Medusa piercing: Making your identity unique (Guide) 

Everyone wants to look different in this world. So they prefer different piercing style and trends. Medusa piercing is the fastest growing trend all over the world. One famous Canadian hairdresser named it medusa on the name of a famous street of California. It is getting popularity due to its unique location and aesthetic.

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Medusa piercing helps to highlight your face shape and your facial features as it is done on groove (between base of your nose and just above upper lip). The place between nose and upper lip is known as philtrum. So it is also known as philtrum piercing.

It looks very awesome when matched with awesome jewelry and also suit with combination of other piercing like nose piercing and labret piercing (lower lip).

In this article, we will provide you in-depth information about process, pros, and cons, aftercare and all you want to know about Medusa or philtrum piercing.

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What is medusa piercing

philtrum piercing

It is a type of piercing placed on vertical dip above your upper lip and below your nose. It is different from Monroe piercing as it is placed in center (Not in right or left) above your upper lip.

A labret stud is used as jewelry type that you can choose as per your choice. It includes three sections i.e. Bead, Barbell, Disk.

Bead: Bead is the part of stud which is visible from outside. It is the most important part because jewelry is mostly selected by watching bead only. It includes thousand of choices.

Barbell: It is the middle part of stud that joins lower and upper end. So barbell is responsible for strength of jewelry.

Disk: It is the lower part of a stud that holds bead and barbell. It is also responsible to make stud at its position

Variations of medusa piercing

Medusa piercing has different variations based upon their style and position. It depends upon a person’s choice but there are two variations of medusa piercing.

Double Medusa piercing

Double medusa piercing means piecing the philtrum area two times (twice).It is most popular and looks attractive as different stud styles can be used at same time.

Jestrum piercing

It is also known as vertical piercing. It includes straighten (perforating) pierce area. So that barbell enters skin twice. So that two studs can place on each other.

Do Medusa piercing hurts?

This is the most commonly asked question. Most people are afraid and think that it will be painful. Yes, medusa piercing hurts because it placed on the very soft part of our skin having plenteous nerves supply.

Pain may vary from person to person depending upon the person’s body posture, skin type and many other factors. Some people do not feel pain at all and many people suffer a lot.

It is not considered as the most painful piercing. If you are not doing this because of fear that it will hurt a lot then it is pleasant news for you.

How much medusa piercing hurts?

Medusa piercing doesn’t not hurt so much. As our team has surveyed many people across all over world and asks for rating out of 10 then average rating collected was around 4.5.

Several skin layers perforated during this procedure so It include sharp pain for some seconds but it will fall short after some time.It hurts too much as place become swollen and even bleed but don’t worry it is natural happens due to skin sensitivity level.

 Pros and cons of medusa piercing

“Every thing has its pros and cons it depends on us which ones we consider high”

So obviously medusa piercing also has some pros and cons which we will discuss in detail.

Pros of medusa piercing

Unisexual piercing: It is not like other piercing it suits on both boys and girls as well and infect it is more popular among boys.

Catches attention: It is the universal piercing style. It catches many eyes attention in a public place because of its position.

Highlight lip contour: It grabs more eyes attention as it highlights lips shining, beauty.

Options available: There are many options available in market. People can choose stud (jewelry type) according to their choices.

Cons of medusa piercing

Chip your teeth:It is very important cons that it is near teeth so sometimes erode your gums. It feels like rubbing on your teeth.

Risk of infection: After Medusa piercing Chance of infection also increases as it is on the very soft skin of the body.

Swelling: Swelling is most common when it comes to medusa piercing sometime it is normal but sometime it becomes enormous In nature. However, you can use numbing cream for fast healing and reducing pain.

Don’t suit on everyone’s face: Some of you are thinking that it is not a con but yes, It is because it usually don’t suit on everybody face due to its location and some people don’t like it.

Things to consider before medusa piercing

Medusa piercing is concerned with many factors. One should think many times before it be is matter of our facial symmetry. So you must have to consider these things before medusa piercing.

Expert piercer: Piercer plays a very crucial role as well. Piercer must be professional and having at least five year of experience because a single mistake will make you suffer whole life.

Location of piercing: While pointing mark make sure that place should be exact which you decided.

Suitability: It is the most important factor to consider while piercing because it will become a permanent identity so whether with fake piercing or with an imagination.

Cleanliness: It is very important that cleanliness should not be avoided. So make clear that studio (where you went for piercing) and skin should be neat and clean.

Procedure of medusa piercing

You must need to know about procedure of medusa piercing before going to piercing parlor so that you will get to know what exactly piercer do while piercing.

Firstly, piercer puts clean pair of gloves to prevent from infection during piercing. Then he will clean that skin area with antibacterial substance and wash all instruments with sanitizer. Then piercer will mark the point on philtrum (from where needle will pass through).

Then holding upper lip with clamp (a type of instrument) piercer will penetrate sharp and thin needle through that hole.

“Note: It is very important to see that whether needle passes through same mark which was previously marked”

Once needle properly placed then jewelry get passed through a special instrument into that hole.

What is fake medusa piercing?

Some people loves medusa piercing but due to some reason they don’t do it. Reason may be fear of swelling, sensitive lips or whatever the reason. This fake medusa piercing helps those who want to look gorgeous as other ear pierced person. It is like stuck the jewelry on your face.

Firstly wash jewelry with alcohol (So that It will remove oil which stop glue while its functioning). Now let this dry. Now take put a small amount on glue on jewelry and same amount on your face place firmly and hold for 30 seconds and it’s done. Jewelry will stuck with your face and looks attractive as original one.

Hiding Medusa piercing

It placed on centre of your face so it is very difficult to hide your piercing forever. Somehow we can hide it for some special functions and occasions. It is next to impossible to hide medusa piercing when it is new and fresh.

Wearing bend aid in healing period helps a lot in hiding and you can also hide it using plastic clear retainer after completing healing process. It makes piercing less visible.

You can remove your jewelry for some time but make sure to wear it back after some time. If you not wear back for some days it may cause infection.

“If you are interested in medusa piercing but feel uncomfortable then fake medusa piercing is recommended”

Cost of medusa piercing

Cost of medusa piercing vary from place to place but if we talk about average cost of medusa piercing then it is around 50$ depending upon skills and experience.

Medusa piercing risk

There are many risks occur after medusa piercing such as gum recession, infection and many more so here below we have mentioned some of risks that can occur while medusa piercing.

infection: It is the major risk at the time of piercing. Infection can be caused due to any reason like not cleaning needle before piercing, avoiding aftercare any many more.

Gum recession: This happen when jewelry contacts with gum. This risk can be avoided by changing jewelry.

Swelling: Swelling can occur after medusa piercing. So use best aftercare products to avoid swelling pain

Teeth erosion: It happens when jewelry is in contact with teeth (or touching teeth). To avoid this it is recommended to change tooth brush and then also if problem occur then immediately go to dentist.

Pain: Sometimes problem swelling and bleeding cause very much pain so in this case consults with a doctor.

Medusa piercing aftercare precautions

After successful medusa piercing it is equally important to take care of it for a few months to avoid chances of swelling and infections. So there are some points to keep in mind after piercing.

Healthy food: Healthy food is the most important thing to consider after piercing.A s healthy food improves immunity systems leads to fasten recovery.

Avoid smoking: You must avoid smoking for at least couple of months as smoke and other particle will cause a barrier in recovery process.

Avoid makeup products: This is especially for girls who love cosmetic and other beauty products. You have to avoid them too as they have some chemical added in it and sometimes using them cause infection.

Avoid kissing and oral sex: Saliva of other people can cause the risk of infectious disease. So these activities must be avoided for some time.

Avoid swimming: Water pressure may cause big harm to medusa piercing. Water makes skin fluffy and wet and chances to infection increases in wet skin so avoid swimming for a couple of months.

 Swelling can cause so much problem so it is very to remove swelling. H2 ocean helps to remove swelling instantly even it is recommended by doctors for instant relief.

Best jewelry

It is very important to reduce the chances of jewelry rejections so to avoid that a tiny ring and small stud is recommended in initial stage. First medusa jewelry generally contains 14 gauge stud made up of platinum or gold surgical steel.

After healing process now you can change and experiment with jewelry design according to your choice you can choose cool piercing ring or with curved barbell it’s all depend upon you.

Does swelling occur after medusa piercing?

Probably not, but in some case swelling occurs and remains for two or three days (varying person to person).In some cases whole upper lip bloat out in swelling.

In some cases, upper lips are swollen from both inside and outside. If it happens then don’t worry it will take up to 15 days to recover.

Some professional piercer uses a long barbell initially to insure that stud gets enough space at time of swelling and prevent from further infections.

Some steps may help you to reduce swelling i.e. ice cube sucking, covering area with cotton, drinking and eating slowly.

Cleaning medusa piercing

It is necessary to clean medusa piercing for faster healing and prevent from infections. So for different variations there are different technique should be used to clean both inside and outside. So here you will get to know about different techniques.

Cleaning outside

First make it clear that skin is dry or blood is not coming out. If it is not so(blood is coming out)then first of all clean skin with cotton dry balls and make sure that crust must be dry.

Once it becomes dry then a small amount of cleaning solution must be applied on it. Allow cleaning solution to soak area for 30 seconds or 1 minute. Finally wash it with warm water to properly clean the cleaning solution so that it will not affect anymore. Now dab the area dry with a cleaning paper towel.

Cleaning inside

Inside philtrum must be given priority as it affects most. Wash your mouth with mouth washer or with any non-iodized sea salt blend after every meal to prevent from bacterial infections.

If it is not possible to swill your mouth with mouth washer when outside home then just use clean water immediately after eating. Toothbrush also plays a very important role in inside cleaning of mouth. So make sure to use a good tooth brush while cleaning your teeth.

Final words

Hope you have read this whole guide very carefully and get all your answers so you have seen its all aspects its injuries, pros and cons, Benefits, jewelry and swelling spray. So now its as per you to choose very wisely .Think too much before piercing and consider all above aspects while planning for medusa piercing.  

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