10 Best Tattoo Needles in 2021 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

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Best Tattoo Needles

Tattooing on the skin is a modern fashion of the new generation. There are many essential things that you need in making a good art on your body and tattoo needle is one of them.

So if you are a tattoo artist then you must need the right set of tattoo needles. These are essential for tattoo or tattoo lining and responsible for making the tattoo perfect and proper.

There are so many varieties of tattoo needles in the market and if you are searching for the best tattoo needles for your salon so this is the right place.

Here we will provide you with a list of best tattoo needles. Explore our guidelines and pick the right one.     

Image Product Rating Price
BIGWASP Professional Disposable Tattoo Needle
. BIGWASP 50pcs
Dragonhawk Disposable Tattoo Tubes
YILONG 200pcs Tattoo Needles
Stigma #10 (5RL)

10 Best Tattoo Needles (Our top picks)

1. BIGWASP Professional Disposable Tattoo Needle Cartridge

BIGWASP Professional Disposable Tattoo Needle

This tattoo needle is in our top list as it has a quick configuration of setting up and switch up needles during tattooing.

It is made of medical-grade plastic and 316L surgical stainless steel. Moreover, it is E.O. sterilized and packaged in a blister pack.

The needle is a single-use tattoo needle cartridge so you have to dispose it along with all types of hawk machines and cartridges grips are compatible with it.

2. BIGWASP 50pcs Assorted Disposable Tattoo Needle Cartridges

It is another great recommendation on our bucket list. It provides an option of switching needle sizes without switching needle machines. The box of the needles comes with a set of 50 pcs needles and these are

  • – 10pcs 1203RL
  • – 10pcs 1205RL
  • – 10pcs 1207RL
  • – 10pcs 1209RL
  • – 10pcs 1211RL

The cartridges are rubber band loaded with a plastic membrane so the ink of tattoo can’t flow back to the tubes.

As well as the needles are compatible with coiled machines or hawk machines. So you can use according to your need.

3. Dragonhawk 60 Counts Black Disposable Tattoo Tubes

This package comes with a combo of 60 pcs tattoo tubes with pre-sterilized tattoo needles which are durable and made of high quality material. Moreover, these are lightweight, easy to carry and have an anti slip handle.

Tattoo needles are made of 304 Medical Stainless Steel and tattoo tubes are made of plastic. Tattoo grip tube tip is attached with every tattoo needle and this grip is made of gel.

4. YILONG 200pcs Tattoo Needles

YILONG Tattoo Needles come with a set of 200 pcs needles in which 100Pc are  Liner and 100 pcs are Shader and among them 25Pc-3RL , 50Pc – 5RL , 25Pc-7RL , 25Pc-5RS , 25Pc-7RS , 25Pc – 9RS , 10Pc-5M1,15Pc- 7M1.

The needles are made of 316L Medical grade Stainless Steel and 100% sterilized so that it protects from being injected. These are extremely sharp and burr free.

5. Stigma #10 (5RL) Bugpin Disposable Tattoo Needle Cartridges

These tattoo needles come with a 50 pcs super value pack with membrane sterilize and rubber band loaded cartridges. These are harmless and sterilized for daily use as well.

Needles are made of 304 Medical grade Stainless steel and medical grade plastic.

Along with cartridges, you will get rubber band loaded and plastic membrane which stops the flow back if inks to the tubes.

Moreover each needles are compatible with any standard tattoo machines or grips and convenient to use.

6. EZTAT2 Revolution Tattoo Needle Cartridges

EZTAT2 Revolution Tattoo Needle

EZTAT2 Revolution Tattoo Needles have an option to set up and switch needles quickly while tattooing

Along with this, it comes with a 20 pcs value pack. The needles are made of 316L Medical grade Stainless steel and medical grade plastic.

There is a safety membrane inside the cartridges system which stops the flow of inks inside the tube. The needles are compatible with any kind of standard cartridges grips or machines.

Needle Diameters are

  • #08 Bugpin 0.25mm
  • #10 Bugpin 0.3mm
  • #12 Regular 0.35mm
  • #06 Micro Liner 0.2mm
  • #14 Diameter 0.4mm

7. FYT Professional Disposable Tattoo Needle Cartridges

FYT Professional

This simple, efficient tattoo needles come with a package of 20 pcs. The interesting feature of the needles is that these are so hygienic that each needle has a safety membrane which protects the inside and bloodstream of the client as well from entering germs, bacteria, viruses.    

They are single use disposable needles with medical plastic tips and change or replacement of cartridges is easy and efficient. Moreover, the rubber membrane of the needles reduces the spills and cross-contamination during tattooing.

8. ZOMBEE GEN2 Silicone Tattoo Cartridge Needles

The needles come with a set of 16 pcs with Finger Ledge Integration and the box is E.O sterilized.

Needles are made of 304 Medical grade Stainless steel and medical grade plastic as well as lightweight so that it is easy to carry and use.

These are a new generation needles which greatly compatible with standard grips and machines.

9. Beyond Disposable Cartridge Tattoo Needles

Beyond Tattoo needles are available in a set of 20 pcs with rubber band grip and open tip. These are industry standard cartridges with curved magnum shader needle and E.O sterilized compatibility.

There is a small chance of ink blowback as it doesn’t have any safety membrane inside and the machine can be damaged but the cartridges can excellently fit in any standard grips and machines.

Moreover, the Beyond Needles are the signature needle of this company which is the top-selling needle in the market.   

10. Pinkiou 3RL Disposable Pigment Cartridges

Pinkiou 3RL

The needles come with a value pack of 10 pcs disposable needles and featured with sharp, elastic, quick and painless tattooing system. They are made of 316 stainless steel and every needles are E.O sterilized.

The needles are safe and clean and are specifically best for eyebrow tattoos and they greatly draw beautiful eyebrow lines. As well as these needles are suitable for Pinkiou Permanent Makeup Machine.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do tattoo needle cartridges work?

For tattooing, a handheld machine is used which has an affixed needle. The needle is dipped in the ink, the needle is moved by Turing on the motor and the moving needle is applied to the skin. That sharp needle repeatedly and quickly pricks the skin by dragging the ink clinging to it down into the dermis.

What needles are best for stick and poke?

You won’t find any specific stick and poke needle. Generally, sewing needles or professional tattoo needles are being used to do that. But for stick and poke tattoos the best needles will be far professional tattoo needles because they are not expensive, provides unmatched control and moreover they are safe to use.

What size needle is best for tattoo lining?

Though #12, 0.35mm diameter is used in most needles but #10, 0.30mm is the best diameter for tattoo lining.


Everybody wants to buy the best for them. To choose the best one, you should have a proper knowledge about the thing.

If you are a tattoo artist then tattoo needles are important element as you have give and ensure the best service to clients so you should pick the right one. That’s why we made this short list of best tattoo needles for you so that you can go for the quality kit with your budget.             

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