100 Rib Tattoo designs for man and woman

Rib Tattoo

When it comes to tattooing then rib tattoo is the trend which is followed by millions of people in this world. It has a great benefit that if you want to hide this tattoo then you can easily hide it.

So it is a good option for those tattoo lovers who hide their interest or passion because of fear of losing employment opportunity. So you can show your tattoo whenever and wherever you want depends upon location and people around there.

It is very necessary that you must prioritize quality over money. You have to invest in these things because this is not a temporary mark. It will make you regret throughout your whole life.

So you have to know about each and everything about rib tattoo. So here you will get all necessary information like types of rib tattoo and healing time also provide 100 rib cage tattoo design that will help you to look unique and different.

Pain experienced with rib tattoo

A rib is the most painful area to get a tattoo the skin of that place is very thin and bones come close to upper skin. The pain differs from person to person depending on his tolerance power and many other relevant factors. Some people experience very less pain because of their skin type also.

If it is your first time

If you are having a tattoo first time then pain that you experience will be much higher so it is not suggested to having your first tattoo on the rib. Sometimes a person has to stop its tattooing session because of pain that is unbearable and ends up with an unfinished design. So it is very necessary to make your body prepare to face and experience pain before tattooing.

Some design ideas for a rib tattoo

While drawing a tattoo on your rib make sure that design you prefer must suit with your personality and somehow it also elaborate your overall personality So here are some rib tattoo design you should conceder while tattooing.


Drawing a poem on your body is the most followed design. The language of the poem can be English or any other local language depending on your personal choice.

Words or a single phrase

It is also adopted by a majority of people. As it is a single word or phrase it takes very little space on your body and people who are afraid of pain or if that word or phrase gives a meaning then defiantly you can go for it.


You can try some tattoo related to nature or it can be your experience of traveling or it can be from your daily schedule. Nature is too amazing, you can pick anything like a flower, animal, desert or whatever depending on your personal choice.


This is a very unique design. In this, you can have a tattoo of an alphabet that means something to you. It can your names first latter or someone who is very close to you.


In this design, you can have a tattoo of ECG report of your partner. It is a great design to show your love to someone.

A special date

This will make you remind of that particular date. In this, a particular date with year and month is used. It can be your birth date, anniversary date or any date that matters a lot in your life.

Your lucky number

It is the most preferred design celebrities. If you believe in such things, you can get it here so that it will be with you anytime and anywhere.

Here are some more rib tattoo designs for man and woman that will look attractive. It is recommended to consider these designs before tattoing.

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