8 Best Tattoo Artist Chair and Tattoo Stool Reviews in 2021

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Best tattoo Artist chair

A tattoo chair is the most essential piece of furniture if you are planning to start a new tattoo parlour or want to renovate your current one.

Tattoo chair provides comfort to the client at the time of tattooing that provides ultimate tattooing experience.

So you need to look after many things while buying a tattoo chair or stool as it is the most expensive and important purchase for a tattoo artist.

There are many tattoo chairs in the market but not every suit the comfort of your client. So you need to look after many factors while buying a tattoo chair.

In this article, we have reviewed 8 best tattoo chair in the market and at the end of this article, we have provided a detailed guide on buying a tattoo chair that will surely refine your purchasing decision.

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Image Product Review Price
Best Choice products tattoo chair
Giantex Portable Light Weight Massage Chair
InkBed Hydraulic Tattoo Bed Chair
LCL Complete Tattoo Package
Dr. Lomilomi Hydraulic Saddle Stool

8 Best Chair Reviews (Experts Recommendations)

1. Best Choice products tattoo chair (Best all in one Tattooing Chair)

Best Choice Tattoo chair

If you are looking for an affordable price tattoo chair then best choice product chair is the most recommended option for you.

The chair is most popular among tattoo artist because it performs multifunction like it contains a table (with hydraulic extension) and non-slip steel that provides stability to the chair.

The best part of the chair is that it comes with comfortable cushioning that provides comfort to both tattoo artist and client during the tattoo session.

The dimension of the chair is 71″ x 24″ x 30″(H), and have the weight capacity of 500 lbs.

The chair comes with removable arm sets and also provides comfortable footrest and back that helps to provide smooth tattoo session

If you are looking for a chair to gift your tattoo artist friend then it is the number one recommendation from our side.

Best Features of Best Choice products tattoo chair

  • It comes with a hydraulic stool
  • Affordable price
  • You can remove the head cushion and armrest Includes a heavy-duty frame
  • Includes heavy-duty frame

2. Giantex Portable Light Weight Massage Chair (Best Portable Tattoo Chair)

Giantex Portable Chair

If you have just started your tattoo shop and have the scarcity of space in your shop then Giantex Portable Lightweight Chair is the best option for you.

The chair is so much lightweight (22 pounds only)so that you can easily take it from one place to another.

In order to provide extra comfort and relax the manufacturer provides two-inch foam padding.

The best thing about the chair is that you can adjust it according to your comfort. It can stretch up the height up to 47 inches and also it can carry the weight of 350 pounds.

The chair provides automatic adjustable seat, chest and armrest so you can moderate according to your own choice and comfort.

This chair is stylish that grabs the attention of your customers.

So if you want to provide a smooth and amazing tattooing experience to your clients then you should try this tattoo chair.

Top Features of Gaintex Tattoo Chair

  • Made up with durable powder-coated aluminium
  • It can extend up to 47 inches
  • A comfortable chair for the tattoo artist
  • It doesn’t cover the large area of your shop

3. InkBed Hydraulic Client Tattoo Massage Bed Chair (Most comfortable Tattoo Chair)

Inkbed tattoo chair

Ink Bed Hydraulic tattoo chair comes with extra stable steel construction that helps to keep the body of the client straight during the tattoo session.

The chair includes the best foam in the headrest that helps your customers to lie down on their stomach if they are having a tattoo on their back.

Although the price of this chair is slightly high but trust me you will never regret after buying.

Leg supporter is very mush supportive to keep the leg of your client straight during the tattoo session. You can extend the leg rest according to the height of your client.

Ink Bed Chair comes with a 360-degree hydraulic pump system that provides more customization to your client.

The chair contains locking wheels that provide mobility to your chair and also contain a solid base that will never allow moving the chair during the tattoo session.

The best thing about this chair is that you can extend it up to 83.5 inches and after full extending, you will not face any issue of regarding stability.

There are more than 65% positive five-star reviews of this chair that shows the satisfaction of customers for this product.

Best Features of Ink Bed Tattoo Chair

  • The company offers one year warranty
  • Best Option for a larger shop
  • Keep your body fully straight during the tattoo session
  • You can spin this chair at 360 degree

4. LCL Complete Tattoo Package

LCL complete tattoo package

LCL is another best-recommended product on our list.

This package includes everything that you need in order to provide the best tattoo session to your client.

The package includes Tattoo table, chair for tattoo artist, separate armrest and a utility tray. So if you are looking for all in one package then LCL is the most appropriate option for you.

It has a separate welded steel base that ensures the durability of this chair.

Other then that arms of this chair can easily remove so you can convert this chair according to your need and preference.

This chair provides the option of removing the pillow if you find any discomfort during the session.

The headrest of the chair can be extended by 6inches that will be convenient for taller clients.

So if you are looking for a package that will grace up your studio with a nominal price then you should try this tattoo chair.

Best Feature of LCL beauty complete tattoo package

  • You can adjust head pillow according to your convenience
  • Affordable price option
  • Comfort foam padding with high density
  • The chair is more durable
  • Adjust headrest according to length of person

5. Dr. Lomilomi Hydraulic Saddle Stool

Dr. Lomilomi tattoo stool

Dr Lomilomi Hydraulic saddle stool is the another best pick if you are looking for an affordable option for regular sitting.

It is most convenient for both tattoo artist and client.

The stool comes with saddle sitting that helps to release stress and calm down the body after a long time sitting.

Stool does a very good job to keep your spinal cord straight and relaxed.

Dr Lomilomi Hydraulic Saddle Stool comes with top qualified foam that will make you comfortable during the tattoo session.

The best part of this stool is that you can easily adjust the stool according to your length and comfort level.

The Hydraulic system of the stool helps in uplifting that ensure lifetime quality and safety.

So if you are looking for daily sitting table within the appropriate budget then Dr Lomilomi Hydraulic Saddle Stool is the best option to go with!

Top Features of Dr Lomilomi Hydraulic Saddle Stool

  • You can adjust it easily with super hydraulic system
  • Provide 360 degrees rolling
  • Provide a comfortable sitting experience
  • The top qualified foam design

6. AmazonBasics Adjustable Stool 

AmazonBasics Adjustable Stool

If you want a perfect drafting stool at an affordable price then this is something you must have.

The stool’s height can adjust up to 36.2 inches high that will helps in tattooing. The stool can be used for client and artist perspective.

Along with this, the stool includes a footrest and backrest that makes a person easy while sitting for a long time.

The back cousins of the stool are quite spongy that gives you a comfortable sitting experience.   

The stool contains 250 pounds weight capacity that is enough for a normal person. Stool also contains 1-year manufacture warranty that shows the durability of the product.

Best Features AmazonBasics Adjustable Stool 

  • 36.2 inches adjustable height
  • Include footrest and backrest
  • Supportive back cousins
  • Heavy Duty chrome Arch

7. BestMassage Portable Tattoo Chair

BestMassage Portable Tattoo Chair

It is another great recommendation in our product recommendation list.  The portable chair covers everything that you need as a tattoo artist.  

The chair is made up with heavy-duty material and also includes gloss powder-coated finish that makes it more durable for long term use.

Along with this, the chair includes high density foam that enhances the durability and provides a comfortable sitting.  The weight carrying capacity is also more than other chairs as it can carry a weight of 300 pounds.

The most attractive part of the chair is that it contains a solid foldable system that will help to take it along with you and easy to carry. It just required normal assembling that doesn’t need any tools so you can easily proceed without any issue.

The best thing about the chair is that it comes with water and oil proofing that helps to clean your chair.

Best Features BestMassage Portable Tattoo Chair

  • Adjustable chair
  • Easy to carry and assemble
  • Carry weight of 300 pounds
  • Highly durable option
  • Easy to clean

8. BELLAVIE Adjustable Table Chair

 BELLAVIE Adjustable Table Chair

It is a multipurpose table chair that helps in tattooing, facial, eyebrow and threading.

This chair will give your client an unbelievable experience at the time of tattooing.  It included premium foam padding along with deluxe leather that will ensure the comfort of your client.

It allows adjustable back from 120 to 180 degree and footrest of 45 to 180 degree so that you can fix according to the position of sitting.

Along with this, its strong and durable bracket support 375 lbs weight that is quite enough for the average person.

The table chair comes in a normal price range as per the features. So if you are looking for a highly flexible and fixed solution for your client then it is something that you must have.

Best Features BELLAVIE Adjustable Table Chair

  • Adjustable back and foot rest
  • 375 lbs weight capacity
  • a highly flexible and durable option
  • comes with premium foam coating

Tools used in ancient times

To print art on a body in Egyptian civilization, tools that formerly used were tiny bronze tattoo needles, Polynesian rake needle, thai needle kit, Edison electric pen, etc.

Also, since tattooing is becoming popular in NewYork, it has emerged as a very respectable and exciting business, and many people pursue their careers in this field. So, here we will tell you the things that help to start a business.

Tattoo Making  – A Business Perspective

The people who get themselves into this business seamlessly must-have equipment and furniture for that.


A cool business with full-time entertainment, indeed. For novice tattoo lovers, here are some basic tattoo tips, to start with.

  • Area – Look out for the area that has the most tattoo trend among the community and where it is worthwhile to open a studio.
  • Design Expertise – Make yourself an expert on tattooing, and you must know about every design that a client wants to have on him. We can find different types of tattoos, benefitting people with new ways to show their aesthetical interest – for example, henna tattoos, 3D realistic arts or watermark tattoos, etc.
  • Tools – Now it is easy to find tattoo-making tools easily. Tools for tattooing like a sewing needle, ink, dry wipes, etc. can be found from many places as well as you may also find some tattoo-removing tools like mole remover, tattoo remover liquid tubes, or laser treatment options, etc.
  • Suitable Furniture – It is a must to have a good tattoo chair for customers. Also, we can have a table or a stool for this purpose. Artist chair matters, as well.

Best Tattoo chairs – kinds, reasons, and qualities

tattoo chair with sleeping style

Kinds of  Chairs

We can find many varieties of chairs which are suitable and fulfil our requirements. Let’s dig in a bit.

  • Hydraulic Tattoo Chairs – These are similar to barber chairs and provide more ease to the customers by allowing them to relax with the features like armrests, headrests, and footrests.
  • Portable Tattoo chairs – These are easily movable, and you can transport it to different locations easily. They are made of plastic leather.
  • Adjustable chairs – They look like hydraulic chairs but keep more practical options as these chairs can be adjusted and customized as per the client’s requirement. For example, headrests, armrests, and footrests can be removed or attached without using any specific equipment.

Why Tattoo Chairs?

The most important thing to have even when you get your business started from a single room, is the best tattoo chair to save customers from uneasiness. Furthermore, A tattoo chair enhances the beauty of your studio and let you handle both of your clients and tools efficiently.

Here, we are going to make it easy for you to choose the comfiest chair for this purpose.

  • Client-Friendly – The foremost requirement is to make your studio environment customer-friendly and this can only be done by having comfortable furniture for them.

The relaxed the user feels the easier it makes for both of you to complete your tasks.

  • Usability and Ease – Chair with arms and wheel are more convenient as you can revolve the chair in whatever position you want. Chairs are better than having a stool for clients because sometimes, tattoo takes too long to get completed and you definitely don’t want to make your customers unhappy and unsatisfied by using a discomforting chair.
  • Performance enhancement – When you are buying a chair, it is imperative to keep your own comfort and ease in mind as well as your client’s cosiness. It is good to have the right chair to increase work-ability and improve productivity because a client with much ease will provide you with more support while having a tattoo on him.
  • Keeps your tools organized – Chairs with tools organizers are the good add-on to your studio and helps you to keep all tattoo related equipments in asymmetry and make it easy to manage them.

While tattooing a client, this arrangement of tools saves time that can be served in a hunt for a proper tool, as well as doesn’t let your client get annoyed at you.

brown tattoo chair

Via Pinterest

What should be kept in mind while buying a Chair?

  • Quality of chair matters – The purchase of a chair is indeed a huge investment for the tattoo business. You must check the reliability of the brand when you are going to purchase a tattoo chair at first because a name matters.

Moreover, the quality of the chair depends upon the functionality and only then can be used for a longer period of time. This key feature also ensures the user that they are in good hands now.

  • Adjustability – The best tattoo chair is the one that can make everyone glad and comfortable regardless of height and weight. For this, choose a chair that can support as much flexibility and adjustability as it can accordingly.

Adjustable armrests, headrests, and footrests can enhance the performance as well as makes the experience tolerable for clients.

Few other tips for tattoo artists

Some nitty-gritty details and casual tips for tattoo artists:

  • Keep a license of your business if it’s mandatory in your country.
  • Use gloves before starting tattooing and wash hands before putting on them.
  • Use a tattoo apparatus, especially the needles only once.
  • Never use expired items for tattooing; it may not only harm the client but also may damage your repute.

Bottom Line

Getting a tattoo on your body enthusiasts you but tattooing on others’ bodies may thrill you even more. It is undoubtedly the best experience and pleases both the customer and the artist.

The above guide and reviews will surely help you to buy the best tattoo chair in the market and help to grow your tattoo business. So if you like this article then share it with your other fellow tattoo artist who are willing to buy a tattoo chair.

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