Tattoo bleed: What to do when your new tattoo bleed alot?


Bleeding is one thing that no one really wants to see on their body, but unfortunately, this is the one thing that is natural when it comes to tattooing.

As tattooing is painful and bloody and it is very difficult for some people to bear the pain of tattooing. However, there is a different level of bleeding on different body parts and some people bleed more than other people.

So get to know the truth of tattoo bleeding, what to do when you bleed a lot than normal people. Keep reading post to get complete knowledge about tattoo bleeding.

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Does every new tattoo bleed

Bleeding while tattooing is totally normal and it always happens because tattoo needles make tiny holes in your skin while tattooing to inject ink under your skin to create a tattoo. So when holes are made in the skin that allows bleeding. Here, All you need to know is to use the best ink.

Know the question is how long your tattoo bleed even after tattooing finished. On average, your tattoo bleeds stops in 24 hours. But it can take anywhere between 12hours to 36 hours to stop bleeding. It also depends upon the size of the tattoo and the place where the tattoo is made on the skin. Some area bleeds more than other body parts. Somebody part has more blood pressure than other body parts that causes more bleed.

However, it also depends on people to people some people bleed more than other people as bleeding depends on genetics and type of the blood of people. So there is nothing to worry about it.

If your bleeding more than 36 hours than it is not normal and you have to consult your doctor. However, there are are many things which you should not take after and before tattooing as they will thin your blood and which eventually lead to more bleeding.

Alcohol, pain-killing medicine or any blood thinning prescription is not advisable because they all will thinner your blood and which will slow down blood clotting and scabbing, which further bleed more.

What to do if your tattoo bleeding won’t stop?

However, as we mentioned that it is reasonable to bleed during tattooing and little afterword tattooing, so just don’t panic as it is reasonable to bleed upto 36 hours after tattooing, sometimes it takes little more than 36 hours. It is also normal as some people bleed little more.

However, if you bleed more than 48 hours, then you have to look into the matter and why you are still bleeding even after 48 hours. As we have said above that if you have taken alcohol, painkiller or any blooding thinner medicine, then it will prevent your blood from taking blood clotting and scabbing.

However, if you are for some medical reason prescribing blooding thinning medicine then before tattooing, consult your doctor to stop medicine for the sake of getting a new tattoo.

If you do not take anything that thins your blood and your bleeding after 48 hours, then it depends on your level of physical activity. Some people after getting tattooing, jump into the gym and do high-intensity exercise. This will disturb the natural healing process of your body and can bleed more.

So please make sure do not do a heavy workout or take rest for 2-3 days as it would not heal.

However, there might be some other reason for bleeding, as a tattoo infection or skin infection may occur. Nevertheless, tattoo infection is rear nowadays due to more sterilize equipment, and tattoo artist gives detailed instruction in printed form to aftercare tattoo.

If you bleed more so, you should consult your doctor as it might be an infection or some other exceptional reason. So it is better to consult a doctor before things get worse.

What to do if the ink comes out with blood?

However, upto 36 hours mix of blood, ink and plasma come out from little tiny holes is normal. Most of the tattoo professional injected enough ink under your skin to let it remain under your skin as it needed. So you don,t need to worry.

However if, you think the more is ink coming out then as it needed then next day to can consult your tattoo artist. If your design is getting faded, then little ink is re-injected on the faded spot again.


So it is normal to bleed during and a little while after getting the tattoo finished. However, if you bleed more then 36 hours, you have taken any blood thinning drug or have a tattoo infection in this case you should consult your doctor.

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