10 Best Tattoo Kits in 2021 [UPDATED REVIEWS]

Last updated on February 22nd, 2021

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Best tattoo kit for professional and beginner in 2020

For tattooing we need several tools and accessories. From a tattoo machine to ink, to a rubber band. We need nearly hundreds of things to get the job done. For a beginner it is difficult to collect all these kinds of tool and accessories at one time in best quality so there is a demand of best tattoo kit.

So if you are finding best tattoo kit that contain all the accessories and equipment for tattooing or tattoo practice then you came at right place.We have reviewed best tattoo kit in the market for you that will fulfill your need and eliminate headache to collect all item separately.

In this best tattoo kit guide post, you will get to know which are best tattoo kit available in the market today. How to choose a best tattoo kit according to requirement, types of kit and cover further many things regarding to tattoo kit.

Stay with us we will answer all your queries and help you to choose best tattoo kit you ever need.

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Image Prodcut Rating Prize
Dragonhawk Complete Tattoo Kit 4
GRINDER Tattoo Kit by Pirate Face Tattoo
Dragonhawk Complete Tattoo Kit 2
Eyepower Tattoo Machine Kit
Starter Beginner Complete Tattoo Kit
Solong Complete Tattoo Kit 3
Rehab Complete Tattoo Set

Best Tattoo Kit in 2020 (Our Top Picks)

1. Dragonhawk Complete Tattoo Kit 4

Dragonhawk Complete kit

If we talk about the brand credibility then dragon hawk is very reputable brand in the tattoo industry in last 20 years. It experience can be seen in its product. Now if we talk about Dragon hawk Complete Tattoo Kit 4 then this is the best tattoo kit in 2019 to buy. Here below you can see all the things you will get in this supply.

What you will get in this tattoo kit

You will get four tattoo coil machine and each machine have made for different purpose. Conventional Liner machine, Power Liner machine, Soft Shader machine, Color Packer machine. coil of machine are made from copper and the frame of these tattoo gun is is durable and made from steel. These machine can be used for lining, shading, strong lining and color picking. Each machine is adjusted by hand and tested before to supply in the market.

With this tattoo kit you will get a dragon hawk power supply including a foot pedal that will give your machine accurate power and you an also adjust power voltage according to your requirement. At the same time you can connect both liner and shader to the power supply. Can switch power among machines with single button.

You will get 10 bottles of high quality Immortal tattoo inks that are smooth,vibrant,consistent and vegan free. These inks have bright color, goes easy and cover in one pass and does not fade. Inks are made in USA.

You will get 50 sterilized packed tattoo needles. Each needle has EO gas certificate. 304l stainless steel is used for making needles.

In this tattoo kit you will get other hundreds of other tattoo accessories and supplies like color caps, rubber band, grip holder, transfer paper, tattoo practice skin and lot more.

You will get a exclusive aluminum made case with key to lock the kit to store your all tattoo equipment and accessories safest. It is highly customize to place all tattoo things in organize manner.

2. GRINDER Tattoo Kit by Pirate Face Tattoo

GRINDER Tattoo Kit

when it comes to tattooing people while buying tattoo kit or tattoo equipment they compromise quality just to save few buck but they do not know that there equipment is going to brake soon and are not durable. So if you want a high quality tattoo equipment that will refine your art and also make happy to your client then this pirate face tattoo kit is for you. In majority of kits you will get 2 tattoo machine but with this tattoo kit you will get 4 tattoo machine that are specifically designed for lining and shading. Pirate face tattoo is trusted and most reputable, best seller in amazon with lots of positive review.

What you will get with Pirate Face tattoo Kit

Pirate Face Tattoo Kits are an excellent starting point for new tattoo artists and great for professionals on the go. This kit is designed for both beginners and tattoo professional and all the tattoo equipment and accessories are high in quality.

You will get four tattoo machine with this kit. All machine are made from high quality metal and durable. this machine can be used for lining and shading. The machine are very easy to work with, adjusted and tuned easily.

With this tattoo kit you will get a power supply that can run on any standard voltage current and accurately pass current to your machine. You will also get a foot-padel to work efficiently with your machine.

50 sterilized needle for both liner and shading use with different size and shape. Each needle is safe and separately packed.

You will get 7 bottle of ink that are made from natural ingredient and have radiant color and safe to use. Inks are made and packed in USA.

Including this you will get 27 disposable tips and nozzles, 8 stainless steel tips,disposable gloves, 100 tattoo ink cups, transfer paper, practice skin and many more accessories like tattoo machine grip and rubber band.

You will get 200+ page tattoo instructional book and 2 hour DVD to learn the art of tattooing.

you will get one black color beautiful strong case to store all your tattoo machine and accessories in safe and organize manner.

This tattoo kit is best for both tattoo artist and tattoo learner.

3. Dragonhawk Complete Tattoo Kit 2

Dragon-hawk beginner kit 2

This is the another best tattoo kit sold by the dragon hawk manufactures. This the best seller kit on the amazon and high recommended by us. Dragon hawk is most popular brand world wide from 20 year in tattoo industry. With this tattoo kit you will get two tattoo machine one is liner and another is shader. Both machine are made from durable and high quality metal. Both are easy to use and anti-fatigue. This is worth of its prize. Here below we listed the things you will get with this tattoo kit.

Things you will get in best dragon hawk tattoo kit

Two dragon hawk tattoo machine for lining and shading. The machine are made from superior quality metal. The 10 wrap coli is used in tattoo machine. Coil are made from copper. The spring is highly elastic and machine are easy to tune and adjust and you can work with them longer hour, they are anti-fatigue.

With this tattoo kit you will get 10 bottles of Superior quality immortal tattoo ink that are packed and made in usa. These inks have high contrast color and never fade away and are safe to use.

You will also get a power supply of dragon hawk company. The supply has a led to show the current output of voltage. The supply come with a foot- pedal, clip-cord and it provide you a quick, accurate and stable current to your machine. You can adjust voltage according to your requirement with simple rotating button.

You will get high EO sterilized needles that are highly Safe and all needles and tips are separately packed.

With this you will get hundreds of other small accessories like transfer paper, tattoo tips, rubber bands, ink caps and many more.

This tattoo kit is affordable in prize and best for beginners.

4. Eyepower 6 Gun Tattoo Machine Kit Tattoo

eye power

Eye power tattoo kit is premium quality kit. In this kit you will get all kind of premium quality product and you can start tattooing with this kit. With this tattoo kit you will get high quality tattoo machines that are superior and durable and easy to use. You will get sterilize needle that are safe to use. There are not much brand that produce high quality needle but you will get here superior quality needles at affordable prize. Get one power supply to power up your beast. If you are looking a high quality tattoo kit at affordable prize then this can be a great option for you.

Things you will get with eye power tattoo kit

In most of the kit you will get 2-4 tattoo machine but with this tattoo kit you will get 6 tattoo machine that are made from high quality material and finished with antique bronze design. In these machine 10 wrap coil is used. The machine run at lower temperature and used for both lining and shading.

You will get a powerful power supply that can run on any current input 110volt -210 volt. With this power supply you will get one foot pedal and clip-cord to connect machine with power supply. This supply will give you accurate and stable current.

you will get 50 per-sterilize needle for all size for shader and liner. Packed separately. You will get 18 disposable tips with these needles.

You will get 7 bottles on ink with all different color with one ink holder and several color cups.

Except this you will get 2 stainless grip, rubber-band, many many more several other necessary tattoo accessories.

These all tattoo accessories and tattooing equipment will packed on a carrying case that is made from high quality material and you will get keys to lock the carrying case.

5. Starter Beginner Complete Tattoo Kit

starter kit

This is the most affordable and highest quality best tattoo kit you can ever imagine. The most important things one should look in a tattoo kit is tattoo machine. Generally you get 2-4 tattoo machine in a kit but in this kit you will get 9 coil tattoo machine that are made from high quality iron cast with beautiful appearance. You will get high quality USA made ink. The powerful power-supply that can run all kind of machine in the market. Here let look deep into the kit to identify what exactly you will get in this tattoo kit. The is also considered best tattoo kit if we compare it with its prize.

Things you will get with this tattoo supply

9 coil tattoo machine made with superior quality iron cast with beautiful appearance. 5 tattoo machine are classic and durable where as 4 tattoo machine are dragon hawk created for learning tattooer. 10 wrap copper coil are used in tattoo machine. The machine used for both lining and shading. All coil machine run between 6-10 volt of input current. Machine are easy to adjust, tune and can run for long hours.

10 bottles of immortal tattoo ink with high quality, smooth, consistent, easily observed by skin, vegan free and safe to use.

With this tattoo kit you will get 50 needles that are Ethylene Oxide gas sterilized and individually packaged and made from 304 stainless steel and highly wheeled polished for extra shinning.

You will get a power-supply that can run with any voltage between 110-201v of input current and can give 2v-20v input current that is efficiently run all the tattooing machine in the market. It will built-in short-circuit protection and leakage protection that will make the supply more safer,steadier and durable. You will get foot-pedal and clip cord to connect supply with tattoo machine.

There are other hundreds of smaller accessories you will get with this tattoo kit like rubber, ink holder, ink cups, needle tips, needle grip ,transfer paper and much more.

All the things are packed in beautiful strong durable case and can be locked with key. So you can put all the tattooing equipment and accessories in the case safely.

6. Solong Complete Tattoo Kit 3

It is another best performing tattoo kit in our recommendation list.

The brand is mainly known for the performance and builds quality that makes it unique and different from other kit having a similar price tag. If you are new in the field of tattooing or doing it passionately then it is something you really need.

Things you will get in this kit

It includes everything that you can expect a tattoo kit. The kit contains high quality 3 pro tattoo machine guns for liner and shader. The machine can even work in fine low temperature so you will not face any issues in any climatic conditions. The framework contains high-quality steel that enhances the durability of the machine.

Along with this, it also includes a digital tattoo power supply that tracks the performance of the tattoo machine and works under 110v or 220v with foot pedal and clip cord that will help in easy operation. It also includes 40 bottles 8ml tattoo ink bottle includes the most common colours used in tattooing.

Some other things include 8 stainless steel tip, 50 tattoo needles, 10 tattoo grips, 60 disposable tips, 10 rubber rings along with 50 grommets and rubber bands. It all wraps in a premium case that comes with lock and keys so that you can easily carry along with you.

In order to provide you with proper instructions regarding the kit, it also includes one paper manual that includes every single process and information regarding kit.

Overall, the kit is very affordable in price so if you are looking for high-quality products with a minimum budget then this solong complete tattoo kit will help in solving your issue.

7. Rehab Complete Tattoo Set


Rehab complete tattoo set is for those who want a complete solution to create great body art.

No matter whether you are beginner or profession in the field of tattooing, the chances are quite high that you will love all the products.

All the products contain a great build quality and performance that every tattoo artist loves. The machine is designed for both shading and lining so you will get a complete solution for both.

Things you will get in this kit

The kit contains a lot of accessories that help to take his tattooing art to the next level. It includes a professional grade tattoo power supply that comes with a stainless steel foot pedal that helps in controlling the performance.

It also includes a clip cord in order to connect it to the tattoo machine.

The machine comes with vibration frame and brass contacts that lead the smooth performance to the machine.

Along with this, it includes some essential accessories like 10 antimicrobial rubber band, 4 ink shots along with 100 caps, 5 needles, and 10 spare o rings along with the extra washer.

The company also includes anti scar ointment that helps in the fast recovery of the tattoo. Other than this, it comes with a pair of black latex gloves that have super gripping and handling.

In order to transfer stencil onto skin, it combines thermal paper along with practice skin. If you still face any issue regarding the use of tattoo kit then the instruction eBook will help to answer all your queries that you need to know during setup.

8. Hildbrandt Advanced Kit

Hildbrandt Kit

Hildbrandt is another popular recommendation in our review list.

This rotary tattoo machine contains both Beretta shader and silencer liner rotary machine and that’s the reason behind its popularity. No matter whether you are profession, intermediate or beginner this tattoo kit will helps to refine your tattooing skill and make you the perfect tattoo artist.

What you will get in this kit

This tattoo kit includes Tattoo machines, Spartan power supply along with 1 clip cord that will provide many hours constant performance to your tattoo machine. Along with this, you will get food pedal, textbook that contains the basic fundamental of tattooing and Hildbrandt Training DVD that will helps to enhance your skill through video tutorials.

The kit also contain basic tattoo accessories like step bushings, o ring, rubber bands, transfer paper and practice skin that all is enough to start your tattooing journey.

So if you are looking for a perfect kit to refine your tattooing skill then it will never make you regret.

9. Wormhole Complete Tattoo Kit for Beginners

Wormhole tattoo Kit

If you are a beginner tattoo artist then there are quite high chances that you will love this tattoo kit.

The kit includes everything that you need to grow your tattoo business. The catchiest thing about this tattoo kit is that it offers free replacement service for one year on all the products comes along with this kit. Along with this, the kit comes with an affordable price tag that is easy to carry for a beginner artist.

(Note: If you face any issue in tattoo machine then don’t try to self assemble)

What you will get with Wormhole Complete Tattoo Kit

It includes two tattoo machines i.e. lining and shading and also includes power supply with foot pedal. The only issue is that it is not a digital power supply that means you have to adjust by ears.

It also includes 10 tattoo inks, EO sterilized tattoo needles, tips, rubber band, o ring, practice skin, disposable tubes and common accessories that are required for tattooing. You will also get an Online Guide that will helps in setting up the tattoo kit with its video lectures and also contains images of trending tattoo designs.

10. Shark Complete Pro Tattoo Kit

Shark Complete Tattoo Kit

Shark tattoo kit is specifically made for professional tattoo artist. The kit passes through FCC certification process that shows the creditability of company towards customers.

The company offers one year warranty on all their products. Although, the kit doesn’t includes tattoo ink but its all okay with this price tag.

What to Get with Shark Pro Tattoo Kit

The kit includes eight tattoo machines in which 4 liner and 4 shaders that comes with fine gripping and adjustability. Along with this, it includes digital power supply that contains long clip cord so that you can easily move during the session.

It also includes 10 copper coils and carry case that will helps to take the kit from one place to another. Other than this, it includes common accessories like practice tips, fifty needles, disposable tips, DVD, ink cups, and many tattooing adjustment tools.

So if you are looking for professional grade tattoo kit then it will be a perfect option to go with.

What is tattoo kit?

Tattoo kit is a collection of tools and equipment packed in kit that are used for get tattooing job done. Generally the main tools and accessories in tattoo kit are tattoo machine, tattoo ink, grip, tattoo needles, power-supply and several other things that used in tattoo practice or tattooing a person.

There are different kinds of Tattoo are available in the market like beginner tattoo kit, intermediate tattoo kit, professional tattoo kit. you can select any tattoo kit according to your requirement.

Types of tattoo kit

There are different kinds of Tattoo are available in the market like beginner tattoo kit, intermediate tattoo kit, professional tattoo kit. You can select any tattoo kit according to your requirement.

Beginner tattoo kit: In beginner tattoo kit the most important things you will get is one tattoo machine, and several ink, needles, power supply. Beginner kit is generally made for beginner, Who just started tattooing and yet not developed hand in tattooing.

The beginner tattoo kit is generally less expensive then professional tools and yet very good for beginners. Some beginner kit also give tattoo skin to practice tattooing to have the skill.

Intermediate tattoo kit: However there is not much difference between intermediate and beginner tattoo kit. Usually you get 2 tattoo machine one for shading and another for lining.

You will get more tattoo supply in intermediate tattoo kit then beginner kit. The quality is little but superior in intermediate tattoo kit. You can have tattooing on human skin with this tattoo kit. It is good to buy intermediate tattoo kit after having a certain level of skill.

Professional tattoo kit: Professional tattoo kit is more advance level tattoo kit. This tattoo kit came with extremely superior quality tattoo machine and other tattoo supplies.

Here these kits are made for advanced and professional tattoo artist who have several year of experience in tattooing. This kits are highly expensive and have the equipment in best of class. It is recommended that beginner don’t buy these kit because they are highly expensive and aren’t needed to beginners.

How to choose a best tattoo kit

There are several things which we have to consider while choosing best tattoo ink. The most important factor of choosing best tattoo kit is also depend of once requirement and needs. If you are professional tattoo artist then you need expensive and premium tools and if you are beginner and yet not develop hand then you need affordable kits.

Following things you should consider while choosing tattoo kit.

Material: Always check the material used in tattoo machine and other accessories. Buy tattoo machine which are made from brass or stainless steel and accessories that are made from high quality plastic. These are durable and will worth your every penny.

Check tattoo machine: The most important thing while tattooing is tattoo gun. So always check how many machine you will get. The more the better. Also check their quality and material they are made from. Is they look durable and strong. Are they used for both shading and lining.

Overall kit quality and quantity: After examining tattoo machine always check the over all quality of the things which you get in the tattoo and like no. of ink’s you get. Do you get bundle of quality needles that used for lining and shading. Check the quality of power supply and do you get a foot pedal to run your tattoo guns with ease while working or practice tattooing. Check other several no of item you get with their quality.

Kit case: In a tattoo kit you get hundred of things from large to small that are used in tattooing. So always check will you get a high quality case to store your all accessories and tattoo tools in safe and organize manner. Case must be strong and durable so it can protect your tattoo equipment from usual wear and tear.


We hope this article will helps to choose the best tattoo kits available in the market. You can choose any one from the above listed options. The selection must be based upon the quality and performance of the product and the product that you want on daily basis.

If you have any issue regarding the selection of kit then feel free to ask in the comment section below.

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