5 Best Tattoo Machines Review in 2019 (December Updated)

best tattoo machine in 2019 (ultimate guide)

Best Tattoo Machines That Will Refine Your Art

Tattoo machine is most important equipment for a tattoo artist. The craze of tattooing have increased and tattoo is becoming the best way to express oneself. So it is necessary for an artist or passionate tattoo lover that he must have right kind of tattoo machine to express his art. So here we have pick 5 top recommended tattoo machine by renowned artist globally.

Before we talk about best tattoo machine, We should know what are the things we should consider while choose a tattoo machine according to our requirement and what are types of tattoo machine available in the market.

If you are a beginner and wants to refine your art then you need the best tattoo machines for beginners that is easy to use with affordable price.

Lets first discuss types of tattoo machine. Stay with us, we will help you to pick best tattoo machine for you.

Best tattoo ink (updated review)

Image Product Rating Prize
Dragonhawk Brass Coils Tattoo Machine both Shader and Liner
Best tattoo coil machine kit
Dragon hawk Mast Pen Rotary Tattoo Machine
Dragonhawk Raven Rotary Tattoo Machine
Dragonhawk Extreme Rotary Tattoo Machine

Types of Tattoo Machines

You must be confused that what tattoo machine should i buy? because there are two types of tattoo machine generally, rotatory tattoo machine and coil tattoo machines. It is essential to analyze the different features that come with both the rotary tattoo machine and the coil tattoo machine.

Coil tattoo machine

In coil tattoo machine the current passes through the coils which derive the armature bar which attached to needles and the needles inject and retract in clients skin. Coil machines are much noisy and vibrating. Have you ever listen vibrating noise when you passed through tattoo shop that are coil tattoo machine. Coil machines comes with one, two and three coils and two coil is considered as standard coil machine. The two coils and metal road make the machine heavier which some time difficult to use for long time. The best part of coil machine is it hit the clients skin softer and their is bigger margins of error while tattooing so it is good for beginner. You can tune and adjust your machine according to your requirement. Coil machines can not used for lining and shading together at one time.

Pros and cons of using coil tattoo machines

  • Chance of error are less
  • You can tune and adjust your machines
  • Perfect to build greys
  • Also effective with large needle
  • Shedding tend to be easy with coil machine
  • They are much heavier than rotary
  • Coil machines are much noisy and vibrating
  • They hit the skin harder
  • They cannot be used simultaneously for lining and shading

Rotary tattoo machine

In rotary machine there is small electric motor attached to the needles which moves the needle up and down. Rotary machines are extremely quiet and less vibrating than coil machines and they are way smother and faster than coil machine. Rotary machines due to motor are quit lighter and easy to use and you can work for longer hour with rotary machines. The another best things about the rotary machine are they it hit smother two the skin and clients skin heel faster. But they are faster it may cause the much error chance so operator must be experienced with them. Rotary can be used both for lining and shading by just changing the needles.

Pros and cons of using rotary machine

  • They are extremely quit and less vibrating
  • They are lighter and easy to handle
  • Have low maintiness
  • They are smother and hit soft to the skin
  • It have fast needle movement and are good for lineing
  • Due to its quickness the error of margin is bigger
  • The cannot be adjust and tuned much as coil machine
  • It is’t effective with large needles
  • For shading coil tend to be more effective

Best Tattoo Machines (Our Pick)

There are many tattoo machine in the market but we have to choose the one that best suits our requirement. So here are our best picks for tattoo machine.

Best tattoo coil machine

Dragonhawk Brass Coils Tattoo Machine both Shader and Liner (
Best tattoo coil machine )

This is best coil tattoo machine in many prospecting made by dragon hawk. It is heavy and durable tattoo machine made with brass frame with finished shining. This coil machine came with both liner and shader with a such a affordable prize that you cannot even imagine. According to some experts it is the best machine for beginner due to its ease of control.

Shader came with 10 wrap coil and where as linear came with 8wrap coil. The shader running with 115-120Hz with the power supply of 7-8 watt and where as the liner running with the speed of 140-150Hz with 7-8 volts.

The machine are smooth and little bit heavy but soon you will usual to it. Machine is made with dedication and perfectly balanced. Thousands of customer are amazed by the result of this coil machine

Best Tattoo Coil Machine Kit

Tattoo coil machine kit

If you are beginner in tattooing and you don’t know what things are required for tattooing and you also want to purchase whole tattoo kit under budget than this might be proofed best for you. In this kit you will get the following things. It is the best cheap tattoo machine you will ever get in this price range.

You will be wondered to know that demand for best coil tattoo machines increased by more then 58% in these years. There are two coil tattoo machine one is liner and another is shader to power them you will get power supply and two clip cord to connect them to power supply. A foot pedal to terminate power to the machine as required and 10 popular color immortal inks that are famous brand made in the USA. EO sterilize tattoo needles, tips and more accessories for tattoo artist.

Both hawk tattoo machine liner and shader are made from superior kind of metal and are well balanced with 10 wrap coils and spring is heavily elastic and anti-fatigue that will be helpful for long time working. The other best part about this kit is that it will you high economic value as a beginner. These all bunch of things you will get in affordable prize. You will be amazed by this kit,

Best Tattoo Rotary Pen

Dragon hawk Mast Pen Rotary Tattoo Machine

Mast pen rotary tattoo machine is really awesome light weight tattoo making machine. The best things about is that its look like pen and it is very easy to handle. Have nice grip. This machine is recommended for beginners. After using several months artist found that it is the best rotary pen tattoo machine that is available in the market.

It is light weight pan style tattoo machine made from space aluminum frame and have length of 11.7 cm with 120 gram weight. This machine featured with powerful Japanese motor with  advanced gear system that made it smooth, reliable and quite operational without any vibration.

Its Cartridges 100% E.O Gas Sterilized and individually packaged and needles made with 316 medical grade stainless steel and have better ink flow. The machine is compatible with all kind of cartridges and needles. You can change the length stroke length with2.8mm to 3.5mm to help accomplish wide variety of tattooing. Dragon hawk comes with close mouthed tips which can make needles strike more steady and grab more ink each time.

Best tattoo rotary machine

Dragonhawk Raven Rotary Tattoo Machine

Dragon hawk raven rotary tattoo machine is a simple and classic. Most suitable machine for outlining and solid color designing. It can create perfectly lines and tattooing on difficult place and extremely comfortable to use.

Made for to make new school, dot design work and grey realistic tattooing. It gives you extra ordinary quality, less trauma, pack faster and will perfect for black work. The raven can be operated on different voltage and you can adjust voltage according to your preference.

The machine is very light weight. Its only 78 gram/3.1oz and extremely easy to control and very handy in use. Can be connected with power supply by both RCA chip and clip cord. It has machine knob by adjusting that you can hit hard and soft to the client skin. It has powerful japan corless mortar and speed of the mortar can be increased or decreased with one touch technology. This tattoo machine use special IC chip to control more sizes needles, Package include one Raven rotary tattoo machine, one 304 steel traditional tattoo grip.

This is really awesome rotary machine and specially made for artist to refine their work and make their work more incredible.

Dragonhawk Extreme Rotary Tattoo Machine

Extreme rotary tattoo machine is direct drive mortar that is more powerful and will run for long time regularly without heating.

The Weight: 6.17oz, Dimension3.7in x 2.2in of machine. It is made from  carbon steel body frame and with powerful  durable Japanese motor. Come with Its design is simple and smooth.

This machine can be used for both lining and shading. It has long lasting stability and by adjusting voltage you can adjust the frequency of the machine. It will be softer to the skin and let the skin heel faster. Could create more style of tattoo creation. It has a oily slider that can reduce the friction and lower the sound. The machine is silent an stable and you will be amazed by its smoothness and running compatible with traditional tattoo needles and cartridge. For shading it require 7-8 voltage and lining 8-9 voltage are required and length of stroke is 3.5mm.

This is professional durable, smooth and durable rotary machine. This is extremely useful for different kind of tattoo work. It can do both lining and shading together effectively. This is awesome for professional artist to refine their work. Client will pop up their eyes with its extra ordinary results.


We hope these tattoo machine reviews will be helpful for you in purchasing the best available product in the market. These reviews are conducted after meeting a lot of tattoo experts and artists. You can choose any of them that best suits your need.

So if you like this article then share it with your friends who are planning to open a new tattoo studio or willing to buy a new machine for tattooing.

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