10 Best Tanning Lotion for Tattoos in 2020

Last updated on August 8th, 2020

Best Tanning lotion for tattoos

Getting a tan and having sun-kissed look is awesome but at the same time you need to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays and especially when you have a tattooed skin then you need to be extra careful.

The tattooed part is more sensitive than other portion of your body so the UV rays can fade down your skin at the same time make it dull. So a tanning lotion for tattoos can be the most appropriate solution for you that will maintain the beauty of your tattoo.

So here we have reviewed best tanning lotion for tattoos that will prevent your tattoo from fading and also boost the moisture so that your skin doesn’t get dry.

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Top 10 Tanning Lotion for Tattoos Reviews

1. Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses Golden Tanning Lotion

The Ed Hardy Coconut tanning lotion contains the anti UV agents that will protect your tattoo and that’s the reason we are placing it on number one position.

The most active ingredient in the tanning lotion is coconut oil that will help to moisturize your skin as well as helps to make it soft and glowing. Coconut oil helps to hydrate your skin while getting tan for long hours under the sun.

It includes tattoo colour fade protector technology along with tan accreting elements that will maintain the beauty of your skin and tattoo. Along with this, it also avoids premature ageing signs in the form of wrinkles and dark marks.

The best thing about the lotion is that it is suitable on all skin types so if you have sensitive skin, then also you can apply the lotion without any issue.

2. Ed Hardy Beachtime Tanning Lotion

If you are looking for a tanning lotion that suitable for both indoor and outdoor tanning then this is the most appropriate recommendation for you.

The lotion contains most natural ingredients including coconut oil, coconut milk, hibiscus and seaweed that will help to nourish and moisturize your skin and also keeps it hydrated even after a long tanning session.

The best part is that it doesn’t include bronzer so all you will get after applying this tanning lotion is natural and yours. It will help to get rid of the ageing symptoms and keeps your skin healthy and young.

3. Supre Snooki Skinny Streak-Free Bronzer Tanning Lotion

The tanning lotion has amazing packagings that defiantly gain your attention. The lotion includes the most effective ingredients that will protect your tattoo from fading and also hydrate your skin as well.

Other than this, it includes the firm complex formula that will help to tighten your skin and prevent premature ageing effects like fine lines and sagging. The tanning lotion includes bronzer that will detract your skin imperfection and provides you with a fine complex.

4. Designer Skin Spellbound Entranced Bronzer Indoor Tan Lotion

It is another great recommended option in the list of indoor tanning lotion. The lotion includes 24X mega bronzer that will give you a smooth and plain colour to your skin and helps to achieve your desired tan.

The lotion includes silicon that will provide smoothness to your skin and also comes with tattoo protection formula that will help to maintain the beauty of your tattoo even after enjoying tanning.

The sheer blossom fragrance will is so sweet ad loving that you defiantly loves it. The product is highly recommended for the designer and tanners who want long-lasting results instantly.

5. JWOWW Natural Black Bronzer with Ink

JWOWW natural black bronzer is for those who need instant tanning effect along with smooth and glowing skin.

The bronzer contains the black currant oil along with pear extracts that will keep your skin hydrated and provides a delicious effect. It also deals with the sign of premature ageing and helps to look young and dashing.

It also includes some kendi oil and shea butter that also works on maintaining your old tattoo and provides clean moisturizing effect without being stickiness.

In order to protect your tattoo, it includes the ingredients that act as an ink guard and prevent your tattoo from fading and cracking.

6. Ed Hardy Tanista Indoor Tanning Bed Lotion

Ed Hardy Tanista

This Ed Hardy Tanista Indoor Tanning Bed Lotion accompanies with the self-adjusting BB creme formula with extra benefits.

It helps to mask and shade little imperfections as well as protects tattoos and provides tan faster. It leaves a velvety soft skin with its creamy texture and the floral fragrance of the product will amaze you for sure.

Along with these, it features anti redding complex, tan extenders, and color fade protection which are its additional specialties that will convincible to use the product.

7. Devoted Creations #TANLIFE Hydrating Tanning Butter

Devoted Creations #TANLIFE Hydrating

If you are looking for a super soft tanning butter for your tattoo skin, this lotion can be ideal for you. It comes with tattoo and color fade protection that is good for your tattoos.

It includes shea butter which provides the natural moisturizer, natural glow, anti-aging and skin firming and wrinkle reduction benefits. The smooth and nice smell will make you feel better while using it.

8. Jwoww One and Done Tanning Lotion

 Jwoww One and Done, White Bronzer, With Ink Drink

The Ink Drink Complex formula of this lotion protects and shelters your tattoo effectively.

Moreover, this Jwoww One and Done, White Bronzer, With Ink Drink Complex Tanning Lotion also includes vitamin A, vitamin E, shea butter, beeswax, and raspberry.

These ingredients give your tattoo a healthy restoration. Black walnut and white DHA helps to make the color darker.

Along with these, the caffeine and avocado oil works for hydrating skin and providing a youthful appearance. You will geta firming and moisturizing skin as well.

9. Ed Hardy Sorry Not Sorry

Ed Hardy Sorry Not Sorry

This lotion will show you an effective tanning result with tattoo and color fade protection formula which provides insanely darker and bronzer results.

Also, it has a soothing formula accompanied by cucumber, aloe vera, and avocado. Almond oil, hemp seed oil and, macadamia works for hydration and nourishment of the skin with extra skin beneficial features.

The lotion also contains de-puffing, anti redding, and skin calming properties by which you will seem like you are already tanned.

10. Australian Gold G Gentlemen Black Bronzer Tanning lotion

Australian Gold G Gentlemen Black Bronzer

If you want the most affordable tanning lotion for tattoos, here it is and it is specially made for the people with tattoos.

It is a high-quality tanning lotion that will give you the natural skin tone. Also, the lotion works for preventing inks of tattoos for fading and gives an instant color.

This product also hydrates, firms, and nourishes the skin. The super creamy lotion comes with an excellent smell that will give you an amazing experience.

Buying Guide

Buying a tanning lotion for your tattoo is not an easy task. There are several questions that arise in your mind while buying so in order to make your mind clear we include this buying guide that contains the questions that you must need to know before buying a tattoo tanning lotion.

Is it good to tan after having a tattoo?

No getting tan after having a tattoo doesn’t seem a great idea as it will take approximately 3-5 weeks in proper healing of your tattoo and during this phase, you should not get in direct touch of the sun if possible.

The sun will dehydrate your skin and make it dry and also it extracts harmful UV rays that are not healthy for your new tattoo.

What is a tanning bronzer?

Basically the bronzers are the ingredients that don’t have their own colour. They contain some chemical material that will help to provides you with a bronze look to your skin.

Mostly, the people who love the dark shade of colour use the tanning bronzer in order to keep the darkening effect for a long time period.

How can you protect your tattoo other than using tanning lotion?

You need to protect your skin from the sun and applying tanning lotion is not the only alternative on which you can totally depend so here are some of the precaution and alternatives that will help to protect your tattoo.

1. It is not recommended to tan just after having a tattoo that means one week after tattooing.

2. It is recommended to cover your tattoo with a cotton swab or use sunblock protective barrier that will help to protect your tattooed skin from harmful UV rays.

3. Apply moisturizer in order to get rid of the dryness and prevent it from fading and cracking.


It is very necessary to protect your tattoo from UV rays and also don’t apply the products that contain the ingredients that can become the reason for the infection.

We hope that these tanning lotions for tattoo will help to choose the best available product in the market and keep your skin hydrated even after long hours of tanning.

If you have any query regarding the products then feel free to mention in the comment section of the article.

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