificial in all other type of pain
  • Non Oily
  • Packaging is not sufficient for covering a large tattoo
  • Less effective on some skin types

10. Ebanel Numbing 5% Lidocaine

Ebanel spray 520

Ebanel Numbing is the most efficient treatment for your discomfort caused by a tattoo. It contains 5% lidocaine that will help to boost the healing process of your tattoo and prevent it from other bacterial infection.

The product is FDA approved so you don’t need any recommendation from a doctor in order to use this product. This numbing treatment works great during and after the tattoo session.

The system will be very easy to use and provide faster relief. The best thing is that it contains a good amount of liposomal that will easily penetrate in the skin and deliver the ingredients into the skin that will last longer. It is non-oily solution so it will not stain your clothes after applying.

  • Easy to Use
  • Fast and long lasting numbing effect
  • FDA approved
  • It also prevent from other bacterial infection
  • Sometimes you need to reapply it for best results

11. Deeveeant Lidocaine Anesthetic Numbing Cream

Deeveeant Numb

Deeveeant is another great recommendation on our recommendation list. The cream start showing its full numbing effect after 15 minutes of applying and provides a painless tattoo session.

The cream contains natural ingredients including Aloe Vera, jojoba and tea tree that make sure that it will not harm your skin. Along with the healing agent, it also includes antibacterial properties that will protect your tattoo from bacterial infection as well.

So if you are looking for reliable quality topical numbing cream then it is defiantly the great option to go with.

  • It includes natural and organic ingredients
  • Contains Triple numbing agent for painless experience
  • More durable and easy to use
  • People with sensitive skin may feel itching

12. Aspercreme Lidocaine Pain Relieving Creme

Aspercreme Lidocaine

This non-greasy pain relief solution is highly useful if you apply 20 minutes before the tattoo session. The cream includes 4% lidocaine that will numb down the pain without any irritation.

It is the multipurpose cream that you can use on daily problems like burning, muscle pain and backache. The best thing about this cream is that it will easily penetrate into your muscles in order to make you feel comfortable for several hours.

Other than this, it is very easy to apply on the skin and for that, you just need to apply a thin layer on the particular skin portion for experience full numbing effect.

  • Multipurpose cream for daily injuries
  • It Doesn’t irritate your skin
  • Easy to apply
  • Long lasting effect
  • The packaging is small

13. Relax and Wax – No Scream Cream

It is another great recommendation in our suggestion list. This is the multipurpose cream that can be applied before tattooing and waxing.

The cream shows its full effect after 30-40 minutes of applying. The best thing is that it absorbs into the skin within 5-10 minutes so it will not stick to your clothes.

The process of applying is quite simple, you just need to apply a thick layer onto the part where you want to have a tattoo. Make sure that you should not rub tightly on the skin.

You can apply this cream to all areas like eyebrow, underarms, bikini area as there is no side effect of the cream.

  • It is multipurpose cream
  • Quickly absorb into skin
  • No side effects
  • Take longer time in showing full effect

14. H2ocean Nothing Tattoo Glide and Soothing Balm

H2ocean Nothing Tattoo Glide

H2 Ocean is a highly trusted brand in the tattoo industry. This balm contains a good amount of lidocaine that effectively relieve the pain and numb your tattoo.

The cream also prevents irritation and swelling that generally happens after tattooing. It contains organic ingredients that will further help in the fast healing of your tattoo.

It shows its full numbing effect in 30-40 minutes. So if you are looking for an effective option then it is a great option to go with.

  • Highly effective for tattoos
  • Shows full effect in 30 minutes
  • Include organic ingredients
  • High brand trust
  • Show less effect on some skin types

15. Advanced Numb 5% Lidocaine Pain Relief Cream

Advanced Numb

This Advanced numb cream has maximum painkilling power that will help in pain relief.

The cream includes the highest amount of lidocaine dose allowed by the FDA. It shows its effect immediately after applying and takes the highest 20-25 minutes in showing full effect and last for 2 hours, which is enough for a small tattoo session.

The best part is that this cream is enriched with a good amount of vitamin E along with moisturizing elements that prevent your tattoo from swelling and also prevents it from drying and cracking.

So if you are looking for a complete oil-free solution then it is a worthy consideration for you.

  • Oil free solution
  • Include vitamin E
  • Protect your tattoo from drying
  • It shows immediate numbing effect
  • Don’t last for longer time period

Buying Guide

How to apply tattoo numbing cream?

Some people are confused regarding the procedure to apply numbing cream. They have several questions in mind regarding it.

So here are the steps that you have to follow while applying.

Selection of product: It is very important that you decide a very suitable and best product. You may check review of that product or you can google it.

Wash before applying: It is necessary to wash that area before applying so that dirt and dust can easily be removed.

Put waterproof gloves: You must use waterproof gloves while tattooing so that it prevents from outside water and moisturizer.

Apply cream softly:After this instruction its time to apply cream on that particular areas and if you are not aware about quantity then you must read guidelines of that particular products .All creams prefer quantity as per there ingredient so make sure while applying.

Cover area in plastic wrap/paper:You now can cover plastic paper with medical tape it will to increase the process of reaction.

Remove paper:Apply it for 45 minutes (not mandatory some time it varies)until you fell that numbing cream start its work.

Get tattoo on your skin:  Now its time to make an attractive tattoo on your skin.

Things to consider before buying a Numbing cream for Tattoo

So you makes a choice to buy cream but few things which will help to make your decision more selective.

  • Lidocine is very helpful in skin protection. So make sure that your cream must contains lidocine.
  • Always Read reviews on trusted medical website or popular e commerce website like amazon.
  • Make a product selection which guarantee that it will last long.
  • Buy a product having non-oily gel.

FAQS section

So here we have picked the most important and generally asked questions by the people regarding tattoo numbing cream and try to answer all the question by our experience and by taking advice from various tattoo artists.

Q. Can I Use numbing cream after getting tattoo?

No,It is not recommended to use any type of cream expect some aftercare creams. It will disturb the recovery system of tattoo and sometimes you can also see some adverse effects like itching, Swelling etc so it is recommended to use it at least 30 minutes before tattoo session in order to get pain relief.

Q. Why wearing gloves is recommended for an artist when using cream?

It is recommended because when artist apply that cream then numbing effect starts on finger as well and it wont feel very nice

Q.What if I take overdose of numbing cream?Does it work faster?

It is not recommended at all you must use cream according to guidelines prescribed on cream but some experts believe that it work faster and effective and it is highly recommended to take advise from expert tattoo artist.

Q. Does tattoo numbing cream have side effects?

Generally no, there are no side effects in majority of cases. Less then 5% people are there have side effects after using cream. Side effects can possible if a person have very sensitive skin or any skin allergy. So for them I will recommend you that you will consult a doctor and must READ ALL GUIDELINES CAREFULLY before applying However Side effects are no longer then 2 days.

Q. Can you numb skin with ice before tattooing?

Ice packs are good option for numbing your skin before tattooing but the problem with ice pack treatment is that it only shows the effect for some moments so if you need a long lasting effect then you have to apply high quality cream.


Tattooing is one of the best experiencing moment in a person’s life so you don’t let it go.

Feel every second of the experience while you are having a tattoo on your body for that this guide will be a game changer resource. In this guide you get all about tattoo numbing cream. So now its time to purchase the best according to your skin and if you have read this whole article then you don’t face any type of issue while selecting the best numbing cream for your skin.

If you like this article don’t forget to share it with your friends who want to have a tattoo in near future.





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