How Do I Start My Own Tattoo Business

guide to start tattoo business

As a tattoo is traditional art and keeps continuously popular over hundreds of year. As it getting more and more popular day by day as it is said there are thousands of tattoo shop are active in USA and tattoo industry is worth 2.6 billion.

The huge demand of tattooing flourish tattoo industry and make it billion dollar industry. Tattoo business is hugely profitable and even an experienced artist can charge 500$ to 5000$ for making a single tattoo.

So, if you are planning to start your own tattoo business then here are following tips you should follow to set up a successful tattoo business.

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Acquire a license

However, just good at tattooing will not let you start a tattoo business. First, you have to acquire a license to run a tattoo and piercing shop legally.

To get a license different from state to state in USA. Generally, you need to complete an apprenticeship for few months under a licensed tattoo artist and have at-least some tattoo are made by you. But according to Body Art Procedures Act to open a tattoo shop in new jersey, you need to complete 2000 hour training under a professional certified tattoo artist. But to open a tattoo shop in Oregon, you only need 360-hour training under professional tattoo artist and have created atleast 50 tattoos.

In many states, you have to pass the entrance exam and need experienced training as it depends upon the state to countries. So to set up tattoo business, you need first to acquire a license.

Find a good location and get a shop

However, the location is the most crucial factor that defines the success and failure of a business. So find a place that is affordable plus has a good amount of customer that will like to have a tattoo done. Always set up a tattoo shop where other tattoo businesses are running or setting up a tattoo in a market where thousands and lakhs of people come daily to shop.

Buy tattoo equipment and basic accessories

There is some money you will need to set up a tattoo business. To set up a tattoo shop you will somewhere need upto 25000$ to the setup tattoo shop.

The first and foremost things you need to buy is a tattoo machine and a high-quality professional tattoo machine need upto 400$. Needles and ink need money to feed ink to your tattoo machine continuously. There are basic furniture you need like beds, chair, table and lamp to get tattooing done. There are hundreds of other smaller accessories you need to set up a tattoo shop.

You need little back-end money to run cost of day to day expenditure like electricity, employ salary and other use and throw accessories.

Other then this, you must consider some basic things like tattoo chair and other equipment that make your studio more professional and trustworthy.

Marketing and customer acquisition cost.

Think, you have acquired a license, find a location and buy everything that needed to make a tattoo. If you don’t get a customer, then what the use of this all. So you have to save little money for marketing to acquire a customer.

However, there is various type of marketing strategy how can follow to acquire a customer. each type of marketing have their own pros and cons

Things you can follow to acquire a customer.

You can make a website and market your services through digital marketing. Can print template and send to people house with newspaper. You can place an ad in the local newspaper.

Can give a discount or provide free tattoo services for first 500 people to let them mouth advertising for you. But remember to give them the best experience of tattooing. So they will positively advertise you.

How to further grow your further tattoo business.

Think for a while why anybody comes to you, there are 21000 actively running a tattoo shop in USA. So you have to do something special for your customer.

What things feel them special. No 1 things which feel them and also does not cost you any extra money that is treat them so nicely that they will like to comes to you again and also refer you to their friends. Other things are your services speak about you and customer satisfaction is the biggest thing. so always satisfy your customer and do what they want and do not make false promises as they will harm your business for long term.

Hire most experience tattoo artist as they cost you much, but when your customer goes outside, then their tattoo speaks for you. So other people attract by your customer tattoo and would like to become your customer.

Other things you can give a discount or start a referral programme that if anybody refers you that you will provide 10 per cent money to your preferred and offer 10 % discount to your customer, who come by reference. It is a win-win approach.

However, if you follow tips mentioned above and tricks you can set up a successful tattoo business for sure.know its your turn if you like this post, please share this with your friends on social media who are looking to start a tattoo business.

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