Best Tattoo Ink Mixer Reviews & In Depth Buying Guide in 2021

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Every tattoo specialist wishes to increase their sales to gain more customers and become an exceptional artist. Do you even realize that your consumers desire to receive excellent service so that they can refer their friends to you?

The only way to improve your professionalism as a tattoo artist is to get the right tools that make your work faster, neater, stress-free, and easier. With you in mind, we’ve researched the best ink mixer for tattoos that would meet your needs.

Now read on with total concentration to find out the best tattoo ink mixer for you.

Best Tattoo Ink Mixer – Specially Designed For You

1. Calidaka Tattoo Ink mixer

The Calidaka tattoo ink mixer is an essential part of any tattoo artist’s toolset. Calidaka is a sleek and robust mixer with a high speed that you won’t find anywhere else. As an electric tattoo mixing instrument, you can use it to blend any painting pigment. Watercolor, painting color ink, cosmetics ink, and tattoo ink are examples of pigments.

Calidaka is the go-to for any artist who enjoys color mixing and wants to keep their hands and work tables clean. Its explicit structure enhances clean mixing and quick results.


  • Cost-effective and super affordable
  • It has a high rotational speed of 5200 revolutions per minute (RPM), making it easy to use.
  • When making a large batch of mix, this is a great tool to have
  • It’s simple to use, with only one button
  • it’s convenient to use
  • Effective in uniform and thorough mixing


  • People might have issues with the way it shakes hand while pressing the bottle 
  • As an electric tattoo mixer, the adapter might be faulty

2. Lab Mini Vortex Tattoo Mixer 

Are you still planning on getting all of your tattoo mixing done in a matter of seconds? Another high-quality and long-lasting tattoo mixer has arrived. Lab Mini Vortex is an industrial instrument that is ideal for maintaining your professional ethics. This tattoo mixer can handle any liquid mixing, regardless of density or viscosity. Paints, tattoo ink, nail polish, eyelash adhesives, glues, pigments, and other tricky liquids are all compatible.


  • Automatic Speed Control Button
  • Suitable for mixing liquids of various densities and viscosities.
  • Stable and robust at the most excellent speed of 3000RPM, 
  • With a capacity of up to 50ml, this is a great option. 
  • It is portable to carry around
  • It saves your wrist from the traditional shaking when blending ink


  • The price is on the high side
  • It is only available in one colour-black
  • It is most suitable for large quantities of tattoo mixture. 

3. Expresso Tattoo Ink Pigment Mixer

If you don’t want to use an electric tattoo mixer and still don’t want to do messy mixing with your traditional plate, the Expresso Tattoo Ink Colour Mixer is the right tool for you. Expresso is a device that any tattoo artist or aspiring tattoo artist should have because it is handy and practical for tattoo ink blending. It’s useful when it comes to blending and mixing multiple colors.


  • It is highly affordable
  • It is not electricity-dependent 
  • It uses double AA non-rechargeable battery
  • It is handy and easy to carry for fieldwork
  • Designed in different colours which can enable you to choose preferred colour related to your brand
  • Great for small quantity usage


  • Small cups
  • Your hand must be in continuous rotation for a faster uniform mixture
  • The mixing sticks are shorter in length, and this limits the product to use for a small quantity
  • Because the mixing sticks are disposable, it leads to ongoing expenses on mixing sticks.

4. PainfulPleasures Tattoo Ink Mixer

PainfulPleasures Tattoo Ink Mixer is a great time-saving and entertaining mixing activity. 

It has an excellent capacity for mixing and blending solid colors in small quantities. 

Because of its basic functionality and low cost, we recommend Painfulpleasures Tattoo ink mixer to beginners in tattoo creation. It allows you to work more efficiently and watch the entire color blending and combining process. Because it is robust and lightweight, you will like using it.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to use without electricity because it uses double AA batteries
  • Super handy
  • It is very durable, which means it lasts longer
  • It is small and practical for mixing a small number of ink colours
  • Lightweight for convenient carriage


  • When used with small cups, it splashes paints around in the process of mixing colours.
  • It can be expensive to maintain due to constant spending on mixing sticks.
  • It is available in just one colour-black.

5. Yuelong Tattoo Ink Mixer Machine

You may believe that the other non-electric tattoo mixing products are too expensive for you and that you require more details before making a final decision. If that is the case, this Yuelong will be a fantastic deal for you. This Yuelong is jam-packed with different devices, saving you from having to buy new ones as soon as the old ones wear out. Yuelong is a non-electric ink blender for tattoos that is both smart and durable.


  • Special package of extra gadgets of metal sticks and cups
  • Quality plastic material
  • Time-saving and affordable
  • Blends ink  pigment uniformly just by pressing a button
  • Relatively cheap when compared to other related product
  • It is durable
  • It is super affordable when compared to other products


  • Because of its small size and handy features, you must be intentional about its safety. 
  • Some complaints received from customers about Yuelong are its inability to last long, which might result from personal handling.
  • The small cups that came along with it can be useless 
  • Frequent purchase of a battery 

6. ALIWOOD Multipurpose Tattoo Ink Mixer

If you already have cups to mix your tattoo inks with but still want something similar to a Yuelong ink mixer, an ALIWOOD tattoo ink mixer is a perfect option. ALIWOOD Multi Purpose is both inexpensive and simple to use.

The mixer is so effective that it prevents ink from settling and makes the mixing process smooth and simple in a matter of seconds. Extra mixing sticks are included as part of the super-pack..


  • It is made with plastic but of excellent quality
  • With just one button control, it’s easy to use.
  • homogenous and rigorous mixing 
  • Uses double AA batteries .
  • Portable size
  • Available in different colours
  • Extra disposable metal sticks


  • Customers complained about its battery draining effect
  • Frequent purchase of batteries
  • Mixing inside the small tattoo cup can waste the ink because of the small structure of the ink

7. BeautyNomix Tattoo Ink Mixer Machine

Without this last ink machine for exceptional tattoo designs, our list of the top mixers would be incomplete. Every professional tattooist’s workstation should have BeautyNomix. Unlike hand-held mixers, this instrument is a mixer with a firm stand.

In the mixer, turn the bottle containing the ink upside down and mix for 10 seconds. The mixer’s high revolving per minute power of 2800 RPM comfortably shakes the ink bottle.


  • It has tight grip rubber that enables it to fit tightly to flat surfaces
  • Strong and durable designs
  • It comes with an adapter to charge it.
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Highly practical with RPM of 2800.
  • Adequate for large quantity 
  • It works faster and neater.


  • It is expensive.
  • You need to maintain it with care because of its adapter
  • The user manual must be well-read to understand compatible appliances with the product

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use the tattoo ink mixer?

To blend your colors, use the tattoo ink mixer. Attach a plastic ink stirrer to the mixer’s end and start mixing.

Which electric tattoo ink mixer can I get within the range of $25- $30?

Based on the price range, the only tattoo ink mixer you can get is Calidaka Tattoo Ink Mixer.

Where can I buy my preferred tattoo ink mixer?

Visit Amazon, eBay and search for vendors on google for the nearest outlet close to you.


Choosing the proper instrument for mixing tattoo ink from many options and understanding its characteristics and functions might be difficult. You won’t want to acquire a tool that you don’t understand.

Another reason you haven’t considered purchasing appropriate equipment for your profession is the concern of buying a tool that doesn’t satisfy your needs. Choosing an ink mixer is now simple, thanks to our review.

All you have to do now is recheck the information and select the option that best matches your needs. 

Remember that utilizing a tattoo ink mixer simplifies and professionalizes your work. With tools that improve your work, you can charge your consumers more. Is it still necessary for you to sleep on it? No, take action right now!

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