5 Best Rotary Tattoo Machine Reviews & Buying Guide in 2020

Best Rotary tattoo machine

A machine is the most essential equipment in tattooing. There are different types of rotary tattoo machines available in the market but we have to choose the one that is best on behalf of colour, size and performance.

So here we have reviewed best rotary tattoo machines that are available in the market and together with this, we will provide you with an in-depth buying guide that will definitely refine your purchasing decision.

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Image Product Review Price
Dragonhawk Mast Rotary Tattoo Pen
Bishop Authentic Rotary Tattoo Machine
Yilong Rotary Tattoo machine kit
Dragonhawk Raven Rotary Tattoo Machine
Solong Tattoo Pen Rotary Tattoo Machine

What is Rotary Tattoo Machine?

A rotary tattoo is one of the main types of tattoo machine. It is the small and handy tattoo machine that works on a small motor that moves the needle of the machine in up and down direction. The machine injects the ink in the second layer of the skin i.e. dermis.

This machine is mainly used for making picture tattoo as it is perfect for lining and shading.

Best Rotary Tattoo Machine Reviews

1. Dragonhawk Mast Rotary Tattoo Pen

Dragonhawk Mast Rotary Tattoo Pen

Dragonhawk is the most trusted brand in the tattoo machine industry and that’s the reason we have placed this machine on number one position.

It is made up of Space Aluminum frame that gives premium feel to this machine. This is the most affordable option that comes with all useful things that are essential for tattooing i.e. Mast tattoo pen, dc cord.

You will feel more accuracy and control while using this tattoo machine. The best part is that the shape of the machine provides proper grip and feel of an actual pen that helps to make a perfect tattoo.

The weight of the machine is so light that you don’t even feel while holding it in your hands. It is made up with a custom mast motor that comes with gear shift system that helps to perform a quiet operation without any vibration.

  • Comes with aluminium frame
  • Affordable option
  • More accuracy and control on the machine
  • Pen size tattoo machine provide proper gripping
  • Light-weighted
  • They sold ink separately
  • Some people need grip tape while using this machine

2. Bishop Authentic Rotary Tattoo Machine

Bidhop rotary tattoo machine

If you need one solution that comes with everything that you can expect from a rotary tattoo machine then trust me Bishop Tattoo Machine provides everything that you want.

It comes with billet aircraft aluminium hand polish that provides a super professional feel and durability to this machine.

The best thing about this machine is that every part of this machine is assembled by hands so they take care each and everything that is essential in making a perfect machine and that’s the reason the company is providing a lifetime warranty.

Although the price of the machine is a little high if you consider the performance and quality of this machine then it is all worthy. So if you need a tattoo machine to make a detailed tattoo then this machine is worth buying option for you.

  • Comes with billet aircraft aluminium hand polish
  • All parts of the machine are assembled by hands
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Best for detailed tattoo crafting
  • Price of the machine is high

3. Yilong Rotary Tattoo machine kit

Yilong Rotary Tattoo machine kit

Yilong is the best two in one solution that is best for lining and shading. This machine is designed for comfort and safety that are adjustable for custom performance.

The kit includes everything you can expect from a tattoo machine i.e. power supply, tattoo pedal, tattoo line, tattoo power line and 50 blue tattoo needles and if you consider these things with its price then it’s all worthy.

Every part of the machine is assembled by hands that ensure the durability of the product. Other than this, the machine is best in term of weight and performing the silent operation. The machine includes a 3.5mm stroke length that is perfect if you are going with black and grey shading.

The best part of this machine is that by design of this machine is that it is so much comfortable that your hand veins will not get tired even in a long tattoo session.

  • Made for comfort and safety
  • All in one package
  • Every part is assembled by hands
  • Best in performing the silent operation
  • The machine is not recommended for beginners

4. Dragonhawk Raven Rotary Tattoo Machine

Dragonhawk Raven Rotary Tattoo Machine

If you are looking for an option that perfectly lines the difficult skin areas of the body than Dragonhawk Raven Rotary Tattoo Machine is the most prescribed option for you. It is a simple and classic tattoo machine that performs well in solid colour picking.

The dark colours of tattoo are difficult to manage on the body but this tattoo machine provides exceptional performance with black and grey ink so if you are blackwork tattoo artist then you will love this machine.

It is designed to operate over a variable voltage that depends upon your personal preference or the requirement of your tattoo design.

  • Perfect for blackwork artist
  • Simple and Classic tattoo machine
  • Affordable price
  • Exceptional performance
  • Ink is not included in the package

5. Solong Tattoo Pen Rotary Tattoo Machine 

Solong rotary tattoo machine

Salong is another best pick in our bucket list. This rotary machine is made up with space aluminium alloy frame that provides premium look and durability to this machine.

It runs on a 10W motor that creates no noise so you can perform a large tattoo session with this machine. The packaging includes 1 Hybrid Tattoo Pen, 1 Connection Line, 1 Jack plug adaptor, 1 needle cartridge that is sufficient to perform a tattoo session.

This is all in one tattoo pen that is mainly used for permanent eyebrows makeup, eye line, lip line. The best thing about this machine is that it gives you a very handy pen feel that you can hold for a long period of time without any problem.

Other than this, the machine is compatible with all tattoo power supplies so you don’t need to worry about the power option of this machine.

  • Comes with space aluminium alloy frame
  • No noise tattoo session
  • Handy pen
  • Compatible with all brand tattoo power supply
  • Less adjustability for the needle part

Buying Guide

As we promised here is the buying guide that will let you know everything about rotary tattoo machine.

How to set up your Rotary tattoo machine

Here are the steps that will help you in setting up a rotary machine.

  • Step 1: Disassemble tattoo machine and Clean properly
  • Step 2: Clean your hands and workspace
  • Step 3: You have to attach the rubber nipple to the needle bar
  • Step 4: If you have needle then bend them and insert them into the tube.
  • Step 5: Fit needle bar in the nipple and make sure it should come together tightly
  • Step 6: Hold and Press the needle bar in the downward direction.
  • Step 7: Attach needle-bar and connect it with the retainer ring by tuning retainer screw and adjust the needle-bar retainer 
  • Step 8: Tight until needles are firmly placed and don’t wobble from their location.
  • Step 9: Adjust the supply of power according to your preference.

Note: Every machine comes with a user manual that describes the setup process. So it is advised to read that before setting up so that you will get the exact idea of the process.

Pros and Cons of Rotary Tattoo Machine

  • Easy in setup
  • It requires very low maintenance
  • Parts of the rotary tattoo machine are less expensive
  • It performs quite tattoo operation
  • Very handy to use
  • It is convenient for colouring and filling
  • The most preferred option for lining and shading
  • It doesn’t damage the skin
  • Doesn’t fit for deep tattoo art
  • Need a good power supply for batter performance

Final Verdict

So these are our top recommendation of the rotary tattoo machine. We hope you got the answer to all your queries and with the help of reviews, you can choose the best option available in the market.

We have reviewed all machines on behalf of features, price and performance so now it’s your time to purchase the best fit option for you.

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